John Cena Reveals What Motivated Him To Return To WWE

John Cena had a very successful run in Hollywood, but that didn’t stop him from coming back WWE many times in recent years.

The 16-time world champion was a guest this morning on The Pat McAfee Program to discuss a variety of topics. During the discussion, Cena explained why he kept coming back to the company even though it wasn’t necessary.

“What brought me back to WWE was not the decline. It was not the improvement in physical skill. It was the storytelling,” revealed John Cena. “I love being able to tell a story with Roman Reigns (…) I love the challenge of telling a story and acting right is just being able to change characters whenever you want and tell a new story, ”

John Cena compares WWE storytelling to what he does in Hollywood

While Cena has done a lot in WWE, he says he’s also had a lot of exciting roles in Hollywood, including his current role as Peacemaker in the DCEU.

“But it’s really fun to be able to be ‘you want to be this weird guy who thinks he’s a superhero and kills for peace. That sounds like a great time'” , said John Cena. “You want to be this weird, conflicted boyfriend and have awkward sex with Amy Schumer on camera. I can tell some jokes in the meantime. That would be fun.”

There’s no timeframe for when Cena will return to WWE next, but it looks like his schedule won’t allow him to join this year. WrestleMania.


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