Kim Jong-un had stomach surgery to lose 40lbs

KIM Jong-un may have had gastric bypass surgery to help him lose 40 lbs from his fragile skeleton, according to a top doctor, according to a top doctor.

Dr Kenneth Dekleva, a former physician-diplomat at the US State Department, told The Sun Online that discriminatory proceedings were the most likely reason for North Korea spectacular weight loss leader.


However, an analyst who is a senior fellow at the George HW Bush Foundation for US-China Relations said Kim potentially still at risk of heart attack or lightheadedness even after he cleared his health.

Dr Dekleva told The Sun Online: “His rapid weight loss and recent amount is consistent with a surgical removal procedure, be it a gastrectomy or ablation.”

North Korea is notoriously secretive and getting any real information about the regime is difficult.

But rumors have been circulating that the rotund ruler, 38, has simply grown slimmer over the past 12 months.

It follows an apparent health concern in 2020 when the sacked dictator disappeared from public view – sparking speculation he may have died.

Dr Dekleva believes the absence could be due to a health issue – and that he may have undergone a heart procedure such as a stent or cardiac catheterization.

And the new health-conscious Kim looks more dashing than before – despite state media speculation that he is “wither” and “wither”.

Dr Dekleva told The Sun Online that Kim appeared to be “healthy, vivacious and full of energy”.

And the dire depictions of Kim may be state propaganda to make him more sympathetic to starving North Koreans.

He believes Kim may have done the trick to help him lose weight – along with taking weight loss pills to help him lose weight.

“It can be inferred that both drug therapy and drug therapy have been used, resulting in favorable outcomes for Kim’s health,” he said.

The North Korean dictator likely took on his own health because he was acutely aware that heart problems ran in his family.

His grandfather Kim Il-sung and his father Kim Jong-il both died suddenly of major heart attacks.

Dr Dekleva notes that while Kim looks much healthy, he is still at risk for “static risk factors” from family history.

The top doctor’s 2020 review of a much larger Kim then found the dictator had a one in three chance of having a heart attack in the next 10 years.

And he has a host of other reported problems like underlying hypertension, diabetes, high cholesterol and damage from years of smoking.

But these can be managed by his doctors.

Kim is said to have suffered a number of health problems as the 5ft 6in tall tyrant is said to have weighed in at over 300lbs at his peak.

Kim Jong-un wears baggy trousers when showing off his slim appearance


Kim Jong-un wears baggy trousers when showing off his slim appearanceCredit: EPA

Such numbers would give him a BMI of 47 – putting him out of range for being pathologically obese.

In the past, he was said to be addicted to expensive food, alcohol, and chimney smoking in a life of extreme excess.

Kim is said to love expensive imported cheeses, wine, caviar and lobster.

His diet is said to have caused him to suffer painful gout attacks that require steroid treatment.

And he was also noted to have symptoms of focal dystonia, a neurological disease that causes involuntary muscle movements.

While the condition won’t affect his health in the long run, it leads to cramps, spasms, uncontrollable shaking, and your body being twisted into unusual conditions.

Dystonia can be caused by a problem with a part of the brain, Parkinson’s disease, a stroke, or an inherited genetic condition.

Kim may have been motivated to clean up his act as there is currently no clear successor to his throne.

He has three young children, the oldest being a 12-year-old daughter – so none of them are old enough to lead the nation.

Dr Dekleva said current Kim’s sister Kim Yo-jong would likely be the natural choice to take over the dynasty if something were to happen to him.


The services of INTELLIGENCE and insiders have previously established Kim Jong-un as a binge-eater, alcoholic and smoker.

Kenji Fujimoto, the Kim family’s former sushi chef, has claimed that the dictator once boasted that he consumed “10 bottles of Bordeaux” in one meal.

Kim is also said to have absolutely loved eating Emmental cheese after developing a taste for it while studying in Switzerland as a teenager.

Cheese and wine aren’t the only things Kim, 36, likes, however, only the finest are good enough for the North Korean leader as his people starve and live in poverty.

Mr. Kim’s staff are said to have brought a variety of calorie-rich and luxurious foods for their leader during his summit with US President Donald Trump in Vietnam in March 2019.

A team of personal chefs was also brought in to help Kim, who at the posh Metropole in Hanoi says they sampled dishes for an hour to make sure they were perfect for their leader.

Cavier and lobster are also said to be part of Kim’s taste, although both are banned by the United Nations from being imported into North Korea.

Mr. Fujimoto said Kim is also a fan of shark fin soup.

The chef said Kim loves beer and likes to drink at least two bottles of Champagne Cristal each time.

Bottles of crystal wine cost up to £7,500 – meaning Kim can drink up to £15,000 with each meal.

According to the report, hundreds of thousands of bottles of cognac and vodka are also regularly imported to Pyongyang, which is believed to cater to the Kim and North Korean elite.

Kim is also said to have pushed from a Western-style burger joint – such as McDonald’s – to open in North Korea during negotiations with the US.

Kim allegedly hates being called fat – known as Fat Kim III in the Chinese media.

North Korean officials are said to have asked the state with China to ask them to drop the moniker.

Other derogatory names used by Kim’s closest allies include Fat Kim and Fat Kim III.

Donald Trump even called Kim “short and fat” on Twitter because the two exchanged words before the famous summit series in 2018.

North Korea experts have previously asserted that Kim’s weight is actually a well-honed ploy to make him look like his revered grandfather Kim Il Sung.

His grandfather was also said to be a foodie, feeding the cows beer and massaging the meat to soften it.

Kim’s father Kim Jong-il also died of a heart attack in 2011.

And while people may joke about Kim’s weight wars, about 40% of North Korea’s population is malnourished.

“Kim is close to his children – he told Secretary of State Pompeo, his top aide Andrew Kim and President Trump that he wants to leave a non-nuclear legacy to his children – and it’s fascinating.” lead when doubting the positive influence of his wife Kim Ri. So does Song-ju.”

“Kim is an ambitious leader who cares about his legacy, especially the post-COVID economic development for North Korea as noted in recent statements and developments.”

Steve Grant, executive nutritionist Steve Grant Healthtold The Sun Online that Kim’s rapid weight loss could be of great benefit to his health.

“This would probably go a long way to helping reverse cardiometabolic risk for diseases like type two diabetes and cardiovascular disease,” he said.

“Losing weight and maintaining a healthier body composition can also help reduce inflammation in the body, reduce the risk of many cancers, and support immune function and the way our bodies respond to diseases.” immune challenge.”

He added: “I think people find the weight loss even more shocking because they see before and after pictures months apart.

“This might lead people to think that he did something extreme to achieve this.”

The expert added that he believes Kim could have lost weight naturally without stomach surgery – saying that losing 44lbs in six months is a “realistic goal”. Kim Jong-un had stomach surgery to lose 40lbs


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