Kamigawa: Magic The Gathering’s Neon Dynasty Preview

Collecting Magic Content creators around the world breathe a sigh of relief because Kamigawa: Neon Dynasty The third day of the preview has only five cards. Looks like Wizards of the Coast is giving us a more laid-back weekend than the Crimson Vow.

However, that doesn’t mean the cards aren’t great. We saw a lot of white today, with some new removals, a rare legend and easily the best Configure card we’ve seen to date.

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For the first time, we can safely say we have every preview from day three, so there’s no need to worry about time zones forcing us to push some into tomorrow’s compilation round. !

Banishing Slash

Banishing Slash

At first glance, Banishing Slash doesn’t seem so terrible. Killing an artifact, enchantment, or creature mined for two energy makes it more versatile than Disenchant or Swift Response, and the added Samurai token production is convenient.

But there’s so much going against it. Banishing Slash is a spell, it costs two White mana is a much larger requirement than a white one and a regular one, and to craft a single Samurai 2/2 you must control an artifact and an enchantment. This has a “harder nerfed white card than other colors” written on it.

Lion Sash

Lion Sash

Banishing Slash may have been too impressive, but then Wizards gave us the Lion Sash. This is easily one of the best cards in the set revealed to date. You can pay a white card to banish a card from any graveyard, and if it’s a permanent Lion Sash card that gets a +1 / + 1 counter. It’s white Scavefting Ooze, which in itself will be well worth it. amazing.

But Lion Sash has Reconfigure. Just pay two energy, it attaches to another creature and gives it +1 / + 1 for every hit on Lion Sash. While it’s not completely mobile counter about the rules of the game, it’s basically the same thing and it’s awesome. People have been told that this will be played in Modern, and it points to a slightly higher power level for Neon Dynasty than we’ve had in the recent Standard.

Trained in solitude

Trained in solitude

An uncommon two-energy spell that drains cards from the top of your library whenever a creature you control attacks alone? Between this month and the March of yesterday’s Reckless Joy, the Wizards will give Laelia, the Fortified Blade Command players lots of fun new toys to play with. This also adds to the red/white outline archetype of creatures attacking alone.

Bamboo trench archer

Bamboo trench archer

Pauler will love this. For a generic and green type, you get 3/3 with Defender and Reach, and it can also be channeled to kill a creature with the ability to fly. It’s also an enchanted creature, fitting in with the film’s white enchanting theme.

Naomi, Pillar of Order


I love a rare Commander. They’re usually not the explosive, high-format stuff that people flock to, which allows you to get a little creative and play differently. However, Naomi isn’t, and it’s the one word that causes problems: “and”. If you control an enchantment and and artifact whenever Naomi enters the battlefield and attacks, you will become a 2/2 Samurai with a spirit of vigilance.

I really hope “enchantments and artifacts” aren’t the black/white archetype for Neon Dynasty, because unless we get some new Enhancement Artifacts, there’s a lot to ask for There’s both on the battlefield for a Samurai 2/2. It’s fine if it says “control and artifact or an enchantment”. Even if “if you control an artifact, generate a Samurai 2/2 token. If you also control a spell, generate a Samurai 2/2 token with alternative vigilance” there is function. But Naomi is being overwhelmed.

A fun fact to end today’s previews on a positive note: Naomi is modeled after artist Joshua Raphael’s mother! When art revealhe said it was “a tribute to the most amazing woman in the world” [his] life”.

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