Joss Whedon hits back at Ray Fisher’s Justice League accusations

After being called by some former collaborators for misbehavior on various groups, filmmaker Joss Whedon is back in a new interview to answer and clarify the accusations. Specifically, he denies claims made by actors Ray Fisher and Gal Gadot, made on several social media posts in 2020 and 2021, about racist actions and false views. Whedon’s mistake on land Alliance justice . Anonymous associates allege that the film’s former director Zack Snyder may be at the heart of Whedon’s troubles, and that Snyder fans have become excited by tribalism.

“The beginning of the Internet lifted me up, and the modern Internet pulled me down,” Whedon said in the story. “I have not lost my perfect symmetry.”

Cover story in the latest issue of New York Magazine describes Whedon’s journey from growing up in a “palazzo-style apartment” on the Upper West Side, to British and Wesleyan boarding schools, to writing the original. Buffy scenario, to bring Web 1.0 through the storm like Buffyof the cast and crew embedded in the message board. But the content of the article deals with the plethora of abuse allegations currently directed against Whedon.

These allegations only apply to every TV show Whedon has been in – Buffy, Angel, Firefly, Dollhouse, and The leader’s minions, which Joss co-created with his half-wife. In some cases, Whedon is said to have abused his power dynamics to start dating women on these shows, in other cases, he’s grabbed women’s arms and refused to let them know. they go even when they say they are in pain, and in some other cases he humiliates female writers. An unnamed writer on firefly recalls the story in New York when Whedon called a staff meeting for an impromptu lecture to mock a female employee’s script. “I’ve had my share of bad show-goers, but the intent to hurt – that’s what stands out for me now.” Whedon admits to some wrongdoing, much of it attributed to young people’s power and denial of others.

Interestingly, anonymous members of Whedon’s inner circle have an origin story about where these allegations begin: the set of Alliance justice.

Comic-Con International 2017 - “Justice League” Signature Ray Fisher

The cast of Justice League at Comic-Con 2017. Fisher, far left, wears a shirt that says “I Heart Zack Sndyer”.
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Perhaps no movie of the 2010s encountered such turmoil Alliance justice, a film so re-litigated that a new edit came out last year. The popular story has it that Whedon was tapped to direct after the tragic death of his daughter Zack Snyder by suicide, although Whedon objected to the story. According to the filmmaker, Warner Bros. tapped him to take over when an early screening caused executives to lose faith in the Snyder cut. “They asked me to fix it and I thought I could help,” Whedon said. The filing describes his rental gun gig as “one of the biggest regrets of his life.”

Whedon recounts where did things go wrong? Everywhere. He was asked by Warner to offer 40 days of restart, and it became clear to him that Snyder ran very differently. Snyder encourages his actors to advertise through their scenes and ask them for input. Whedon, who has made a name for himself as a writer, wants them to read his words exactly as he wrote them.

“It didn’t go well at all,” recalls an unnamed crew member.

This fundamental difference in approach seems to have colored every interaction Whedon had with the actors of Alliance justice. For Ray Fisher, who plays Cyborg – especially as the first Black superhero in a DC movie – the difference becomes personal. Snyder asked Fisher’s help in acquiring Cyborg, to the point where New York Magazine writer Lila Shapiro described Fisher as Snyder’s “writing partner” and screenwriter Chris Terrio.

“With a white screenwriter and a white director, we both think having a black actor’s perspective is really important,” Terrio said. The Hollywood Reporter in 2021.

Much of Fisher’s point of view is a tragic backstory for Cyborg involving his parents, “two genius-level Negroes,” Fisher told The Hollywood Reporter. According to the actor, when Whedon took over as director, these scenes were cut. On a conference call, Fisher said he was sorry for the loss but was ready to move on, but Whedon reportedly cut him off. “It feels like I’m taking notes right now,” Fisher asserts Whedon, “and I don’t like taking notes from anyone — not even Robert Downey Jr.”

Fisher isn’t the only actor to speak out about Whedon’s treatment on set, with Gal Gadot also accusing the director of threatening her career. But many of Fisher’s accusations, including being pressured into reciting catchphrases and using color correction to alter the color of his skin, clearly stuck with Whedon.

Whedon says that the color correction Fisher suggested used to lighten his skin tone was applied to the entire film, where everything was lightened in post-production. Now, Whedon says that Cyborg’s cut plot “doesn’t make sense logically, and Fisher’s character challenged audiences a lot. In fact, the two talked a lot about the characters and were very friendly. In Whedon’s world, the problem lies in Fisher’s function in the film. “We are talking about an evil force,” he told New York. “We’re talking about a bad actor in both senses.”

The New York Review article cites a number of Whedon’s unnamed allies, who have “proposed a theory: What if Fisher made Snyder’s bid? Without providing evidence, they speculated that Snyder tricked Fisher into believing that Whedon was a racist. According to this theory, which Whedon refused to confirm or deny, Snyder’s manipulation of Fisher “poisoned [Charisma Carpenter of Buffy] against Whedon, causing her to treat the complicated story of their relationship as a simple story of abuse.”

There is no evidence of a conspiracy between Snyder and Fisher, nor is there any evidence that Charisma Carpenter doesn’t understand her. private relationship with Whedon. Whedon sticks to his own legacy until the end of the story. “I think I’m one of the nicer show-goers ever,” he said.

Fisher, who allegedly turned down several requests by New York Magazine to speak about the article, responded to the filing with tweet said that “it looks like Joss Whedon has to direct an end game…” while refusing to address “all the lies and hoax,” instead wanting to celebrate Martin Luther King’s work on his birthday.

https://www.polygon.com/22888048/joss-whedon-justice-league-ray-fisher-accusations Joss Whedon hits back at Ray Fisher’s Justice League accusations

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