Kamigawa: Magic The Gathering’s Neon Dynasty Preview

This is the preview season for Magic The Gathering’s sci-fi cyberpunk series, Kamigawa: Neon Dynasty, and After mammoth reveal day yesterday We’ve finally entered the first real day of community-led previews. And we certainly got a lot of incredible cards revealed.

Today we got the previews of TheGamer, the last card in a bicycle, some wonderful hair and a large toad for the second set in a row.

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As always, if any cards not on this list are revealed today due to time zone differences, they will appear tomorrow.

Hotshot Mechanic

Hotshot Mechanic

Although we did see a pilot with Kotori’s blue/white Commander deck face, Hotshot Mechanic is the first we’ve seen in the Standard since the 2017 Aether Rebellion. the crew was as if 4/1 was really cool, and with just one power it would accelerate a lot and a lot of floorboards.

March of Otherworldly Light

March of Otherworldly Light

Nils Hamm is one of the the most interesting artists currently working on Magic, and March of Otherworldly Light looks great. It’s a pity the effect is so terrible: you banish a creature, artifact, or enchantment with X mana value or less and can banish white cards from your hand to reduce the amount of mana you need to pay. While it can hit artifacts and enchantments, this is far too much of a downgrade from the likes of Path to Exile and Swords to Plowshares to be justified.

Prototype Moonsnare

Prototype Moonsnare

A blue Springleaf Drum that can channel to stay permanently on the top or bottom of its owner’s library (at their choice) isn’t bad. Springleaf Drum has the same exploit and no color, but is not currently in the Standard either. Archelos, Lagoon Mystic is coming love and cherish this.

Futuristic Agent (translated as TBA)

Future agent

Whenever the Futuristic Agent is mined, it will be a 1/1 Human Citizen that cannot be blocked. You can also pay two generic and one blue to remove it. Not only is it a great way to Ninjutsu towards larger beings, the ability to open itself up with instantaneous speed feels like it could easily be broken to unleash the potential of fusion.

Leech Gauntlet

Leech Gauntlet

A Reconfigure creature that gives life to the attached creature is great, and its Reconfigure cost of four seems very reasonable.

Nezumi Prowler (title translates as TBA)

Nezumi Prowler

Nezumi Prowler can Jutsu for a generic one and a black one, that’s fine. What’s even better is that it provides a life link and death induction to a creature as it joins the battlefield until the end of the turn. This is a very unpleasant surprise to fall on an opponent after they have declared their stops.

Tatsunari, Toad Rider


The big toads are amazing. If you want a card that everyone will love, just turn it into a toad. The Wizards seem to be catching on to this, as this is the second episode in a row where we have a giant toad following Grolnok, the Omnivore in the Crimson Vow. Unfortunately, this card is not for the toad, but for the human riding it. However, it did spawn the toad, apparently called Camie, and was able to promote a new move against the Sultai (blue/black/green) Enchantress with its ability to drain its life.

Assassin’s Color Ink (title translates as TBA)

Ink color

This simple creature elimination spell will usually be more expensive than something like Murder or Hero’s Fall. However, it will be less if you control an artifact and another will be less if you control an enchantment. If you have both, this is actually cheaper than most of the other options in the Standard at this point.

Junji, the midnight sky

Junji, the midnight sky

Kamigawa’s legendary black dragons continue the theme of them dying for profit by either forcibly eliminating and losing an opponent’s life or an easy bit of creature recursion. Junji feels he is one of the best suited to have the death trigger, as it’s black color allows it to match well with so many Aristocrat decks.

Malicious Incident (translated as TBA)

Toxic incident

All creatures gain -2 / -2 until the end of the turn, and if a creature dies it is exiled instead. It’s an effect we’ve seen a few times lately, but only three energy is good.

Bronzeplate Boar


One of TheGamer two preview cards, Bronzeplate Boar seems to be part of the cycle with Lizard Blades and Leech Gauntlet. While it’s the most expensive of the three, and trampling is less enjoyable than a live link or double attack, it makes up for it by uniquely increasing the creature’s strength and endurance attached.

Sokenzan smelting plant


This is the second time of TheGamer . preview cards, and we’re calling it right now: someone’s going to break the Sokenzan Furnace. Being able to dump artifacts into your graveyard is a powerful possibility, especially with some stuff involving recursion and artifacts going on elsewhere in the Neon Dynasty.

