Kardashian fans are stunned after Kourtney tried a ‘bizarre’ new method of trying to conceive

KARDASHIAN fans stunned after Kourtney tried bizarre new method to get pregnant.

Kourtney, 43, has tried other unusual approaches to pregnancy on her journey to conception with husband Travis Barker, 46.

Kourtney tries to eat quail eggs to get pregnant with Travis Barker


Kourtney tries to eat quail eggs to get pregnant with Travis BarkerPhoto credit: Hulu
Kourtney devours one of the hard-boiled quail eggs


Kourtney devours one of the hard-boiled quail eggsPhoto credit: Hulu

The odd method that Kourtney practices is showcased in the latest episode of the Hulu Original, The Kardashians.

In the episode, Kourtney sits down for lunch with her friend Steph Shepard, 32.

Lunch looks pretty standard for both parties, with sliced ​​avocado and veggies being the main dishes of each of their dishes.

Except for Kourtney, who has an extra bowl of small, bite-sized hard-boiled eggs.

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As the Poosh founder starts digging, she tells her guest, “I don’t know if I’ll regret that choice for lunch.”

She continues, “I have to eat quail eggs every day.”

A confused, worried, and a little disgusted Steph asks, “Why?”

Kourtney replies, “For the baby making.”

Her friend then asks what most viewers are wondering: “Why can’t you just eat a regular egg?

Kourtney bluntly replies, “I don’t know,” then devours one of the eggs.

Steph accepts her friend’s decision at face value, but comments as she clears her own plate, “They’re cute and small.

In a confessional, Kourtney explains the reasons behind her odd chicken egg choice.

“Quail eggs are said to be useful when trying to have a baby, but I’m not sure if that’s documented online, I haven’t looked it up.”

A producer says from the off: “The sale of quail eggs is due to [this] interview bite,” to which Kourtney agrees with a laugh.


Kourtney confessed to inserting strange objects into her vagina when trying to conceive with Travis.

But during filming for the Hulu show’s episode last week, Kourtney revealed that she used some bizarre methods in her efforts to conceive.

The reality star sat alongside her sisters Kim and Khloe and their mother Kris Jenner in the living room of their Hidden Hills mansion.

The TV personality revealed that she suffered sudden weight loss from a panchakarma cleanse.

“I lost 5 pounds, but it wasn’t the goal. The goal was to get rid of all the toxins and it gives you a clean egg,” she explained.

“Then I made a yoni vapor and I want to buy you all a yoni vapor. It’s so good for your vagina, you put roses and stuff in it.”

But her younger sister Khloe seemed both concerned and disgusted as she replied: “I don’t want to put my vagina in there. A steaming vagina? Sounds gross.”


Kourtney has also tried the standard procedure of in vitro fertilization.

The mother-of-three revealed she had an egg retrieval appointment on a previous episode of The Kardashians.

“I’m going to get my balls out on Tuesday,” she said while sitting in the makeup chair getting ready for an event.

Someone who appeared emotional was heard tearfully saying, “You need a baby.”

In a confessional, Kourtney says, “All we need is a good egg, and now it’s only in God’s hands.”

Viewers were also taken to a doctor’s office with the couple.

The doctor told Keeping Up With the Kardashians, “There’s a follicle here, but it looks old. It’s very unlikely he’ll get a mature egg.”

The California native already shares her children Mason, 12; Penelope, nine; and Reign, seven, with her ex Scott Disick.

Travis also has two children, Landon, 18, and Alabama, 16, with ex Shanna Moakler.


Later during her lunch with Steph, Kourtney complained about how Hulu executives scrapped her “fairytale love story” with Travis and instead focused on the perceived drama surrounding Scott.

The mother-of-three admitted she wasn’t happy with the editing of her engagement episode, particularly with the focus producers had placed on Scott’s absence.

Her 39-year-old and their three children were not invited to the post-engagement celebration with the rest of the family

“We’ve been looking at the edits and we’re just so annoyed,” she began.

“Editors or whoever says, ‘Let’s take Kourtney, she’s the chosen one for drama.'”

In a confessional, the Poosh founder shared more about who decides what makes the cut and what doesn’t.

“As we shoot our show, we’re all executive producers, so we can see cuts of the show and make notes on episodes and make sure our stories are being told.”

She continued, “I’m in one of the best places I’ve been in my life and it’s time our show caught up.”

The new Mrs. Barker also set the record straight regarding the consequences of Scott’s refusal of the invitation.

She told Steph: “That night I wasn’t like, ‘God, everyone’s so shitty as to bring this up’ because it wasn’t part of the night.

“It was like two seconds of the night.”

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Kourtney added, “I didn’t even remember it until I saw the cut of the episode.

“I wish they would take that out and put it in the next episode and give us our respects. Let’s have our moment.”

Kourtney Kardashian tells her friend she doesn't know why quail eggs and not chicken eggs should help conceive


Kourtney Kardashian tells her friend she doesn’t know why quail eggs and not chicken eggs should help conceivePhoto credit: Hulu
A producer says that to Kourtney "Selling quail eggs is going wild"


A producer tells Kourtney that ‘quail egg sales are going to go wild’Photo credit: Hulu
Kourtney Kardashian and Travis Barker during their vacation in Italy


Kourtney Kardashian and Travis Barker during their vacation in ItalyCredit: Social Media – See Source

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