LA Clippers ready to move from 13-year veteran and former NBA champion before trade deadline

The LA Clippers willing to continue from the important parts of their list, according to a report.

According to Kevin O’Connor’s RingerClippers ready to switch from Eric Bledsoe, Serge Ibaka and Marcus Morris Sr. O’Connor says:

“Eric Bledsoe, Serge Ibaka and Marcus Morris are the players the Clippers are using the most.”

The most surprising thing on this list is that Marcus Morris Sr. He’s been a regular threat from outside the arc (36.5% this season) and has been one of the Clippers’ most reliable players over the past 18 months or so. But again, he possesses commercial value, and the Clippers will be hoping for a quintessential point guard in return when the team desperately lacks that piece.

Kemba Walker and Goran Dragić will attract the Clippers’ interest, but their age could stand in the way of a viable deal.

Can Kawhi Leonard lead the LA Clippers to the championship next season?

Kawhi Leonard attends one of the games
Kawhi Leonard attends one of the games

Kawhi Leonard is one of the game’s best players at the moment, arguably the tournament’s best two-way player apart from Giannis Antetokounmpo. “The Claw” showed his loyalty by signing a new contract with the LA Clippers over the summer, bringing him $176.3 million over four years.

The franchise, which began as the Buffalo Braves during the 1970-71 season, has never won a championship. In fact, last season, reaching the grand finals was the deepest the Clippers had ever made. The franchise was a laughing stock in the 1980s and 1990s. The Clippers only had two championship seasons from 1979 to 2011.

Leonard and Paul George provides the Clippers with two outstanding franchise players on both sides of the ring. They have the experience and post-season know-how to lead the team to glory. However, the pieces around them will be important, especially as the Clippers are ready to part ways with almost everyone on the roster.

The duo are calling for a point guard who can get the ball to the floor and orchestrate the attack. If the team gets a point guard and gets Leonard and George healthy, there’s no reason they can’t be championship contenders next season.

With Ben Simmons and possibly Damian Lillard, Los Angeles has to do its best to get the best point guard possible and merge him with Kawhi and PG13.

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