Kamigawa: Magic The Gathering’s Neon Dynasty Preview

We are officially halfway through the Magic The Gathering’s Kamigawa: Neon Dynasty Preview! Now that we’re starting to get a feel for the set, we have a bunch of new bumper cards to go through.

Today includes a new amount Sagas, potentially one of the best vehicles ever released, and a new alternative that lost its status. Oh, and one great energy sword.

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As always, if any cards make it through today’s round, they’ll go to tomorrow’s card.

Eiganjo’s Restoration // The Architect of Restoration

Eiganjo's Restoration

White continued her newly developed love with The Restoration of Eiganjo. The first step places a plain in your hand, while the second has you discard a card to place a permanent plain of two or less mana value into the mined battlefield. You can just remove that Plain and then return it to the battlefield!

Restoration’s architect wasn’t bad either. 3/4 Fox Monk with Vigilance generates Spirit tokens whenever it attacks or blocks which can be useful, although it may be superior by the time Saga transforms into it.

The Fall of Lord Konda // Konda’s Fragment

The Fall of Lord Konda

Today’s second white saga combines some good eliminations with a creature that draws you a card when it dies. Both of those are very good, and with only three mana. Not a bomb, but a good new tool to get rid of the white creature.

Street lighting

Street lighting

A mana to remove a creature or vehicle and place a +1 / + 1 counter on it, or permanently return something you control to its owner’s hands is great. Light the Way will have a lot of games just because it’s a cheap way to protect your permanence…at Common.

Norika Yamazaki, Poet

Norika Yamazaki

Yesterday we had Heiko Yamazaki, Shogun. We now have the second half of the pair, allowing you to cast spells from your graveyard whenever a samurai or warrior attacks.

Norika is still good, but not as good as Heiko. Worms don’t tend to be self-sacrificing like artifacts, and there are few deck archetypes who would rather have talismans in the graveyard than artifacts. Norika would be suitable for building a council state in the face of elimination, than the highly synergistic nonsense Heiko could pull off.

Brilliant recovery

Brilliant recovery

When Commander Legends came out, it was a joke to assume that the white Triumphant Reckoning was the worst of the nine-energy magic cycle. However, just over a year later, we face a brilliant Recovery. Although it consumes twice less energy, it consumes more white energy and does not return the Walkers to the battlefield. Instead, simply return all artifacts and enchantments in your graveyard to the battlefield.

This is not a Legend of Commander bomb; it won’t be one of the Neon Dynasty.

Call for justice

Call for justice

The white card of the Invitation requires a large amount of five mana, four of which are white, but it’s not terrible. You can permanently return things from your graveyard back to the battlefield, then scatter four +1/+1 counters on creatures and vehicles the target player controls. This is a neat political read for the Commander, and more like a potential bomb in Standard than Brilliant Restoration.

Born to drive

Born to drive

The Azorian (blue/white) manuscript archetype of the Neon Dynasty is all about pilots and vehiclesand Born to Drive is a great card for it. Creatures you enchant will gain +1/+1 for each creature and vehicle you control, or you can channel that to create crewable Pilot cards as if they were 3/1s.

Reality Heist

Reality Heist

Instant with fake affinity, Reality Heist lets you search for the top seven cards in your library and place two artifacts in your hand. While the initial cost of five generics and two blues is expensive, it gets cheaper as you control more artifacts. Is it a bit win-more-y? Possibly, but it would still be useful if it did.

Otawara, City of Heaven (title translates as TBA)

Otawara the Heavenly City

The mythical lands have been causing quite a stir due to their unattractive Channel abilities. Otawara, Paradise City seems pretty reasonable. You can return an artifact, creature, enchantment, or Planeswalker to its owner by returning three common and one blue.

It costs less per legendary creature you control, but four mana for a bounce is twice the cost of Into the Roil, which does pretty much the same thing.

Remembering Horobi // Echoes of Death

Remembering Horobi

Rats are a very popular tribe that identifies Kamigawa as a setting, so of course we’ll get a Saga Mouse Tribe. It’s not great, though.

