Love Is Blind Season 2 Reunion Time LIVE

THE final episode of Love Is Blind Season 2 aired on Netflix on Friday, and the stars reunited for an explosive reunion that one cast member described as a “train wreck”.

At Netflix Instagram post In announcing the reunion, Kyle Abrams commented that his expression in a photo included with the announcement was, “Just enjoying the train wreck.”

The Netflix dating show first premiered in 2020 and caught viewers’ attention due to its concept of falling in love without seeing each other face to face.

On the love is blind In the pre-reunion finale, Deepti and Shake split dramatically at the aisle, while Natalie also walked away from Shayne at the very last moment.

Salvador also snubbed Mallory at the altar, but Iyanna and Jarrette and Danielle and Nick both said, “I do.”

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  • Deepti’s shock

    In the reunion episode, Deepti revealed how hurt she was by Shake’s comments during her Love is Blind season.

    “I heard from the girls, Shayne and Jarrette, that you shouldn’t marry that person because he talks about you like that behind your back, but I didn’t know it was that bad,” she said.

  • Sal and Mallory’s relationship status

    Mallory said of the reunion special, “We met for coffee, but at the end of the day the connection wasn’t really there.”

    Sal also cryptically added, “Things have happened that I don’t like to talk about right now because it doesn’t matter, it’s our story.”

    “There were many times I felt unheard in our arguments. I’ll keep that to ourselves.”

  • Kyle’s shocking admission

    In the reunion episode, Kyle said, “My biggest regret was that I should have asked Deepti to marry me.”

    That was a bit shocking as Kyle and Shaina ended up on the show together, as did Deepti and Shake, despite their dramatic split at the altar.

    “I love her so much, I should have tried harder,” Kyle admitted.

  • “It was the wrong show for me”

    In the reunion episode, Shake admitted, “You’re right, this was the wrong show for me.”

    He made the comment after other members of the Love is Blind cast criticized him for caring too much about his looks when looking for a partner.

  • ‘I will never stop loving you’

    “As a man who keeps watching our story, I am remorseful for my actions and all I can do is learn from them to be a better man,” Shayne continued in the same post.

    “I pride myself on being vulnerable and as real as possible. I don’t know what’s next for us, but I know I will never stop loving you.”

  • “Something I will never forget”

    In the same post Shayne Jansen used to calm rumors of a relationship with Shaina, so does he Natalie wrote a long message.

    “Natalie Mina Lee. Where do I start? This journey with you will be something I will never forget.”

    “It was definitely the best time of my life and I would do it all over again if I knew I could spend more time with you,” he added.

    “From our first date dinner and getting both milkshakes to our walks in Grant Park. You are the most beautiful soul and you really brought out the best in me as a man.”

  • Shayne shuts down the rumours

    Shayne Jansen has buried rumors about his relationship with Shaina Hurley in one Instagram post.

    “To dispel some other rumours, Shaina and I are affectionate and have hung out in group meetings with the cast (with Natalie) but we have never had and never will have a romantic relationship,” he wrote.

    “I wish her the best.”

  • Iyanna slams Shake for being a ‘narcissist’

    In the reunion special, Iyanna Shake called him directly and said he wasn’t attracted to Deepti, on the show discussed during the reunion.

    “You would seriously benefit from seeing a therapist and figuring out some coping skills for navigating relationships as a narcissist,” Iyanna said.

  • Reunion special released

    On March 4th, Netflix released the Love is Blind reunion special.

    Season 2 of Love is Blind released the first five episodes exclusively on Netflix on February 11, 2022, followed by additional episodes on February 18 before the season finale was canceled on February 25.

  • Shaina promotes the reunion

    Shaina Hurley promoted the Love is Blind season 2 reunion episode on March 3.

    “Love is Blind Reunion airs tomorrow,” she captioned a photo of yourself and two other women from the show on a couch.

  • Where did the couples come from?

    Season 2 of Love is Blind presented a group of 30 Chicago-based singles who were ready to meet their future spouse.

    Netflix said the show is for “singles who want to be loved for who they are, not what they look like.”

  • Where is Love is Blind air set?

    Love is Blind is a Netflix series.

    Season 2 of Love is Blind released the first five episodes on February 11, 2022.

