Jimmy Jacobs Reveals Who Wrote Iconic Chris Jericho Segment

Chris JerichoKevin Owens’ Friendship Festival on WWE RAW is a segment that fans are still talking about to this day.

Former WWE writer and current IMPACT Wrestling employee Jimmy Jacobs is the newest guest on Jofo within to discuss a variety of topics.

When talking about Friendship Festival in Jericho, Jacobs revealed Vince McMahon’s original vision and how he wrote it to make things work.

Jimmy Jacobs said: “Vince’s vision was for Chris to give Kevin a present. “I think that’s a bit like, ‘Huh, what are you going to do with that?’ Then I go well, so basically the gifts have to not land. Kevin doesn’t have to like them because you need a conflict in there somewhere. But yeah, so I ended the shared vision. by Vince. Then, you know, write it and rewrite it.”

Jimmy Jacobs Reveals Kevin Owens’ Idea To Put Chris Jericho’s Name On The List

For the segment’s biggest moment, when Chris Jericho realized his name had been put on the KO List, Jacobs revealed that it was Kevin Owens‘idea to do it. It was an iconic moment that made the entire segment work.

“I don’t remember whose idea it was. It was, I think, maybe Kevin’s idea. Actually, I think it was Kevin’s idea,” Jimmy Jacobs recalls. “It’s interesting because you say it’s the iconic part. I agree.”

“There’s some fun in that. But for me, the movie will always be when Chris gets excited for ‘Oh, a new list,’ he looks at the list and says, ‘Why is my name here? ? ‘ Then he turns around and that moment where he realizes his best friend stabbed him in the back. It’s Shakespeare, man. Just like that. It was that moment, the moment he realized he was about to be betrayed, that was Shakespeare,” Jacobs said.

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