Lucy Letby’ wrote ‘I’m evil, I did that, I killed her on purpose’ after murdering 7 babies and taking pictures of dead bodies.

A NURSE accused of murdering seven babies has penned a handwritten confession that read: ‘I’m evil, I did this,’ a court heard today.

Lucy Letby, 32, wrote on a green Post-it note shown to jurors: “I don’t deserve to live. I killed her on purpose because I’m not good enough.”

A nurse handwritten a confession on a Post-it note, a court heard


A nurse handwritten a confession on a Post-it note, a court heard
Lucy Letby also reportedly snapped a photo of two babies' bodies in a crib


Lucy Letby also reportedly snapped a photo of two babies’ bodies in a crib
Letby is on trial at Manchester Crown Court


Letby is on trial at Manchester Crown CourtCredit: PA

She also wrote, “I’m a horribly evil person,” and in all caps, “I AM EVIL I DONE THIS.”

She also took a picture of two babies after killing them, the court heard.

The nurse allegedly snapped the brothers together in a cot after spending time with their parents following their deaths.

Letby is accused of killing seven babies and injuring ten others at the Countess of Chester Hospital, Cheshire, for over a year.

She allegedly murdered Kind P, one of the triplets, on June 24, 2016 – the day after she allegedly murdered his brother Kind O.

Child P suffered an “acute deterioration” before arrangements were made to transfer him to another hospital.

Shortly before the planned transfer, a doctor was said to have been “optimistic” about his prospects, but then “All of a sudden Lucy Letby said something like, ‘He’s not getting out of here alive, is he?'” prosecutor Nick Johnson told KC.

Shortly after, Child P collapsed and died, Manchester Crown Court heard.

He said: “This comment surprised (the doctor) but Lucy Letby’s prediction came true. After all, she knew what she had done to him, and therefore she knew what was likely to happen.

“It’s certainly what she intended because she’s done it to so many other kids.”

A coroner registered the death as “premature birth,” but independent experts charged with reviewing Child P’s case said the most likely cause was air injected into his stomach, affecting his breathing.

After Child P’s death, Letby spent time with his parents and at one point took a picture of Child P and his brother Child O in a cot, the court heard.

She denied intentionally harming Child P.

She then allegedly attempted to murder Child Q by injecting him with excess air and a clear liquid the day after she killed Child P, the court heard.

The baby was transferred to another hospital and made a quick recovery when removed from “Lucy Letby’s orbit,” the prosecutor said.

Mr Johnson said that after the events of June 2015-June 2016, counselors suspected the deaths and life-threatening collapses of the 17 children were “medically unexplained and the result of the actions of Lucy Letby”.

The “poison maker at work” is accused of injecting insulin into two babies during a year-long killing spree.

Letby was also reported to have murdered or injured others by injecting air or milk into their bloodstream or through a tube into their stomachs.

The collapses and deaths of all 17 children in the case were not “naturally occurring tragedies,” it said.

The jury heard yesterday how a doctor caught Letby trying to lift a baby named Child K.

dr Ravi Jayaram, a pediatric consultant who has appeared on This Morning and The One Show, had assisted in the birth of the baby weighing just 692g on February 17, 2016.

While arrangements were being made to take child K to a specialist hospital, the medic was aware that Letby was alone with her, it is claimed.

Nick Johnson KC, prosecutor, said: “Dr. Jayaram felt uncomfortable about this because he was beginning to notice the correspondence between the unexplained deaths, major collapses and the presence of Lucy Letby and decided to check where Lucy Letby was and how Child K was doing.

“As he walked into room one, he saw Letby standing over Child K’s incubator. She didn’t have her hands in the incubator, but Dr. Jayaram could see on the monitor on the wall that Child K’s oxygen saturation was dangerously low somewhere in the 80’s.

“But the alarm did not sound as it should have and Lucy Letby had not called for help even though Child K’s oxygen levels had dropped.

“We claim that she was trying to kill Child K when Dr. Jayaram came in.”

The court was also told about a number of other babies whom Letby allegedly tried to murder in the hospital.

This includes a premature baby girl – Child I – who Letby allegedly tried to kill four times.

After her death, the baby’s mother shared how Letby “smiled and continued to talk about being present at Child I’s first bath and how much Child I loved him,” it said.

