‘La Brea’ Summary Season 1 Episode 8 – Isaiah Is [Spoiler]

This week on NBC’s La Brea, we learned about another sinkhole and the war that followed in 10,000 BC, all built to be perhaps the nicest people the show has revealed!


In the process of tidying up after a blustery winter storm, the last survivors realized that they needed to start planning for their long-term survival and that there would be no windscreen mini-greenhouses. Any car can cut it. Just then, Lily cried out from the woods, and Eve, Levi, and their partners started chasing what turned out to be Isaiah, the blond boy from the fortress. The rugrat’s run is cut short when he grabs a digger and gasps the inside of his right wrist, which Sam quickly mends. Eve, Levi, and Ty then decide to bring the young man back to the fortress, and then reach out to his community for the Primeval Survival Tips.

The reception they received was controversial at first, until Paara showed up and made it right with (to her absolute liking) Ty and his friends. She shows them how they tend to a strong garden, and when pressed, she explains how the “heavenly men” at one point became the enemy of her people. . 60 years ago, she said, a sinkhole formed in the ocean and a passenger ship “falled over”. Its survivors chose not to make peace with the locals but to join the war. After years of conflict, the people still find common ground and agree to live together in peace, sharing culture and language.

After a shared lunch, Isaiah offered to show Eve a nearby lake, where he shared that his parents had passed away when he was young (yeah), and that he and his grandfather had only arrived a few years ago. That shattered Eve’s assumption that the elder had arrived on the passenger ship, but Isaiah says he was “not authorized” to discuss the matter.

While Eve was with Isaiah, Levi tracked down and found evidence that seemed to prove that “grandfather” killed Eddie – the wallet of the deceased. Grandpa, when confronted with Eve and Paara, asserts that Eddie was dead when he found him, and he takes the wallet to get information about the newcomers. Whatever it is, Paara claims the initial trust between the groups has been broken and sends Ty & Co. pack.

La Brea grandpa isaiahBut soon, the village is told that a strange woman has married Isaiah! Paara agrees to let Ty and the others join the hunt, but Grandpa is the first to catch up with Isaiah and his captor – Rebecca Aldridge! And grandpa knows her! “You know how important he is,” Rebecca said of the boy, but the grandfather wouldn’t budge. He brandished a knife and a skirmish took place off-screen, leaving Rebecca stabbed and bleeding.

Despite Paara’s best efforts, Rebecca’s injuries were so severe, and what may have been her last breath, she privately informed Eve that Isaiah “was special, there was one thing. he has to do…. It is important that you find Isaiah. When Eve asked her why, Rebecca realized, “You don’t know who he is, do you?”

More on that below!

Elsewhere, we learned that Sam had suffered from PTS since he served in Afghanistan and as a result he had been on anti-anxiety medication for years – and he only had one left after hours– Professor, he dropped it in a fireplace! So he has nobody. So when Veronica is found lurking around the camp, he asks Marybeth to handcuff and handcuff her sister Lily to the wheel of a random car. When Veronica went into a panic attack and stopped breathing, Sam cooled down and saved her life – he then told Riley about PTS and his medication. Also, Riley and Josh shared another kiss while on patrol – and amazingly, their momentary carelessness didn’t come back to bite them/turn them into saber-toothed tiger lunches.


Gavin is very, very badly tried to hide Izzy that he was still conspiring with Sophia about how to rescue Eve, Josh et al. Later at school, Izzy met Andrew Velez – as well as Riley’s brother – and he invited Izzy to a vigil for those who had lost their lives in the sinkhole.

Gavin and Sophia head back to the art gallery run by Ella, the woman who as a child was with Gavin when he was spotted wandering a street. Ella is an MIA, but her partner says the handprint sculpture is something Ella did six days ago. On their way out, Gavin and Sophia spotted Ella molting, so Sophia told her to peek at the plate. Learning that Izzy had cut classes, Gavin found his daughter at what appeared to be a beach in Los Angeles, and he judged that he was pursuing action courses instead. After that, they both attended a prayer/meeting with Andrew, until Sophia called to tell Ella the address – in Topanga Canyon, near where she and Gavin were found in 1988.

Arriving at the property, Gavin and Sophia find what appears to be a one-time sinkhole in the backyard. As Gavin approached it, he had a vision – not the usual third-person POV, but from the eyes of Isaiah, as the boss talked to his grandfather. So Gavin realizes that he is from the world of 10,000 BC, just as Eve when talking to Rebecca learns that Isaiah is a little Gavin!

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