League of Legends is better when you pretend MOBAs don’t exist

I am one League of Legends girl now. Felt like I was part of a support group or something, announcing the news to friends and family when I installed Legends of Runeterra and wasted money on the backs of cards and icons with girls. cute girl on it. I got past the point of no return, and it’s all thanks to Arcane. Vi and Caitlyn, I’ll send you the bill shortly.

For many years, League of Legends has occupied a notorious place in the gaming world. It is quietly one of the biggest games in the world, attracting millions of players who regularly enter the arena while Riot Games reaps countless profits with beautiful cosmetics, sporting events. Electronic Arts frequently covers the phenomenon of Worlds and a culture that has taken shape in this universe that several other games have succeeded in. Sadly, it’s just as toxic as the monster, much to the dismay of most people.

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It’s a certified phenomenon, but only with the release Arcane it overcame its sound repertoire and became something more, rising above its problematic position as an unstoppable MOBA for newbies. Now anyone can sink into this universe and not feel like they’re lost in the water, appreciated by veterans asking them to stay in their lane and play a character easy to learn and don’t waste your winning plan.


League of Legends

In fact, you don’t have to play League of Legends – I wholeheartedly recommend you don’t. I tried a few times, with friends saying I should join a few games with them because it’s free and I can just learn the strings like I did, but they don’t mention that there is so many damn ropes for this. Not for me, my attention isn’t on a 40-minute match with its toxic atmosphere and punishment mechanics that don’t care about your inexperience. It was git gud or go home, so I did the latter.

League of Legends has a stunning aesthetic and an ambitious world, but for many years that potential has been limited to a single genre and additional material requires a degree of knowledge. certain to understand, or else you’ll get lost in something that feels designed to motivate curious people to learn more. Riot Games seems to have realized this shortcoming, as they have spent the last few years building their fortune into something more digestible, incorporating a multimedia strategy to understand League of Legends. capable without occupying a pretty bad genre. Sorry, that’s true.


Since then lose my little gay mind As for Arcane, I was devastated by everything but the game that inspired it, because I was told time and again that it wasn’t worth the investment in blood, sweat and tear. I took that advice and ran with it, installing instead things like League of Legends: Wild Rift and Legends of Runeterra, two different experiences that have all the aesthetic and narrative appeal of its front part without any baggage. You might call me normal when it comes to taking this approach, but judging from my Twitter timeline for the last month, I’m not the only one who’s forced myself on such a trip.

Piltover and Zaun are just the beginning, its diverse paths paving the way for a further glimpse into a universe filled with fantastic characters, dazzling cities, and beggar-ridden fabled mountains discover. With the second season of Arcane coming, I imagine this vision will continue to expand in the years to come and now people like me have plenty of time to learn how the world of LoL works and what it is like. Who is the big player in the grand scheme of things.


Vi, Caitlyn, and Jinx will still sit at the center of it all, but they’re three small players in a much larger game, and even with a toe dip in Runeterra, I’m already starting to see some of that scale. appear passing. It was intoxicating, even as I continued to get kicked in the ass as I struggled to progress throughout the campaign. Path of Champions puts you in the shoes of specific characters across the kingdom as they embark on their own miniature stories, meeting familiar faces and new enemies along the way. To celebrate Arcane’s debut, Vi and Jinx are currently in the spotlight as the two battle across the city.

Although clearly enemies, the two share a loving brotherly bond that those entering this world for the first time through Arcane’s guidance will appreciate, along with the roles they play. Guests from other faces have appeared on the Netflix show. However, this familiarity also gave way to a ton of new characters and locations I hadn’t seen before, except for the main art and compelling illustrations with none of the essential context needed for me to act. their appreciation. Small dialogues help bring this world to life, giving just enough story weight to make a digital card game feel like something more and this is being further developed with additional games such as The Ruined King and Hextech Mayhem.

Hextech Mayhem

Ruined King is a turn-based RPG complete with its own story to tell, while Hextech Mayhem is a goofy rhythm adventure by the creators of Bit Trip Runner. Both games are vastly different, but show how malleable the universe is to almost any existing genre and create creative vehicles that go far beyond a limited MOBA. The best thing that’s happened to League of Legends since the game was first released is having to deal with the fact that the world it once inhabited is begging to be set free, shown through through countless shows, games, books, and other products that appeal to mainstream audiences. Hardcore fans will likely decry this dilution of the initial experience, but to me that can only be seen as a positive, and Arcane’s massive success is a testament to that.

Fans of shows like owl house, Amphibians, and She-Ra has naturally found myself gravitating towards Arcane because of the place it occupies in the animation arena, that and the similarities between Vi, Caitlyn, Adora and Catra are undeniable – I’ll be writing about that soon sooner or later, I promise – so of course a new kind of community has formed around League of Legends, people who haven’t played the game before or even cared about, and that’s amazing.

Reviews of Arcane

The future is bright for League of Legends – not because of the growth of MOBAs or Riot’s reliance on eSports, but because the property is finally spreading its wings and realizing the world, its characters and how appealing its lore can be to so many people. I’m happy to go with the ride and expect to find myself lost in time again and again as it continues to evolve.

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