First, giving your opponent two barricades that they can sacrifice, deceive, or attack you with is a major drawback. The whole point of Echo of Death’s Wail is that you steal those mice back, which gives your opponent an incentive to get rid of them anyway they can. It’s just too easy for opponents to close for multiple uses. If the Saga side has an extra provision that punishes your opponent for a dead rat or something, it might be worth a bit more.

Inkrise . Intruder

Inkrise . Intruder

The 1/2 ratio with flying with two energies is obvious, and it’s a lovely accent to your large energy combos. Four energy to give it + 2 / + 2 is a bit much, but when you generate infinite amount of energy it is a win.

Giant energy blade

Giant energy blade

Straight to the point, I love it. This large energy sword hits a creature it’s attached to, but gives them +4 / +0. The flavor here is delicious, and you can simply equip it to an already mined creature. to reduce its harmful effects.

Fable of the Mirror-Breaker // Reflection of Kiki-Jiki

Fable of the Mirror-Breaker

Kiki-Jiki, Mirror Breaker is one of the most infamous broken cards out there, able to create a lot of different combos with its copying ability. Surprisingly, the Fable of the Mirror-Breaker is not too away from it.

The first side is a red story that has a lot of red stuff: generates elves, tokens, and lets you rummage through up to two cards. But on the other hand, Reflection of Kiki-Jiki, is Kiki-Jiki, Mirror Breaker with one key difference. Instead of simply mining to create a copy of a creature, you have to pay a large cost one general energy.

It’s enough to take down the most nefarious Kiki-Jiki combos, but it’s still an absolute bomb. Copy a Celebrity fighting for as many combat moves you can afford or a Dockside Pusher with a Dominion Staff for Infinite treasures

Unparalleled Samurai

Unparalleled Samurai

Another sage shard that rewards you when attacking alone with a Samurai or Warrior, Peerless Samurai reduces the cost of the next spell you cast this turn. This can be used in conjunction with combat tricks, but there are many ways to use this.



If you want the creature of one of Neon Dynasty’s new transformative Sagas, Storyweave is a great way to get ahead. Not only does it put two Lore counters on a Saga, often pushing it straight to the transformation chapter, it rewards the enchanted creature that enters when it transforms with two counters + 1 / + 1.

It can also place two +1/+1 counters on a creature you already control, but that’s definitely not the intended use for this.

Hidetsugu consumes all // The ship consumes all

Hidetsugu consumes them all

For a while, treasure hunting was a hot topic of discussion in the Magic community. These days, with so many cards creating so much treasure, cards like the Culling Ritual have become more popular for wiping them out. Hidetsugu Consumes That’s All, and a win condition all rolled into one.

The Saga party destroys each nonland permanently with an energy value of one or less (goodbye, the cards), and then exiles all the graveyards to add a bit of hate. It then transforms into the Vessel of the All-Consumer, which can cause the player to lose if they are dealt at least ten damage by the Vessel that turn.

The Eiganjo Uprising

The Eiganjo Uprising

I can’t see any situation where this could be good. You generate a large amount of tokens, but your opponent also generates enough to block all but one of them. At best, you get two damage in a one-on-one format, at worst you have three other opponents ready to lunge at you with their own in a multiplayer format like Commander. Unless you have a token skeptic like Anointed Procession, this is unusable…and even then, it’s not great.

Mechtitan Core

Mechtitan Core

This is easily one of the best car tags ever printed. You can banish it and four other creatures or crafting vehicles to form a 10/10 WUBRG creature with the abilities to fly, vigi8lance, stampede, lifeelink, and haste. Then, when that person leaves the battlefield for any reason, you return all the artifacts you exiled except the Mechtitan Core to the battlefield.

To say this slap is an overstatement. It’s the kind of focal point to build around the deck that hasn’t been available so far, and you’re only really down a card when someone inevitably blows up the Mechtitan.

Walking Skycraper (translated as TBA)

Skyscraper walking

The Walking Scyscraper costs less for each modified creature you control, making this eight mana artifact much more affordable (or even free). For an added bonus, it’s resistant to it as long as it’s unexploited, giving your opponent less countermeasures before it lunges at them.

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