Magic: Collecting Arena’s new alchemy mode switches to digital-only mode

Magic: Gathering Developer Wizards of the Coast announced a new game format exclusively for MTG Arena on December 9. Called Alchemy, the new mode will regularly rebalance cards instead of banning them outright, as well. as the introduction of brand new digital-only cards.

While Alchemy will use the same sets and shooting schedules as the Standard, Wizards of the Coast is clear about the fact that this is not intended to replace what it currently calls “Print” formats. Instead, it uses Alchemy to create something new for free to more fully capture Arena’s digital nature the way other digital card games like Hearthstone have done.

Magic: Collecting Arena – 13 new and changed cards

That means certain printed cards will have versions with text or the ability to be rebalanced only available in Alchemy. For example, notably strong cards like Alrund’s Epiphany and Goldspan Dragon will be nerfed, while potentially underrated cards like Phylath, World Sculptor will be buffed (new versions of all three). can be viewed in the gallery above). Wizards of the Coast says they plan to closely monitor Alchemy’s meta and make extra tweaks about once a month to change things up.

In addition to changing old cards, new Alchemy add-on sets will be released through specific booster packs approximately 4-6 weeks after each premium set. The cards within them will have the same digital-only mechanics as those first introduced in Warm-up: Historical Horizon earlier this year, and will be adjusted in direct response to how shaky the metagame seemed to be at the time.

The first of these additions will be in the world of the newest set, Innistrad: Crimson Oathand introduced 63 brand new cards. You can see 10 of those new cards in the gallery above, including the return of the Conjure mechanic that can spawn new cards and a zombie creature that Wizards of the Coast says is clearly meant to help boost Boost zombie-themed decks.

While playing on paper and normal draft formats will continue as usual, Wizards of the Coast says the need for something like Alchemy arises from the fact that formats are “resolved” more quickly. significantly in the digital environment. Standard will continue to be available in Arena as usual, but those looking for a more frequent evolution of the metagame will now also have the option of Alchemy.

Wizards of the Coast’s continued reliance on Arena’s digital nature is just one more way of showing how the identity of Magic: The Gathering has changed in recent years. In October, IGN spoke to dozens of professional players and community members about How is Magic’s identity change changing, as well as licensed crossovers with TV shows like Strange things or games like Fortnite and Street Fighter. Magic: Collecting Arena’s new alchemy mode switches to digital-only mode


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