Keir Starmer says he has a plan to curb mass immigration, but in reality he wants to welcome millions of people

SIR Keir Starmer has a plan. He will end mass illegal immigration in one fell swoop by legalizing it.

He will reduce the backlog of 140,000 asylum seekers in Britain by issuing fast-track visas.

Sir Keir Starmer will end illegal migration by essentially legalizing it


Sir Keir Starmer will end illegal migration by essentially legalizing it

He will negotiate a “repatriation deal” with French President Emmanuel Macron, who is waiting like a Bully XL dog to rip off the hand that already feeds him.

And he will magically dismantle the “evil people smugglers” who ferried 11,560 paying passengers in 200 boats to the tiny Italian island of Lampedusa last week.

How? Do not ask.

In return for this rose-tinted fantasy, Britain will accept its “share” in the armada reaching European shores.

Up to 100,000 per year? Sir Keir says no.

But Brussels will decide.

In fact, the Labor leader is offering an amnesty – a welcome mat for anyone seeking asylum.

Starmer is either “delusional,” as one EU official described him last week, or he thinks we are all stupid.

This is not a plan to curb mass immigration.

It is a pathetic capitulation to criminal gangs and the hand-wringing human rights lobby of which Sir Keir is a full member.

It is also the first step of this professed Remain party to readmit Britain into the EU, which it voted to leave seven years ago. . . because it couldn’t control its own boundaries.

The opposition leader, with Tony Blair pulling the strings, is about to repeat the betrayal of the British people 20 years ago by throwing open the doors to the huddled masses of the world.

Sir Keir believes he can persuade Brussels and Macron to negotiate a more accommodating relationship with Brexit Britain.

You will be.

But the price will be to delete the word “Brexit”.

Fear and alarm

Sir Keir is all too happy to pay the price.

It will surprise no one if, after a Labor general election victory, the French gendarmes actually start earning the £500 million we are paying them (for their failure) to stop the small boats.

But the EU never gives without taking more in return.

Macron will use the money as a down payment for further concessions in the remaining time before he is replaced by the right-wing Marine Le Pen.

Starmer, disappointed with his own clumsy political idea, claims such talk is “nonsense”.

But the case is crystal clear.

Brussels has never forgotten or forgiven Brexit.

We need to be brought under control.

The punitive attacks on trade and business were sadistic.

Accepting our “share” of migrants will only be the start of a new version of open borders and free movement of people.

This poses a dangerous risk to social cohesion as the number of desperate families fleeing conflict, corruption and climate change is expected to increase.

In Europe there are still conflicts and resentments that drove so many people from their homes in the first place.

We inherit the consequences of the civil wars in Eritrea, Sudan and Somalia, as well as the religious divisions between Shiite and Sunni Muslims.

This clash of cultures is already causing fear and concern in once enviably quiet countries such as Denmark, Sweden, Norway and Holland.

In France there is colossal violence between different races.

EU member states such as Hungary and Poland are building border fences and refusing to take in their “share” of illegals – just as Sir Keir appears ready to take them in.

Despite accusations of institutional racism and Islamophobia, Britain remains remarkably tolerant and stable.

But here, too, in some suburbs minorities are at war with each other and outsiders are unwelcome.

The police deny this, but parts of London are now restricted areas where law enforcement officers are not allowed to venture unless attacked by the crowd.

Serious crimes, from drug dealing to shoplifting to stabbings and other street violence, have been effectively decriminalized – just as we appear to be doing with illegal immigration.

Starmer likes to brag about his previous role as a prosecutor, but his record there is clearly patchy.

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Stephen Parkinson, who took on the role last week, described him as “average”.

All in all, I think the person from Brussels who branded Starmer “deceived” was closer to the mark.

The bad times are over

ANIMAL FRIENDS who defend the American Bully XL insist there is nothing dangerous about these dogs that kill and maim innocent men, women and children.

“They may be bred to fight, but they make wonderful pets. “Bad owners are to blame.”

That sounds a lot like the defense of the gun lobby in America, where innocent men, women and children are routinely killed and maimed by bad owners.

With weapons. XL bullies are deadly and should be banned without hesitation. . . or remorse.


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