Keqing and Ningguang Skin Details “Orchid Evening Gown”

A couple of new credible leaks about Genshin Impact 2.4 discuss the names of Keqing and Ningguang skins along with how players can get them.

Skins are rarely seen in Genshin Impact as it is present. All that was available before Keqing and Ningguang had skins were Jean and Barbara’s beach themed outfits. That led some fans to speculate that the new skin would be achievable similar to how players received Jean and Barbara’s skins.

According to the latest Genshin Impact 2.4 leaks, that seems to be the case. Ningguang’s skin will be freely available to players who progress far enough in the Lantern Rite event. Similarly, Keqing’s Skin only available for a certain amount of Genesis Crystals.

Genshin Impact 2.4 leak: Keqing and Ningguang skin names are Opices Splendor and Orchid’s Evening Gown

Ningguang’s skin (Orchid’s Evening Gown / 纱 中 ) can be obtained for free by completing Lantern Rite events. You can buy Keqing’s skin (Op Lux Splendor / 裾 翩跹) with Genesis Crystals. You can exchange the character Liyue 4 ★ with 1000 Firework Coins & 1000 Hydra Boss Coin.…

The tweet above provides more context on what’s new with the Lantern Rite event in Genshin Impact 2.4. It says Ningguang’s skin (Orchid’s Evening Outfit) will be free, while Keqing’s Skin (Splendid Outfit) costs Genesis Crystals. However, it does not specify the exact number of Genesis Crystals.

If it is the same as Jean’s skin, it will cost 1350 Genesis Crystals at launch before increasing to 1680 after the event. As for Ningguang’s skin, the leak doesn’t state what event or how much players have to do to get it for free.

As a side note, Travelers can also expect to receive a free 4-star character from Liyue during the event. They will need 1000 Fireworks coins and 1000 Hydra Boss coins to do so in Genshin Impact 2.4.

An older leak on their skin (Image via @Dimbreath)
An older leak on their skin (Image via @Dimbreath)

The initial file names for these interfaces were “NingguangCostumeFloral” and “KeqingCostumeFeather.” This means the names have converted to:

  • “NingguangCostumeFloral” -> “Orchid Evening Outfits”
  • “KeqingCostumeFeather” -> “Luxury Splendor”

The new name for Ningguang’s costume makes sense, as the move from Floral to Orchid design wasn’t a drastic change. As for Keqing’s outfit, the “luxury Splendor” could still involve some feathers somewhere in the design. Unfortunately, there are no leaked photos or videos for it yet.

Details of the Lantern Rite event in Genshin Impact 2.4

Ephemeral Colors in Flight: Lantern Rite Event with 4 themes: 1. Fireworks (and suffer like a perfectionist) 2. Waverider mini-games and crowd camp in the Rock Forest Guyun (similar to 1.6) 3. Wondrous Shadows – minigame similar to Shadowmatic4. Domain Boss with 3-headed hydra

Glowing Market – shopping has 3 event currencies. Items from the shop include: – 6 special fireworks obtainable- 9 special furniture recipes- Ascension Gem Shard 3 and talent book 3-4 ★ Liyue- Crown of Insight × 1- Hero’s Wit and Mora

These events will be indispensable for players who want to get free Ningguang skins and free 4-star characters from Liyue. A boss domain with a three-headed Hydra will probably give the player 1000 Boss Hydra Coins.

The second tweet mentions three event currencies, although only two are known at the moment:

  1. Fireworks Coins
  2. Boss Hydra Xu

However, this Genshin Impact 2.4 leaked includes some Bright Light Market bonuses.

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