‘Legacy’ Summary: Season 4 Episode 10 – Ben’s Backstory Explained

Dear Gods, may Heritage never disappeared for two months ever again? So much has happened in the real world (ugh) since December 2021, we almost forgot how crazy things have happened in TVD-poem.

Luckily, Hope is happy to keep us updated on everything about Lizzie: “I killed her, and she’s technically in transition,” Hope told Professor Vardemus on top of the return. the long-awaited Thursday. “She will be a heretic, a vampire who is also a witch, able to absorb countless magic. It sounded a bit too much, so I spelled her asleep and I was waiting for her to starve.”

First of all, Lizzie as a heretic is the stuff of dreams. Instead of sending the viewer through another long, painful adjustment, she awakens from the dead with confidence and control. Well, except when she almost killed Vardemus before slamming through the door with vampire speed. Also, completely cold. She even rocked a leather jacket which, to be honest, was half the gig.

Unfortunately, Lizzie was unable to carry out her plan to kill Hope, and not for lack of trying. As it turns out, Lizzie had Hope’s blood in her system when she died, making them close friends with her husband. Vardemus addressed the entire fandom when he said, “I’m just as shocked as you are that your dynamics can get even weirder.”

So while Lizzie has absolutely no desire to help Hope take down Aurora – much less to investigate their new acquaintance Jen, a mysterious stoner who can also be a real god – she really is. there are not many options. (“Following goddamn vampires and gods? Overcoming difficulties.”)

Speaking of gods, we need to talk about Ben. And there’s a lot to talk about. First, his backstory: One of the most beautiful creatures ever favored by the CW, Ben is an old world demigod who once stole powers from heaven to save his boyfriend. When those efforts failed, he bestowed the magic of the gods on the people of his village… who immediately abused their gifts, resulting in the creation of monsters.

Much more important than any of that, however, is the chemistry between Ben and Jed. Before this episode, the idea of ​​Jed being anything other than alpha level really never crossed my mind. That’s all I could think of. I think I discovered a small spark there as Ben recounted his tragic past, and that final bonfire scene was all I needed confirmation, bolstered by this line from Asia. sensibility: “I came to prefer Ben. It’s simple, just like Jed. ”

Jed & Ben's LegacyDon’t make you think I’ve completely lost my mind, here’s a jaw-dropping excerpt (and photo) from next week’s episode synopsis: “Back at Salvatore, students are speaking their mind. without knowing why, which causes Jed to reveal a secret. (You tell a secret? Whatever it may be!)

And while we’re dealing with romantic relationships that have never been seen before, MG and Cleo? Will that become a thing? There’s definitely a mutual respect there, as evidenced by their conversation after catching Ben rescued from a pukwudgie, which Lizzie correctly calls “the ugliest emotional support animal I’ve ever seen.” have seen.”

I’ll put it this way: After all this mess with Ethan, I want MG to fall in love with someone other than Lizzie. Besides, Lizzie’s heresy plot was more interesting than any fleeting romance.

Last but not least, check back with our boys in limbo. After many nasty brain teasers, the unlikely trio of Alaric, Landon, and Ted have solved part of the Sphinx’s puzzle by encountering a jinn behind a bar at a germ-ridden underworld facility. (A jinni, in this show? What could possibly happen right?)

OK, we have a lot to discuss. Are you learning Lizzie and Hope’s new motivations? Do you also think (if only for a second) that Hope’s “Klaus” lock would lead to a surprise appearance by Joseph Morgan? How do you feel about bringing in the gods? TVD-poem? And I’m not quite fantasizing about the Jed-Ben thing, am I? Leave a comment with all your thoughts below.

https://tvline.com/2022/02/24/legacies-recap-season-4-episode-10-hope-lizzie-sire-bond/ ‘Legacy’ Summary: Season 4 Episode 10 – Ben’s Backstory Explained

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