Johnny Knoxville Won’t Be Alone at WWE Royal Rumble

Johnny Knoxville didn’t come alone Rumble Royal this Saturday night.

The Jackass recent star is in the spotlight when the Royal Rumble 2022 movie is coming out. Knoxville appeared on SmackDown and managed to successfully resist and anger Sami Zayn by throwing him over the top rope.

Johnny Knoxville spoke to Liz Miller of St. Louis Post-Dispatch to discuss his upcoming appearance in the men’s Royal Rumble match this Saturday. During the interview, Knoxville revealed that he will be bringing in the corner guys to support him for the big game.

Johnny Knoxville said: “My expectation is pain for the unquoted Superstars. “Their cock is a chicken, and I’m Colonel Sanders. I’ve got some corner guys that I bring. I’m going to have the best corner there that night.”

How does Johnny Knoxville get into the Royal Rumble match?

This week, Johnny Knoxville took a media tour to promote his new movie and his WWE debut on Saturday. Knoxville was a guest on Howard Stern this morning, where he explains how it all came together in the first place.

“We were doing a promotion backstage at WWE and their lead writer took me and Jeff Tremaine out in the hall and he said, ‘you want to run for Rumble?’ I said, ‘Yeah… what do you mean?’ ‘The Royal Rumble.’ ‘Oh sure.’ Then I was training 24/7, flipping giant truck tires over the fence,” said Johnny Knoxville. “The neighbors are so angry. The truck tires weigh as much as the pretty boy Austin Theory.”

What will happen this Saturday night when Johnny Knoxville gives up on Sami Zayn and 28 other men in the Rumble match? Tune in to find out.

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