Kiely Rodni’s distressed mum slams web sniffer dogs after cops were forced to address scanner reports claiming a missing teenager had been found

KIELY Rodni’s distraught mum has slammed web sniffer dogs for spreading rumors after police were forced to deal with scanner reports claiming the missing teenager had been found.

Kiely, 16, disappeared early Saturday around 12:30 a.m. near the Prosser family’s campground in Truckee, Calif., after a wild end-of-school party.

Kiely has been missing since Saturday


Kiely has been missing since SaturdayPhoto Credit: Placer County Sheriff’s Office
Kiely Rodni has not yet been located despite reports circulating on Twitter


Kiely Rodni has not yet been located despite reports circulating on Twitter
Kiely's mother Lindsey has spoken out hoping her daughter will return home safely


Kiely’s mother Lindsey has spoken out hoping her daughter will return home safelyCredit: THE US Sun
Volunteers and officials continue to search for Kiely


Volunteers and officials continue to search for KielyCredit: The US Sun

Lindsey Rodni-Nieman criticized the so-called web sniffer dogs that spread false information.

“I knew it was going to be bullshit,” Lindsey told The US Sun.

“I stay away from social media. And I’ve been telling these poor kids to stay off social media because they get torrents of messages and people fighting under their posts accusing all these horrible things.

“None of this is helpful.”

Teen disappearance party'crashed by men giving away mushrooms and cocaine'
Scary message on missing teenager's sweater revealed after she disappeared

Rumors of the missing teenager’s whereabouts began to swirl after a police scanner – believed to be real – reported a possible sighting of Kiely and her vehicle.

The scanner reported sightings of a girl and a vehicle, “possibly related to a missing Placer County subject.”

Supporters of the ongoing mystery surrounding Kiely’s disappearance felt hopeful when they heard the scanner say, “The vehicle is a match.”

But police were quick to shut down the rumor, telling The US Sun: “Misinformation, no merit.”

Kiely’s family also commented on the rumours, calling them “disappointing”.

“We were excited but measured when we heard about this because we had prior information that turned out to be false,” a family spokesman told The US Sun.

“It is incredibly disappointing that this is not true and we urge everyone not to share unsubstantiated reports that could then be circulated on social media.

“The family and law enforcement are focused on finding Kiely and are not letting that get in the way.”

The Placer County Sheriff’s Office responded to the viral audio letter: “Untrue. Excuse me.”

The police continue to investigate

Rumors Kiely has been found came hours after police confirmed to The US Sun that they are investigating a lead that men in their late 20s were giving out free drugs, including mushrooms and cocaine, to teenagers at the party they were last seen at became.

Popular YouTuber iCkEdMeL, who covered the teen’s disappearance and has 133,000 subscribers, says he received an email from a tipster whose family members attended the party.

During a phone call aired in a new episode, tipster Ronnie Jones told him, “I have two cousins, they go to Sierra College and they wanted to go to this party they heard about.

“And they had some other friends that went with them, but they were about 27/28 years old, they’re older, there were a lot of older guys there.

“And so I asked them if they knew her and they said they saw her there and she was just like, you know, she was laughing, going from group to group, talking, they didn’t do anything about it.

“But she spoke to, I think, a lot of people, she just walked around and talked to everyone. And they said at the party a lot of people were doing mushrooms and cocaine and all that.

“And I said yes, but that’s kind of normal around here. I wasn’t really surprised about that.

“I asked her, I said did you see something strange, was someone looking at her funny? But they said, ‘No, everyone was just relaxed, but everyone was kind of confused, and so was she.’

“I asked, well, how drunk was she? And they said, well, she was stumbling around, she wasn’t pacing around like, ‘Oh, I’m tipsy, I’m cool.’ She was pretty drunk. If she had driven around, she would have easily dodged it.

“There was no way she could have driven.

“That was basically all I knew about it and then they told me there were other things but they can’t really talk about it, that’s basically all they knew. She was really drunk and there was a lot of drugs, not just them drinking [cocaine] open.

“And it wasn’t just a teen party, there were a lot of adults there, mid-20s, guys who were way older than 16.”

Claiming his family did not see them leave, Ronnie left the party around 10.30/11pm, while Kiely continued partying until 12.30am on Saturday morning, which was attended by up to 300 people.

“They told me they didn’t see her in a sweatshirt at the time, she was in the bodysuit, same outfit, but they didn’t see her in a sweatshirt.

“When kids go out there, I’ve been out there, they don’t go out with the drugs, they don’t go out with the mushrooms, they usually bring the alcohol.

“The guys that get out there, the older guys, they’ve got the shrooms and the cocaine. And then the kids go around with this group, the older guys, because they suck them off and they give them stuff they can’t really afford because they don’t really have the money, cocaine is pretty expensive.

“Most guys always want to give it to the girls, they give them free lines, but then they want you to do it to them, like, ‘Hey come line me, come line me’ That’s how it works, that’s how these parties are.

“You can’t tell what could have happened. But I know she was upset, that’s a fact. So if they tried to put it nicely… no, she was called names.

“I can’t say for sure if she attended [in substances] but that was a fact.”

“I think someone was involved”

He added that much of the cocaine in the area is laced and mixing it with shrooms would be “a dangerous combination”.

According to the tipster, who added, “And no, I wasn’t there, my wife would kill me.”

Ronnie, 29, told The US Sun he has since joined the search and had been near the campsite to look around the party site and wanted to investigate where the car might be “hidden”.

“I think someone’s involved, who else was hanging out with her?” he said.

“I don’t think it’s possible to have that many people at a party and no one knows what happened to her because most of the people were in groups.

“I can’t believe she was alone at that party when her friend left. Where was your group of people? That’s the sketchy part.

“My cousins ​​went with her group, they didn’t interact with her but they saw her drunk.

“I don’t see these older guys coming out and saying, ‘Yes, I delivered drugs,’ so many were underage, that’s the problem.”

He added that police in the area have previously broken up similar parties, but many youth drive away until officers leave and return to the same spot to continue drinking.

iCkEdMel, real name Melvin, told The US Sun: “Ronnie said his cousins ​​​​contacted the police and told them what they know. I believe you.

Teen disappearance party'crashed by men giving away mushrooms and cocaine'
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“I think maybe she was under the influence and got into some water or something.”

The Sun also spoke to a spokesman for the Placer County Sheriff’s Office on Thursday, who said they were made aware of Ronnie’s allegations and are investigating. Kiely Rodni’s distressed mum slams web sniffer dogs after cops were forced to address scanner reports claiming a missing teenager had been found


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