Kim Kardashian gives fans an intimate look as she is seen by a doctor to treat a skin pigmentation disorder after her battle with psoriasis

KIM Kardashian brought fans with her as she discussed her treatment for a dyspigmentation skin disorder with her doctor after a lengthy battle with psoriasis.

Over the years, Kim has been very open about her skin problems.

Kim Kardashian Takes Fans Into Doctor's Clinic To Discuss Her Struggles With Pigmentation Disorder


Kim Kardashian Takes Fans Into Doctor’s Clinic To Discuss Her Struggles With Pigmentation DisorderCredit: Instagram / psoriasis
The reality star battled psoriasis for years


The reality star battled psoriasis for yearsCredit: Twitter / @ KimKardashian

Kim shared a lengthy video on Instagram Story filmed with her doctor on Thursday.

In the clip, the couple discussed her disorder – which leads to changes in skin or nail color – and her treatment plan.

Kim’s doctor began by saying, “We’re going to talk about a term that sounds strange, but it’s not.

“It’s called dyspigmentation. When someone puts on a lot of makeup, like their professional makeup, and they’re exposed to the sun and they’re traveling like you, the sun and The inflammatory components of makeup and pore-clogging can cause as skin regenerates – because our skin flips – you can experience a discolouration.

“Pigments vary. We’ll have a treatment plan ready for her, step-by-step to gradually even out her skin tone.”

Kim says in the clip: “Ready to go!”

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She’s been going public with her fans about her skin struggles for years now, revealing early in Keeping up with the Kardashians that she had been diagnosed with psoriasis.


Kim wrote a blog post for Kourtney kardashianthe Web of, Pooshabout her journey with psoriasis – which she once said she had worse after her notorious Paris heist.

She revealed that she struggles with both psoriasis and psoriatic arthritis, and revealed some of the treatments that have helped her along the way.

Kim wrote: “Even though I always grew up with my mother suffering from psoriasis and hearing her talk about her struggles, I really had no idea what my life would be like dealing with the autoimmune disease on my own.

“It’s been 13 years since I experienced my first psoriasis outbreak. My journey is very different from my mother’s, but I also see a lot of similarities.

“She had itching on her scalp and all over her body, I would see it all the time and remember she went to the tanning salon to try and soothe it.”

Kim went on to say, “Shooting UV rays directly on the pimples has really helped my mom. However, for me that remedy will burn areas of skin and make them itch, because So I always feel helpless.”

The reality TV star shared with readers that she is “the only child to whom my mother passed on her autoimmune problem.”

She revealed that she had her “first outbreak of psoriasis” at the age of 25, noting that it was treated with “a dose of cortisone” which cured the disease for 5 years. By the age of thirty, it was back.

Fans keep up Kardashians will recall Kim’s journey with alternative treatments.

She famously convinced Kourtney to share some of her breast milk in the hope that it would relieve another psoriasis flare-up.

Her psoriatic arthritis shows up later in the game.

Kim recalls, “One night, I woke up to go to the bathroom and I couldn’t pick up the phone.

“I think it’s weird but maybe I just fell asleep on my weird arm and I’m so tired I don’t need to check my phone at that hour anyway.”

She wrote that the problem persisted, leading to her “panic”.

Doctors diagnosed her with rheumatoid arthritis and lupus.

Kim recalls, “I immediately started crying and felt very lost.

She later learned that it was a “false positive,” but learned that she had psoriatic arthritis.

In the years since she was diagnosed, Her thinking has changed: “I have become extremely comfortable with my psoriasis.”

Kim has recently been quiet about her psoriasis, although fans speculated in late 2021 that it maybe that’s why she’s covering up great number of.


In 2019, Kim was praised after she shared a series of photos documenting a psoriasis outbreak and the ways in which she is trying to treat it, as reported. Buzzfeed.

She announced the outbreak on Twitter, amid reports that she was having a “bad skin day”.

The reality TV star revealed she was sent to a “Chinese herbalist” who suggested a “nasty” drink as a possible remedy.

She said in a video about the idea: “I was so desperate with my psoriasis, so I reached out to a Chinese herbalist. I had my own blend, I had to take it twice. times a day and it’s so annoying.

“Hopefully this works. We’ll see in six weeks.”

Kim also shared photos of a “detox smoothie”, telling fans she had “tried them all”.

Then, the smoothie is treated with ultraviolet light.

She captioned a photo of a tanning booth: “My newest best friend # psoriasis.”

Kim then shared a snap of herself posing with the caption “Sexy”.

She also shared a selfie with brown ointment all over her face and body, writing: “Psoriasis is a s**ts disease!”

Her doctor explains Kim's condition and reveals a seamless treatment plan for Kim


Her doctor explains Kim’s condition and reveals a seamless treatment plan for KimCredit: Instagram / kimkardashian
She has shared about her skin problems over the years


She has shared about her skin problems over the yearsCredit: Instagram / kimkardashian
Kim inherited psoriasis from her mother and is the only Kardashian sibling to have it


Kim inherited psoriasis from her mother and is the only Kardashian sibling to have itCredit: Instagram / kimkardashian

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