Logan Paul cloned, police kicked out for playing Pokemon Go, and more

It’s been a busy week for Pokemon fans, with almost every active part of the series making the news. From the new Pokemon Legends trailer to Logan Paul failing to secure $3.5 million worth of Pokemon cards, a lot has changed over the past seven days. And that didn’t even get in the way of the police officer who caught Snorlax on the job.

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Pokemon Legends: Arceus has a new 13-minute gameplay video

The biggest Pokemon news of the week is a new trailer for Legends: Arceus, which gives us the best look at what we can expect from the spin-off. The open world will be quite large, as we are sent on missions to pick up the ‘boss using old Pokeballs. In 13 minutes, we see everything from combat to character customization in action – the latter looks very promising.

Logan Paul Box BreakLogan Paul’s $3.5 Million Pokemon Card Box Is Fake and Full of GI Joe Cards

Logan Paul is back in our Pokemon rotation, but for a very different reason this time. In another attempt to contribute to the cost of our childhood, the internet personality has decreased $3.5 million for Pokemon cards – only if they turn out to be GI Joe cards. Don’t break the little violins though, because it turns out he got a refund. Without a doubt, he will be back to open legal packages in no time.

Dragonite is off to a great start after launching Pokemon Unite, already the top choice among the highest ranked players. New all-rounder against other popular picks like Eldegoss, Lucario and Tsareena for the title, making this one of the best opening months for Pokemon. However, as we also saw this week, Dragonite will soon have another challenge on its hands.

Trevenant is coming to Pokemon Unite

Real content doesn’t just stop with Unite. Trevenant has been confirmed as the next Pokemon to join the list, and will be part of the defender class. This continues developer Timi’s trend of picking Pokemon that literally no one expected, with Trevenant unlikely to be on many top 10 lists. Still, it seems to be exactly what fans wanted. – surprise, instead of letting the biggest names join the MOBA.

The Pokémon GO Snoozing Snorlax event has begun to promote Pokémon sleep
via Niantic

Cops get fired for chasing Snorlax rather than robbing

Remember 2016? It was a much simpler time. Pokemon Go has just launched and within a few weeks world peace has been achieved. We’re all so busy with our dreams of becoming Pokemon trainers that we don’t have time for conflict – but also no time to see where we’re going. Reports of crashes stemming from the mobile game delayed its launch, but most died a few months later.

Now, with 2022 being… 2020 season 3, let’s have a little nostalgia: Two policemen were fired after they carried out an active robbery to capture a Snorlax. Yes, they were actually recorded saying “catch it” when they heard about the robbery, and instead they drove around to refill their Pokedex. For some reason, they actually tried to appeal the dismissal, arguing that their car audio should not have been used against them. However, the court sided with their boss, and the appeal was unsuccessful.

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channel nft-opensea-stolen-youtube-
Content creators are having their YouTube images and channels stolen and sold as NFTs

In a worst-case scenario, images of female content creators are being used to create NFTs that charge sex without consent.

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