March of reckless joy

Mark of reckless joy

The second card of March bicycle much more attractive than March of Reckless Joy. You can discard any number of red cards from your hand to reduce the cost of X by two. You then save the top X cards in your library and can play two of them until your next turn. Other than edge situations (like the Laelia deck, for example) you’ll only want to exile two or three people max, in which case four energy is a big price to pay for it.

Call out disaster

Call out disaster

There seem to be a lot of five color cycles in Neon Dynasty, with Invoke Calamity being a counterpart to yesterday’s black Call to Despair. Being able to use everything for free is a great effect, even if you’re only technically saving on one energy, thanks to the hefty cost of casting. And yes, because the card explicitly says “you can cast”, you can bypass the time limits on a spell in your graveyard and cast it on your opponent’s turn.

Rebel Outlaw (title translates as TBA)

Outlaw rebellion

It can be said that this will be the most beautiful hair of this set. And I love that Neon Dynasty is looking at obvious cyberpunk tropes and is exploring more aspects of Japanese subculture with tags like this (pompadours are popular in yankii and bōsōzoku biker fashion). Rebel Outlaw gains +2 / + 0 for each modified creature you control, making this a potential game winner when there are enough creatures.

Twinshot Sniper

Twinshot Sniper

Being able to shock (deal two damage to) a creature when it enters the battlefield is great, but this card shows how useful the channel will be in Standard. Two energies for a shock that can’t be countered by normal counter spells? Heck yes.

Lizard blade

Lizard blade

Lizard Blades is one of the best Reconfigured cards we’ve seen to date. Two energy for 1/1 with double attack is great, and then you can simply pay two energy to Reconfigure it into a device that attaches to a creature and gives it double attack as well. Unless we have some ridiculous myth, this feels about the limit for Reconfigure on the mechanic’s first outing.

Sokenzan, the Holy Order of defiance

Sokenzan Crucible of Defiance

These legendary lands are causing a bit of an uproar at the moment. Some feel they’re fine, while others fear they’ll completely break the Standard with the strength of their channeling capabilities. Four energy for two 1/1 Spirit cards in a hurry doesn’t seem like much, but it can be done with instant speed and can’t be countered by anything in Standard right now.

Kodama of the West Tree

Kodama West

The Kodama Cycle starts back to the original Kamigawa block with the Kodama of South, North, Center Tree. Then we have Kodama of the East Tree that almost breaks the format in Legendary Commander. Finally, almost 16 years later, the cycle completes with Kodama of the West Tree. With just three energy, you can create a creature for your modified creatures to trample and get you a base ground whenever a creature deals damage against the player. This would effectively automatically cover so many decks today, thanks to its ridiculous ramp potential.

Kappa Tech-Wrecker

Kappa Tech-Wrecker

With yesterday’s Silver-Fur Master and a Ninja Turtles today, it looks like we’ll be making our dream TMNT themed deck. It enters with a death touch counter, instantly causing it to be Modified, and then that counter can be removed to save the opponent’s artifact or enchantment.

Geothermal Kami

Geothermal Kami

This is so… disturbing. Art is great, but I hate look at it. Geothermal kami can return enchantments back to their controller while granting you three lives. It’s strange that it doesn’t have the ability to fly.

Gloomshrieker (translated as TBA)


The Gloomshrieker is menacing, and when it enters the battlefield, you will permanently return it from the graveyard to your hand. When Gloomshrieker dies, banish it.

Its Golgari reanimation, which we’ve seen so many times before. However, it is an Enchantment creature, which gives it a new perspective and only costs three energy to any forever is very nice.

Captain Asari

Captain Asari

This is definitely a signpost for the red/white outline prototype of the Neon Dynasty. Warriors are a common type of Boros creature, and it makes sense to combine them with Samurai to give it a Kamigawa flair. It also highlights that, while Bushido is not a key word in this deck, it has come back to life with a lot of cards that are beneficial when attacked alone.

Runaway Trash Bot

Runaway Trash-bot

Combining the graveyard deck and the modified deck is an interesting idea, and the flavors here are impeccable. Push a load of artifacts into your graveyard with Sokenzan Smelter, and then throw a large Runaway trash can at your opponent.

Speedy Hover Bike (translated as TBA)

Hover bike

A vehicle with flash, flight and crew costs are one, when entering the battlefield it can hit a target creature. It’s fine as a means, but being able to simultaneously lock down an opponent’s creature with a dual-energy spell is amazing.

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