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Arsenal were beaten 4-0 by defending champions Barcelona at the Emirates Stadium on Thursday night. Jonas Eidevall spoke to the press after the game, the first two questions being from Arseblog News.

When playing with Caitlin Foord from before and whether it is more direct…
It involves many things but one thing is in defense it’s about the structure we need to have and the roles and responsibilities that need to be taken and the other thing is to commit offense and try to be more possessive and try to play from their high pressure.

It’s about looking at the qualities we have on the team and where we think we can best use them to start the game and end the game. When you lose 4-0, it’s hard to argue that you did everything right but the idea is clear. The players have worked very hard to make that happen.

While playing Steph Catley in the middle…
It’s a bit of both (her left foot and recovery speed). We don’t really have a natural left-footed centre-back and when Barcelona press, they push you a lot and you’re very exposed if you can’t overcome their wider pressure. Like the striker section, it is about the offensive and defensive sections.

On how Arsenal got their momentum back after a rough week…
Football is also spiritual and we need to take things away in order to learn and grow. At the same time, we can’t forget what we did so well this season and remind ourselves of that. The days before the Leicester game and the Leicester game are really important not to let this define us, to understand what we need to focus on and move forward, it’s up to us. Everyone understands that it has to be done but then you have to live with it.

As for whether this Barca team will give him a standard to take Arsenal to…
Yes, I think I can do it. Barcelona are a very mature team, they are very good at picking the right passes, at the right time and knowing where to leave space to attack. I argued that before they scored the first goal, we defended very, very well and we kept them away from dangerous opportunities.

When you win the ball against Barcelona, ​​you see, and I know Tim Stillman does some really, really good analysis after the game (I promise he said this!) And I think this is real. interesting because this is not highly tactical. . When we get the ball against Barcelona you see there is a lot of space diagonally because all their players are going towards the ball, they are cornering the ball so there is a lot of space. Obviously for everyone against Barcelona they are going to be very exposed if you can get the ball out of that area.

When you play for No 9 with Caitlin, their centre-back will follow her anywhere, so the space behind her is huge. But this is not a tactic to exploit that because that door of opportunity opens for only a few seconds, maybe even a second. You only have one touch or one pass to get there and the only way to get there is to be really, really good at blocking the ball and then passing it into the right area. With the right precision, you can do that really, very well.

When you’ve never been exposed to that before, it’s a shock. That happened to us in the first game, this time we know what awaits us. We did a little bit better but you can see if we want to take it to the next level we need to design training exercises to expose that to as often as possible.

Some things are purely tactical and some are just a matter of habit, instinct and quick reaction being one of them. The way they counter it requires a lot of you to be able to work for it even when you are aware that the gaps are there. That will be key for anyone playing against Barca. They have a good understanding, they are an inspiration to anyone working in a team sport.

On whether Barca will set a new standard in women’s football…
You have to question how a team can be so mature and obviously time is essential, to play together for the long term. They have a benefit that most other clubs don’t because most of their starting XI are the Spain national team starting XI. When Spain played Scotland, nine of the 11 players were Barcelona players.

When our players leave their national team for ten days, they all play different types of football, different formations and different philosophies. They spent a lot of time over the course of a year doing something completely different from us at club level. The Barcelona players walked away and did the same to the same players. They keep working on those relationships year-round, and that’s a big, big benefit. Time is the factor and then what you do with it. We can see very clearly what we need to reach the Champions League final last year are the two teams that reached the Champions League final last year. Obviously we need to work in the best way possible and over a longer time frame to develop those things and I’m very motivated to do that.

When conceding the first goal due to a big mistake…
That’s not good from us because even if you defend very well they can still score because they have special qualities. Almost any team in the world can score from the situation we give them. But that’s football sometimes life, you do great things and you make mistakes.

If you look at every great player in the world, they’ve all made mistakes in their careers. It’s about how you act after that mistake, because it happens to all of us at some point. When you play against Barcelona you need to play a perfect match and that’s our ambition, to achieve that and it’s good to see that the players keep going and never give up and that It’s been great for our growth and it shows the fans and the club the respect they deserve.

On whether to progress from the defeat to Barcelona in October…
I have seen progress and I told the players that after the game. I know it sounds empty when you lose 4-0 and I know you guys don’t see it either because it’s very easy to be biased by the final score but from a structural point of view and the way we work in the room We’ve been working like crazy. in Barcelona and we couldn’t hold the game and they played us to pieces. Today we have a much better structure and we can win the ball in better positions and in a way that we have our own possession we made better situations but did not reach the final pass correctly.

When leaving Vivianne Miedema on the bench…
We have a really tight schedule and we need to plan every game and there is always tough competition at a club like Arsenal. I will always put the game plan above anything else. For me, it was the right decision when starting the players I performed defensive duties. In my opinion, it was the right decision to start with other players then let the others in but not end the match.

On whether Vivianne Miedema is being treated for an injury…
No, otherwise I wouldn’t have helped her.

When playing in front of 12,000 fans at Emirates…
It was fantastic and they were fantastic, it was a tough game but the result and we couldn’t create more but they were very enthusiastic and very supportive of us. We are so grateful to be playing for a great club with great supporters.

1.ZINSBERGER; 16.MARITZ, 5.BEATTIE (20.Boye ’80), 7.CATLEY, 15.McCABE; 12.MAANUM (13.Walti ’59), 10.LITTLE (c), 8.NOBBS (23.Iwabuchi ’59); 9.MEAD, 19.FOORD (11.Miedema ’59); 14.PARRIS. Jonas Eidevall reacts after losing to Barcelona – Arseblog News


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