Living In A Hostel: Some Fail-Proof Tips To Improve Your Experience

For those who have never lived away from their home before, it can be difficult to adjust to the life in a hostel in delhi or any other city for that matter. You may find it difficult to adjust to the entirely new environment and experience that hostel life can offer. However, living in a hostel is a unique experience. Here are some useful tips to help you sail through the transition.

  • Get home-made food whenever possible

People crave for home-made food when living in hostels. So, try to bring home-cooked meals whenever you visit your family or friends. If it’s not possible to bring fresh-cooked meals, you can at least bring pickles and jams. They will be enough to help you through days when you miss home food a lot. This is one of the most important tips to survive hostel life and will help you bond with other boarders over food!

  • Share and care

No matter what you think, hostels are a community of people. You can’t live an isolated hostel life. It will make your life easier if you accept the fact that sharing is a fundamental rule in hostels. Also, don’t hesitate to lend. The more you lend, the less you will have to share! So, bear this fundamental rule about hostel life in mind: sharing is caring.

  • Sometimes, you will have to say “No”

While it may be easier to say “yes” initially to everyone and everything in order to get along, soon you will find yourself unable to do the same. Although you may be excited about making hostel life more interesting, it is important to remember that this should not compromise your peace of mind. It is OK to not hang out at night, or stay up until the early hours just because someone else does. You don’t have to be arrogant to refuse to lend your expensive belongings to a reckless person. It actually makes you more confident about your choices in life.

  • Use subtle ways to avoid certain people

If you live with someone 24×7, it is normal to get annoyed. Instead of trying to express your anger through your words and expressions, you can try to avoid them for some time using subtle techniques such as plugging your headphones when they approach, pretending to be asleep, reading, or just pretending that they are not there. In a matter of days, you’ll be over the feeling and things will return to normal. Hostel life can be quite daunting with people around, at all times. The sooner you can learn subtle techniques to avoid annoying people, the better.

  • Save money

Living independently is not easy. The hardest part is to track how much you are spending on others and yourself. Before you know it, your wallet will be empty. Keep a portion of your monthly allowance aside each month, and don’t use it until it’s very urgent. This is a great tip for hostel life you’ll find truly useful.

  • Get together with your roommates at least once a week

It is extremely important to get along with your roommates. After all, you will spend a lot time with them. Make sure that you plan at least one activity per week with them. You can do something as simple as watching a movie, or as complex as preparing for doomsday. Your roomies are the best way to adapt to hostel life!

  • Be friendly with the hostel warden/cooks

These are the people who will offer you the best hostel experience. How these people treat you will determine the quality of your stay in the hostel.

  • Before you move in, make sure to test the bathroom

You don’t want the washroom without water. Shortage of water supply can make your hostel experience miserable! Make sure your hostel never runs out of water. This is an extremely important tip that you shouldn’t neglect at all.

  • Keep up-to-date with all the latest TV shows

This knowledge will allow you to have a great conversation with anyone in your hostel. Although sounds unimportant, movies, TV shows and sports are often among the most talked about subjects in hostels.

  • Learn some basic life skills

You will need to learn how to wash your clothes, clean your bathroom and do the dishes. Don’t worry, you will see others struggling with the same tasks when they start. But eventually, everyone learns.

  • Practice sleeping in noise

You might not find people who would lower their music system’s volume just because you are asleep. If you only need complete silence for sleep, get ready for numerous sleepless nights. To help yourself adjust to the changes ahead, it is a good idea to try sleeping with music or the TV on when you are at home. This will help you sleep better when you are finally in a hostel.

If you are looking for a hostel in delhi for students or working professionals, you will certainly come across some great options. But a good facility alone doesn’t guarantee a good hostel life experience. You will have to do little adjustments on your part to make your hostel a happier place to be.

Huynh Nguyen

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