The court was also told that she had sent a condolence card to the grieving parents, which was “not normal”.

Child I was said to be “in good condition” despite its size and was described as “resilient”.

Mr Johnson told jurors Letby made the fourth attempt to murder the baby.

He added: “It was persistent, it was calculated and it was cold-blooded.”

On October 12 and 13, 2015, the baby was doing well, so the nurse-designate left her “temporarily” and asked either Letby or another member of staff on duty to keep an eye on her, it said.

When she returned, Letby was reportedly standing in the doorway of the “blacked out” room, where she told the nurse the tot “looked pale”.

The nurse-designate discovered that Child I was “dying and not breathing,” the jury heard.

She was found to have gas swelling in her gut – the same problem I had two weeks earlier when Letby allegedly tried to kill her.

Less than an hour later, the child’s monitor alarm sounded again.

A colleague found Letby standing at the child’s incubator and wanted to intervene as Child I was “distressed”, sources said.

Letby told the worker “they could sort it,” it said.

The jury was told that Child I then collapsed and died after attempts to revive her, led by a registrar, were unsuccessful.

Mr Johnson said the alleged murder of Baby I was an “extreme example, even by the standards of this overall case”.

He added: “This is a case where we allege that Lucy Letby tried to kill her four times. (Child I) was resilient, but ultimately Lucy Letby succeeded on the fourth try and killed her.”


The court was also told today that Letby twice targeted a baby girl – Child H – when she was five and six days old.

The jury heard that the tot’s case is complicated by the “suboptimal treatment that child H received early in life.”

But Mr Johnson said there were still “two instances of Lucy Letby attempting to kill Child H” on September 26, 2015 and the following night.

As the baby was being treated in the ward’s intensive care unit, Letby “would have had the guise of legitimacy for access to her IV lines just before she collapsed,” it said.

Soon after, the court was told she collapsed and needed a full resuscitation – although the cause was “unclear”.

The following night, Letby was not Child H’s designated nurse but was seen by a registrar activating a special baby resuscitator called Neopuff to help her breathe when her oxygen levels dropped, jurors heard.

She was transferred to another hospital on September 27, where she is said to have “dramatically improved”.

Mr Johnson said: “Once children were removed from the Countess of Chester Hospital and Lucy Letby’s sphere, they often made a sudden and remarkable recovery.”


The court was told that Letby had been searching for her mother on social media about a week after Child H’s second meltdown.

On her day off she is said to have visited the father of the twin children E and F and the mother of child I.

The jury earlier heard how Child E was allegedly murdered by injecting air into the bloodstream.

The court was told that the baby’s mother had visited him in the neonatal unit on August 3, 2015, where she found him “distraught” and bleeding from the mouth.

Prosecutor Nick Johnson KC said: “We say she interrupted Lucy Letby, who was attacking (Child E), although she did not realize it at the time.”

The mother recounted how Letby tried to reassure her by saying a registrar would check on the boy’s condition and that she should leave the unit.

She told her: “Trust me I’m a nurse” – but Mr Johnson told the court this was the mother who was “fobbed off” by Letby.

“Malicious Presence”

The jury was told the next day that Letby allegedly first used insulin to try to fertilize his twin brother, Child F.

The court previously heard how Letby, who had special training in caring for babies in intensive care, was a “permanent malevolent presence”.

She is charged with the murder of five boys and two girls and the attempted murder of another five boys and five girls.

Some of the newborns have been repeatedly attacked by the nurse – including a baby whom Letby is said to have killed after three previous failed attempts.

The hospital’s advisers became suspicious of the “significant increase” in the number of babies who died or suffered “catastrophic” collapses.

The jury was told they found Letby to be the “one common denominator” among the deaths and collapses.

She denies all 22 charges alleged to have taken place between June 2015 and June 2016.

A court order prohibits identification of the surviving and deceased children and prohibits identification of parents or witnesses connected to the babies.

The process goes on.

Letby denies 22 charges against her


Letby denies 22 charges against herCredit: company
She is said to have injected babies with insulin, milk and air


She is said to have injected babies with insulin, milk and airCredit: company
The jury heard she was a


The jury heard she was a “poison maker” on the wardPhoto credit: MEN Media Lucy Letby’ wrote ‘I’m evil, I did that, I killed her on purpose’ after murdering 7 babies and taking pictures of dead bodies.


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