Lance Storm compares Bryan Danielson’s booking to WWE’s Becky Lynch

Lance Storm recently compared AEW’s current bookings Bryan Danielson on the way to the reigning WWE RAW Women’s Champion Becky Lynch.

Since his feud with Hangman Page last month, fans have often wondered about the dramatic change Danielson has brought to his character. Originally billed as the hottest babyface in wrestling, American Dragon has shown a snappy trend throughout building its chances of winning its first AEW world championship this week. Winter is coming.

While speaking in Figure Four Online podcast, Lance Storm explicitly states that Bryan Danielson is slowly entering Becky Lynch’s ‘territory’. Storm added that while the five-time WWE Champion is entertaining with his current personality, he could damage fans’ emotional investment in him when he portrays a character like so:

“Now he [Bryan Danielson] was, and I think still is, one of the more famous people that I think you’re entering into Becky Lynch territory. While they can be an entertaining heel, I think you’re potentially damaging the emotional investment in people,” said Lance Storm.

It wouldn’t be too far fetched to say that Lynch is still cheered as a heel. But on the other hand, the AEW universe is enjoying booing Danielson. Despite that, the latter’s current villain has remained captivating so far, which is exactly what the company needed. Bryan Danielson is a man of stature to go after the fan-favorite celebrity in Hangman Adam Page.

Bryan Danielson may soon be rematched for the AEW World Championship

Bryan Danielson and Hangman Page went to war in their first fight for AEW The Winter World Championship is coming up this past Wednesday.

But in a surprising twist, Page and Bryan brought their match to a 60-minute draw, and as a result no decisive winner appeared. Despite the disappointing results, both men earned critical acclaim for their breath-taking performances that left fans breathless throughout the match.

That said, a rematch between the stars seems inevitable. The company could book chapter two at the Battle of the Belts event or the pay-per-view revolution. It will be interesting to see how their plot evolves in the future.

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