    Four more episodes were released on February 18 before the February 25 season finale was canceled.

  • “Love is Blind” Cast, Sequel

    Other cast members of love is blind Season 2 includes:

    • Juhie31, who works as a clinical therapist
    • Julius39, who works as a logistics manager
    • Kara32, who works as Client Service Manager
    • kyle29, who works as a glazier
    • Mallory32, who works as a communications manager
    • Natalie29, who works as a consulting manager
    • Nick36, Vice President of Product Marketing
    • Olivia29, who works as a recruitment partner
    • Rocky30, who works as an executive
    • Salvador31, who works as an executive assistant
    • shaina32, who works as a hairstylist
    • shayne32, who works as a real estate agent
    • Shea’na36, who works as Event Partnership Director
    • trisha30 who works as a broker
    • Vito33, who is a pizzeria owner
  • “Love is Blind” actor

    On February 2, 2022, the new occupation from love is blind were released.

    Season 2 members included:

    • Abhishek “shake,33, who works as a veterinarian and DJ
    • Aye28, who works as a paralegal
    • brandon36, who works as an insurance broker
    • brian32, who works as an advertising strategist
    • Caitlin31, who works in medical software sales
    • Chassidy34, who is a business owner
    • Danielle29, who works as an associate director in marketing
    • Deepti31, who works as an information analyst
    • Haseb28, who works as a lawyer
    • Hope32, who works as a Sales Manager
    • janna27, who works as a program coordinator
    • James “Joey”, 30, who works as a Business Staregy Consultant
    • Jarrette32, who works as a project manager
    • jason31, who works as a flight attendant
    • jeremy36, who works as a director and entrepreneur
  • Who made it to the altar?

    Of the six couples who got engaged on the show, five walked down the aisle in the finale:

    • Iyanna McNeely and Jarrette Jones
    • Deepti Vempati and Abhishek “Shake” Chatterjee
    • Danielle Ruhl and Nick Thompson
    • Mallory Zapata and Salvador Perez
    • Natalie Lee and Shayne Jansen
  • When did the show start?

    the Netflix Dating show first premiered in 2020.

    The show’s concept of people falling in love without seeing each other face to face caught on like wildfire and captivated viewers.

  • Who is in the reunion?

    All of the main couples are likely to appear in the reunion special.

    Natalie and Shayne, Shaina and Kyle, Jarette and Iyanna, Sal and Mallory, Shake and Deepti, and Nick and Danielle should all be there for any drama.

  • People volunteer for the show

    Viewers have taken to social media to jokingly volunteer for the Netflix show.

    “I would say love is blind… is that bad,” one person wrote.

    “I’ll continue on ‘Love Is Blind’ just to see who has the most dramatic reaction when I say no down the aisle,” added another viewer.

  • What happened at the final?

    On the love is blind Finale last week, Deepti and Shake split dramatically at the altar.

    Also, Natalie walked away from Shayne at the very last moment.

    Salvador also snubbed Mallory at the altar, but Iyanna and Jarrette and Danielle and Nick both ended up saying “I do”.

  • When did the show start?

    the Netflix Dating show first premiered in 2020.

    The show’s concept of people falling in love without seeing each other face to face caught on like wildfire and captivated viewers.

  • “See What They Have To Say”

    “The wedding episode is now being streamed 💖,” she said Love is Blind Twitter account shared on February 25th.

    “Finally see which of our couples says I do! Then come back to the Love is Blind reunion on March 4th to see what they have to say about the experiment now.”

  • excitement at seeing you again

    Ahead of the reunion, fans took to social media to share their excitement about it.

    “When is the Love Is Blind meeting? I need to book the day off,” one person joked.

  • What time is the reunion?

    The reunion special will premiere on Netflix on March 4, 2022.

    Netflix tends to release new episodes of shows at 3am ET.

  • Shayne promotes the reunion

    “What do I think? Wrong answers only,” Shayne captioned a hilarious photo of him on March 3 ahead of the reunion episode.

    “Reunion is tomorrow,” he reminded fans.

  • How many episodes did season 2 have?

    Season 2 of Love is Blind contained fewer episodes than Season 1.

    Season 2 had 11 episodes, with a reunion episode falling on March 4th. Love Is Blind Season 2 Reunion Time LIVE


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