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If you’re heading to a wedding as a guest, you just might be looking for a few wedding guest dresses. But what styles might you want to try? It’s important to make sure you don’t outshine the bride by wearing white, and you also might want to avoid stealing the show by being too bold. So what other options for wedding guest dresses are there?

If you’re looking for a few pieces of inspiration for potential wedding guest dresses and outfits, you’re in the right place. Allow me to make a few suggestions and point you in the right direction, including a few elegant and whimsical options.

Short-Sleeved and Bright

Especially fun for outdoor summer weddings, you may want to stay cool and stand out with a dress in this style. Dresses with short sleeves, or no sleeves at all, might be useful for keeping you feeling cool and comfortable under the hot summer sun. Additionally, short sleeve outfits make great wedding guest dresses because they’re functional and convertible.

Even in other parts of the year, your short sleeve dresses can be layered with long sleeve shirts and sweaters so you can stay stylish and warm. However, because most weddings take place during the summer, you might want to prioritize your ability to stay cool when it comes to selecting your wedding guest dresses or other attire.

Long-Sleeve and Light

If you prefer to stay a little more covered up, even during the summer, there are still plenty of options for your to consider for your wedding guest attire. By choosing something with long sleeves, you’re keeping the sun off of more of your body. And while this might seem strange for keeping cool, there are a few ways to stay at a comfortable temperature if you’re wearing long sleeves.

One way to stay cool in a long sleeve gown is to select a lighter color fabric. However, since white is off the table for most wedding guest dresses, it might be best to choose something else. Either choose something in white with an obvious pattern or choose a pastel color. Each of these options is sure to impress the other wedding guests and draw a little attention.



If you want to select something a little less traditional for your wedding guest dress, consider choosing something with fun cut-outs for a little visual interest. Especially fun and popular are cut-outs along the stomach or the back, as these allow many people to show off some of their favorite parts of their bodies while still remaining family-friendly. 

If you would like to accentuate your waist, consider finding a dress with cut-outs near your waist. Or, if you feel like you have a gorgeous back, search for outfits that draw attention to this part of your body.

If neither of these options sounds good to you, there are other options as well. For example, many beautiful wedding guest dresses come with cut-outs closer to the sternum or offer false necklines that many people find stunning. Consider searching for dresses like these to find several fun, inspiring options.blank

Asymmetrical Silhouettes

If you’re looking for a bit of a different look with your wedding guest dress, consider finding something with a more asymmetrical silhouette. These frequently do well to accentuate different parts of a person’s body in an interesting and tasteful way.

For example, many gowns come with just one long sleeve, allowing the other arm to shine. For many people, this kind of silhouette allows you to appear taller and a little more elegant or confident. These are especially gorgeous in colors that offer a lot of contrast, such as black or burgundy.

There are also many other options, including dresses with leg slits or asymmetrical skirts. A skirt that is cut on a diagonal, leaving the right side longer than the left side or vice versa, might be especially fun for dancing. So if you’re planning on heading to the dance floor during the reception, be sure to have asymmetrical skirts on your radar.

Dresses with leg slits and asymmetrical skirts are also remarkably comfortable for sitting in, at least in most cases. This is because your legs are offered a little more freedom to move around, rather than being trapped in a skirt that restricts your knees from fully bending.


Quirky Patterns

If you like to consider yourself a particularly whimsical or fun person, it might be fun to search for wedding guest dresses with fun and daring patterns. Rather than sticking with the more traditional florals, polka dots, or stripes, you might find yourself drawn to more unique patterns for your wedding guest attire.

For example, hearts, stars, plants, and animal silhouettes are quite popular options that offer a bit more visual interest. However, there are many other shapes and patterns that might effectively showcase that you’re a bit more fun and quirky in your heart of hearts.


Huynh Nguyen

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