Julie and the Phantoms and cancel Netflix shows requested by fans to save

Even though Netflix is ​​one of the top streaming platforms, streamers sometimes make bad decisions when it comes to deciding whether or not they should renew a series. Over the years, we have watched many Netflix shows like Julie and the Phantoms, Grandy’s Armyand The Society canceled and the decisions of the streamers still do not resonate with fans to this day.

While some cancellation reasons are valid, others make no sense. Fans of canceled Netflix shows can’t believe their favorite series has ended so soon. But they don’t give up hope and band together to petition to save some of their favorite Netflix shows.

The goal of the petitions is to hope Netflix will reconsider canceling the shows. Fans hope that the streamer will reverse the cancellation and they’ll get more seasons of their favorite shows.

Sadly, fans haven’t seen much progress when it comes to reversals. Also, that doesn’t help with the many canceled Netflix shows, a lot of time has passed since they were canceled. But some fans still hope and continue to work hard to see their favorite series return.

Netflix shows fans asking for savings

Below, we’ve shared five Netflix shows that fans have petitioned to save on. Starting our list is the musical series Julie and the Phantoms.

The best Netflix shows canceled - Julie and the Phantoms season 2


Julie and the Phantoms

Julie and the Phantoms premiered on Netflix in September 2020 to mostly positive reviews from critics. Other than that, viewers absolutely love the show. The teen musical series even won several Emmy Awards in 2021. It has an incredible cast, a great soundtrack, and a unique premise. This is why it doesn’t make sense for Netflix to cancel a show after one season.

Three months after the premiere of the first part, fan campaign to save Julie and the Phantoms was started on change.org by Rebecca den Boer. The campaign was started after fans became wary of the show’s future. Then fans started flooding into different social media platforms to spam various Netflix accounts with messages expressing how much they loved the show and asking the streamers to refresh. movie.

Julie and the Phantoms remained in limbo for more than a year before Netflix announced the cancellation of the show in December 2021. Although the teen series was officially canceled, some fans remained strong and refused with hopefully one day they will see Julie and the Phantoms back to their screen.

Anne with the letter E

The Anne with the letter E The fan base is one of the strongest and most loyal fan base ever. Anne with the letter E is a Canadian television series co-produced by CBC (Canadian Broadcasting Company) and Netflix. The dramatic The series had a series of three seasons before being canceled in 2019.

Anne with the letter E is another show that has earned multiple award nominations. The show has even won several Canadian Screen Awards. You would think that a show that has received such acclaim would be safe from being cancelled. However, this is not the case.

Fans were saddened by the cancellation news and quickly started campaigns to save Anne with the letter E. The campaign first started in November 2019 on change.org, but there have been numerous new petitions to save the TV series since then. So many people signed the petition. Fans became more creative and even used their own money to buy billboards across the US and Canada. But Netflix and CBC remain adamant not to reverse the cancellation Anne with the letter E.

Now we are in 2022 with no positive news regarding Anne with the letter Eso this could be the end of the line for home movies.

Cowboy Bebop

Cowboy Bebop was released on Netflix in November 2021 and didn’t really have a chance to flourish before Netflix canceled the series in December 2021. The series received mostly negative reviews from critics. It was criticized for its writing, special effects, action sequences, and editing. Most viewers also don’t have good things to say about the sci-fi series. The only part of the show that received praise was the cast.

However, some people believe that Cowboy Bebop deserves a second chance. A fan campaign titled “Save Live Action Cowboy Bepop“It was started on change.org and it has amassed almost 150,000 signatures since launch.

As of March 2022, Netflix has not reversed Cowboys Bebopof cancellation, and sadly, it looks like it will never happen.

Glow - Netflix Show

Photo: Kate Nash, Sunita Mani, Shakira Barrera, Marianna Palka, Alison Brie .. GLOW: Season 3 .. Credit: Ali Goldstein / Netflix


I think LightThe cancellation of by far the worst on the list Cowboy Bebop. My reason is Light was renewed for a fourth and final season but was later canceled due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The comedy-drama had been filming its fourth part for three weeks when production had to stop. Then, in October 2020, Netflix canceled the fourth season.

Immediately after the cancellation, fans gathered together to create a petition to bring back Light. Fans petitioned for a Light movie to wrap things up or the release of the remaining episodes. Some Light Stars like Kate Nash and Marc Maron have even voiced their support for the fan campaign. Unfortunately, fan efforts didn’t change Netflix’s mind, and the wrestling movie was still cancelled.


Another cancellation that hit fans hard is the cancellation OA. OA had a series that lasted two seasons before being canceled in August 2019. Although the show has a smaller fan base than other Netflix original series, OA Very loyal fans.

Fans still have no answer as to why the TV series Mystic was canceled. However, they suspect it has something to do with the low viewership and/or high budget for making the show.

The OAThe contract cancellation also prompted several celebrities such as Bella Thorne, Kehlani, Emma Roberts and others to express their feelings. A petition was started on change.org and has received over 8,000 signatures since its launch. There was also a huge reaction on Twitter. Fans started a movement on Twitter with the hashtag #SaveTheOA.

Unfortunately, it’s been several years since the show was canceled and there hasn’t been any good news. So it looks like fans will have to go ahead and look forward to new sci-fi content coming to streamers.

What Netflix shows that have been canceled can come back? Let us know what you think in the comments below!

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