Love Island boys at war as Shaq confronts Ron in brutal takedown – and fans are loving it

The LOVE Island boys were at war tonight as Shaq stood up for Lana and held Ron accountable for his actions.

Two handsome bombshells invaded the mansion tonight and have already ruffled some feathers.

There was no escaping Ron as Shaq held him accountable for his actions


There was no escaping Ron as Shaq held him accountable for his actionsPhoto credit: erotem
Shaq slammed Ron for


Shaq slammed Ron for “taking advantage” of Lana.Photo credit: erotem

Headhunter Casey O’Gorman, 26, put a smile on Lana Jenkins’ face after he chose her for his first date.

Around the fire pit, Casey questioned Ron about his relationship status with Lana.

Ron replied, “I needed you to make her realize I’m the better man.”

While Lana was enjoying her date with Casey, the boys had a debrief.

Will asked Ron, “How does this Lana situation make you feel?” to which he replied, “I’m not going to lie, I’m chilling.”

But rather than worrying remotely about the possibility of Lana’s head turning, Ron admitted it was just a test and said she would come back to him.

“If people don’t believe me, that’s what we needed, damn it,” he told the boys.

“She’s going to feel like me when she grafts another guy and gets to know him, and she can’t say anything about it because you’re both in the same predicament.”

Will replied, “But I think Lana’s intentions will be a little bit different.”

Ron continued to defend himself, saying that Lana needed to evaluate her options, but insisted that if she found out “he’s doing better,” she’d run back to him.

However, his comments didn’t sit well with the group, forcing Shaq to come forward.

Shaq explained, “When you were on a date, you and Lana were in a good place, but the position that you basically put yourself in and put her in now, she’s going to be a lot more open to Casey now,” to which Ron said, “She needs to be a little more open, that was the whole point.”

Obviously fed up with Ron’s disregard for Lana’s feelings, Shaq asked bluntly, “Do you feel like you did anything wrong with the Lana situation?”

Ron admitted, “The only thing I did wrong was promise something I didn’t do.”

Shaq served up some house truths, saying: “I’m just going to give you the realness now, the way you’ve treated this girl is so out of order and it’s a little bit wrong.

“You said one thing and did the other.

“This girl has serious feelings for you and I feel like you took advantage of her because you know she’s such a nice girl and would be there for you all the time.”

He then slammed Ron for turning his head multiple times and then saying one thing to Lana while doing the “complete opposite”.

“I said that once,” Ron interjected.

But Shaq had none of it, continuing: “No you didn’t, I don’t agree with how you treated her. I think what you said and what you are doing are two completely different things.”

As the argument raged on, Shaq continued, You said Lana was your top priority, but you treated this girl at every point except as your top priority.

“You treated her like your safety net.”

Will agreed, adding, “It feels like you’re waiting for someone better than Lana to come along.”

A shocked Ron tried to explain, saying: “All of you guys think I treat her as my safety net bro I know she could dump me like that.”

Shaq then slammed him for “insane move” knowing Lana has no other options at the mansion.

Putting him in his place, he concluded, “I’ll bet my life you wouldn’t have moved the way you did because you know Lana has the potential to walk with other people. I’m honest and a lot of people think so.”

Love Island fans took to Twitter to praise Shaq for the long-awaited takedown of Ron.

One wrote: “Ron you are delusional. You’ve pushed Lana away too many times and she’ll be looking for something real with someone else. As always, Shaq remains superior. I want too.”

“Yeah, Shaq, come on boy! Tell Ron how it really is,” said another.

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A third echoed: “Yes Shaq, that needed to be said! He just gave him Ron’s a**! Haha, the ‘players’ aren’t laughing now, eh!”

Someone else commented, “Yeah Shaq put Ron in his frigging place. The only man there who speaks absolute facts.”

Lana has been kidnapped on a romantic date with new bombshell Casey


Lana has been kidnapped on a romantic date with new bombshell CaseyPhoto credit: erotem Love Island boys at war as Shaq confronts Ron in brutal takedown – and fans are loving it


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