Kevin Owens Reveals Why He Feels “Winning” At WWE Day 1

Brock Lesnar May Have Left Day 1 As WWE Champion, But Kevin Owens Believes He Is one person won at the Special Live Event last night.

RAW superstar Kevin Owens entered a deadly 5-way match last night on Day 1 for the WWE Championship. While Owens didn’t leave the match as the WWE Champion, he still believes he won.

When asked why, Kevin Owens gave a pretty decent explanation on social media, tweeting:

“Well, I walked back to the dressing room on my own two feet and when I talked to my wife, kids and parents after the game, they all told me I did a great job. I’ll accept. .”

Kevin Owens’ new WWE contract declares him, in fact, the winner

While Kevin Owens may not be WWE Champion, re-signing with the company last month could certainly make him a winner in the eyes of many.

Kevin Owens’ new contract is said to be worth somewhere between two and three million dollars a year, an incredible amount that could build a WWE Superstar and his family for the rest of his life.

While some fans are annoyed to hear that Kevin Owens having re-signed with WWE instead of joining All Elite Wrestling, Owens chose to do what was best for his family and no one can really fault him for making such a decision.

What will happen in 2022 for Kevin Owens at WWE is anyone’s guess, but based on his newly signed contract, you have to believe the company will keep Owens in the main events picture for good time. than of the year.

What do you think of Kevin Owens’ comment? Do you think in a strange way that he won at Day 1 of WWE? Let us know what you think by pressing it in the comments section below.

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