Jon Gosselin hasn’t spoken to twin daughters Mady and Cara, 22, in nine years as they “ignored” his messages

JON Gosselin hasn’t spoken to his twin daughters Mady and Cara in nine years as he exclusively told The US Sun that they “ignored” his text messages.

ex-boyfriends Jon46, and Kate48, has twins Mady and Cara, 22, and sextuplets Aaden, Collin, Joel, Hannah, Alexis and Leah, 19.

Jon Gosselin reveals he hasn't spoken to his twin daughters Mady and Cara in nine years


Jon Gosselin reveals he hasn’t spoken to his twin daughters Mady and Cara in nine yearsPhoto credit: Dr. oz
Jon claims they


Jon claims they “ignored” his text messages.Photo credit: Instagram/mady.gosselin

Jon was given sole custody of Hannah and Collin after a bitter year-long custody battle with the Kate Plus 8 star while she was in charge of the remaining children.

In an exclusive interview with The US Sun, Jon revealed he hasn’t spoken to his two eldest children in nine years.

Jon said: “The last time I spoke to Mady and Cara was in 2014. I text Mady and Cara regularly to see if I get a reply and at this point I’ve never heard from them.

“Unfortunately, I’m not attending Mady and Cara’s college degrees.”

Jon reveals daughter Hannah is reconnecting with her estranged mother Kate and her siblings

“He doesn’t even know us”

The last time Mady and Cara spoke publicly about their father was in a 2016 interview with People.

Mady, who was 15 at the time, said: “He makes it seem like we’re being kept away from him, which is crazy. He might want to spend some time thinking about why we don’t want to see him and maybe figure it out.” If he ever wants to have a relationship with us, being on TV isn’t the way to go about it talks about us.

“He doesn’t even know us … And the last thing I have time for is a toxic relationship.”

Cara simply said, “I wouldn’t even know what to say about him.”

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Jon previously told The US Sun of Aaden, Colin, Alexis and Leah: “Unfortunately, I won’t be attending the other kids’ high school graduation. The last time I spoke to Alexis, Aaden, Leah and Joel was in 2018.

“I’m attending Hannah and Collins’ graduation. Sometime in the near future after their actual graduation date, we will be having a graduation party for Hannah and Collin.”

The sextuplets celebrated their 19th birthday on May 10th.

Jon said of the bittersweet day: “I didn’t talk to my other kids on their birthday.

“I will never give up talking to my kids. I’m hoping with social media that they might reach me at some point.

“The door is always open to rekindle any type of relationship. I’ve been trying to get in touch with one of my other children for years, but nothing so far.”

But Jon wished them well on social media, captioning a photo of the sextuplets: “Happy 19th BIRTHDAY to all my kids!! I love you all so much!!”


Jon revealed of his celebration with Collin and Hannah: “It’s hard to believe the kids are 19! Of course we all wanted to do something special together, but it’s midweek and we’re all working.

“I went out with Collin for lunch before he went to work. We met at a restaurant near where I work.

“I only work 10 miles from Collins’ work, so it was convenient. It’s just nice to spend time together. He’s grown into such a hardworking, good guy. I feel pretty lucky.”

“Hannah, I and some friends went to dinner at Building 24 in Wyomissing, Pennsylvania. We ate cake and she blew out the candles. It was fantastic.”

He revealed that Hannah had spoken to her mother and siblings on her birthday, and called the reunion “beautiful.”

custody war over

The former Jon & Kate Plus 8 stars have been embroiled in a bitter custody battle over the years that ended when the children turned 18.

Jon, who was married to Kate from 1999 to 2009, previously told The US Sun how it feels to see the 14-year court battle come to an end: “I’m pretty euphoric right now.”

“It’s finally over, I don’t have to deal with her anymore, with court hearings, lawyers – it’s done.” I can get on with my life, it’s such a good feeling.

“I don’t think I even realize it because I’ve been going to court for so long.

“The thing about these cases is that there is no victory. The only winners are the lawyers. The kids always lost – it’s not a football game, there’s never a winner.”

“But now I can finally get on with my life.”

“parental alienation”

Jon also previously told The US Sun that he blames his ex-wife for the separation of six of his eight children.

He said: “There was so much fear between Kate and I and my kids are favours, they wanted to please their mother.”

“I always wanted to talk to all my kids, but I didn’t want to put them in an awkward position because Kate didn’t want them to talk to me.”

“I haven’t done parental alienation myself, but she certainly did, but now that they’re adults, maybe they won’t be influenced as much by her, management and all that stuff.”

“My door was always open to them and I hope that now, as adults, they might want to reach out to them.”

Kate did not respond to the US Sun’s request for comment at the time.


Before their divorce, Jon and Kate starred side by side on Jon & Kate Plus 8 for five seasons.

Kate then shot the series without her ex and renamed it Kate Plus Eight for six seasons.

The US Sun reported that Kate Plus 8 was canceled after Jon filed a contempt lawsuit against her on October 18, 2019, alleging she filmed the four minor children in her care without his consent.

Kate was permitted to film with the minor children in her care if she and/or TLC provided Jon with a “shooting schedule including the date, time and location of filming.”

In her response to his Oct. 30, 2019 petition, Kate claimed she “had the wrong impression” that the network “handles all notifications to the father.”

She then filed a counterclaim against Jon, accusing him of continuing to do so They “publicly embarrass” and “damage” their reputation..

Kate later blamed him for TLC canceling the series.

Despite Kate’s arguments, the court found that she was in contempt of court and ordered her to pay Jon $1,500 in legal fees.

The court also dismissed Kate’s counterclaim against her ex.


Kate recently appeared on the reality competition show Special Forces: World’s Toughest Test while Jon continued his DJ career.

He told The US Sun: “My DJing has grown from a hobby into a real career or second job. I’m getting some good bookings at big and popular East Coast venues.

“I still go to work every day and play music on the weekends, usually starting Thursday evenings.

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“I have a few double dips where I DJ at a private party during the day and then immediately go to an evening gig at a club or lounge. I’m really passionate about playing music and if it ends up being a full time job I will definitely appreciate the opportunity.

“I’ll be DJing in Atlantic City, New Jersey, North Carolina, Florida and a few other states shortly. I look forward to meeting people and creating an exciting event for everyone who attends my performances.”

Mady called their relationship


Mady called their relationship “toxic” in 2016.Photo credit: Instagram/mady.gosselin
Jon and Kate share eight children together


Jon and Kate share eight children togetherPhoto credit: TLC
Kate and Jon were involved in a bad court battle that ended when the sextuplets turned 18 in 2022


Kate and Jon were involved in a bad court battle that ended when the sextuplets turned 18 in 2022Photo credit: Getty


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