Lincoln’s Wheat Ear Coins Explained and What Makes Coins Worth $400,000

PENNIES featuring 16th President Abraham Lincoln can be quite valuable – especially PENNIES with the wheat ear design.

Since the early 1900s, Lincoln coin was attacked by a US mint.

Design with two wheat ears on each side of the reverse side


Design with two wheat ears on each side of the reverse side

Already have a few designs included memorial coin and union shield on the opposite side.

But in particular, there are quite a few in the series about wheat ears that can be worth thousands of dollars if you happen to find the right one.

We explain the wheat ear design and certain why Coins rarer than others.

What is Lincoln Wheat Center and why is it worth it?

First of all, the wheat ear coin was the first Lincoln coin to enter circulation.

Designed by Victor David Brenner, the coin series features two ears of wheat on each side of the obverse.

The inscription between the ears of wheat shows “a penny” and “United States of America.

The rarest coin in the series is said to be the Lincoln Bronze/Bronze coin.

All coins produced in 1943 are said to be made from steel.

Rare Coins


You may be holding something valuable in your wallet. Check out these articles on rare coins to see if you might have a hidden treasure deep in your pocket.

Only about 20 Lincoln Bronze/Bronze coins are believed to have been minted in 1943.

Some other rare Lincoln coins with wheat ear designs include VDB, 1914and In 1955, the couple died Coins.

When it comes to the 1955 coin, you can clearly see that “In God We Trust”, “Liberty” and “1955” all double on the obverse on the coin.

This is considered the most famous double die penny mistake of them all.

Meanwhile, the VDB coin, which stands for the designer’s initials, has caused some controversy.

Press reporters in particular have questioned the placement of the initials, which are placed at the bottom of the obverse of the coin, according to Ron Guth, president of the Professional Coin Classification Service.

And the 1914 Lincoln coin featured a low montage; that is if it happens to have a silver “D”, which stands for Denver.

Just under 1.2 million of those Lincoln coins were minted compared with the more than 75 million of the Philadelphia coin in 1914.

The Philadelphia version of the coin does not have the year stamp.

How many coins are worth

As with all coins, the value of a particular wheat coin often depends on the type and condition.

A penny of wheat 1914 D Lincoln sold for over $1,600 in a recent eBay listing.

Another 1914 Lincoln D coin sold for over $900 in the fall.

Follow United States Coin Book.

In a recent online sale, a VDB sold for over $2,000while another sold for almost $1,500.

VDB coins can be worth up to $2,277 if at the “non-cyclical (MS-63) level”.

Some of the 1955 Lincoln Double Die Symmetric Coins that have recently been sold on eBay include one for $1,825, another for 1,801and one for 1,552.

The double die symmetric coin can be worth over $17,000 if in the “non-circular (MS-63) state”.

And finally, the most valuable coin by far is the 1943 bronze/bronze Lincoln coin.

More than 70 years ago, a lucky Massachusetts man found one of those pieces in his lunch money.

Coins up sell for $204,000 in an auction in 2019.

This can be worth up to $399,635 if in the “non-cyclical (MS-60)” category.

How to find rare coins

There are many ways you can find rare coins.

The first thing you need to do is check the locations in your home or any other place where you might keep your change.

Some other things you can try is by using metal detectors in areas known to be hiding places and by stopping at your local bank branch and asking for a coin wrapper.

You can also try to get a good deal on an online exchange through USA Coin Book or eBay.

But make sure you do your research on this coin first and know its value before buying.

And also – make sure you know about potential fakes online.

To avoid this, make sure you check the seller’s history and whether the coin is certified on the listing.

Your only coins aren’t the only ones that can hold value, like nickel, dimes, half dollar, precious others might be worth a serious mint.

Also, check out a recent Jefferson penny on sale for over $455 online.

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