Lonely older women accept Facebook friend requests and lose $100,000 – warning others to stay safe

Online scammers are possibly the worst scammers out here. These types of thieves steal money from innocent people, leaving mental and emotional scars on them.

In a sad and unfortunate tale, a 64-year-old elderly woman has come forward to warn others not to fall victim to the allure of online Romeo scammers like she did.

Patricia Meister from Queensland, Australia was scammed out of $100,000 via Facebook. It all started when she received a friend request from an Italian-Scottish businessman named Carlos, who seems to like her quite a bit.

“I’ve never been to dating sites and have only used Facebook for business,” she told the Daily Mail. “So when I got the friend request, I thought, well, that can’t hurt, right?”


This “innocent friend request” ended up causing $100,000 worth of damage because her Italian online lover was actually a Nigerian scammer. After accepting the friend request, the two began talking to each other and shared personal details about their lives.

“Carlos”, which isn’t even an Italian name (the Italian version would be Carlo), eventually began to charm and woo her.
“We started chatting. He was charming, smart and educated. He spoke very good English and was very romantic,” she admits. “I was very much in love with him once.”

At some point the two started talking on the phone and Master started to get suspicious because his accent seemed strange to her.


Her heart was too busy at this point and she just chose to ignore it. About eight weeks into the relationship, he asked her if she could loan him $600 since his credit card wasn’t working while he was in Malaysia for a project.

She became even more suspicious that his story sounded strange, but again she ignored her instincts.

He kept asking for money and she kept sending it, $7,000 here and another $7,000 there.
He had an elaborate ruse with a lawyer speaking in the background and an apology that the large transfer would not go through and that a courier would have to deliver the cash.

She was given a link to a website with a tracking sheet so she could track the delivery. Her package kept causing and keeping paying huge fees of more than $25,000.
She got a call that he was in a horrific car accident and needed the money for medical expenses, but by that time she had already given him her last dollar.
“I couldn’t pay him anymore and even told him I wouldn’t send him any more money,” she says. “He made a miraculous recovery shortly after, but I had stopped speaking to him by then.”
Police told her it was too late to recover her $100,000 at this point. The last text she received from him read, “Catch me if you can, my love.”

“I think there was a time in my life when I felt isolated,” she says. “I know I’ll never get my money back, but all you can do is raise awareness. There are a lot of lonely people out there, the dating websites are full of scammers.”
Scammers have very sophisticated operations and they are like full-fledged companies.

“There’s not just one person,” Queensland Police Fraud Prevention Officer Kathryn Collins said, according to Now to Love. “There’s a whole network of people working behind the scenes who won’t stop until they get your money.”
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