I’ve tried four fried chickens, including Costco’s—one wins in flavor but not overall value

ROTISSERIE chicken can be supplemented with various dishes, but buying the product in all stores is not worth it.

In my opinion, both white and dark meat without mixing or seasoning isn’t the tastiest thing in the world — but everyone needs a little bit of healthy protein.

Not all of these chickens are worth the money


Not all of these chickens are worth the money

So I usually add the chunks to my Caesar salads and pasta dishes with at least some pepper and salt.

I usually get my fried chicken at my local Stop & Shop.

my reasoning? It’s the closest store to my local gym where I go almost every Sunday.

But half my laziness may cost me three important things: quality, savings, and value.

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By value I mean are you getting enough for what you are paying for.

High inflation isn’t the only thing to worry about in today’s economy.

Various companies are also shrinking the size of their products without lowering prices (also known as shrinkflation).

Therefore, more than ever, you need to be aware of the exact specifications of the products you buy, which includes the net weight.

I took that into account in my rotisserie chicken review in the latest installment of our Bang for your Buck series.

Walmart is not included in the rating as three of my local stores didn’t have whole chickens.

Still, I was able to find four major retailers in my area, including Costco, that stocked them.

Here were my thoughts and how I rated them, which in turn are weighted by taste quality, value and appearance.

Each area is rated 1-10.

1. Whole Foods

  • Price: $12.49
  • Weight: one pound and 12 ounces (794 grams)
  • Total score: 13
When it comes to whole foods, you're not getting your money's worth at all


When it comes to whole foods, you’re not getting your money’s worth at all

While I wasn’t sure what to expect at first, I have a lot to say about Whole Food’s whole chicken.

First, it came in a bag rather than a chicken case.

I’m not sure I’ve ever seen this in a whole chicken before.

Even though it’s labeled as organic chicken, I had a big problem with it.

Not only is the chicken noticeably smaller, it’s also significantly more expensive, so I expected to be blown away.

Unfortunately it wasn’t, but I’ve had worse.

Whole Food’s fried chicken gets a 6 for taste, a 6 for looks, and a 1 for value.

2. Stop and shop

  • Price: $7.99
  • Weight: Two pounds (907 grams)
  • Total score: 21
The driest taste goes to Stop and Shop


The driest taste goes to Stop and Shop

As already indicated, I have a good knack for the taste of Stop and Shop.

The quality of the white chicken is certainly edible – but the driest on this list in my opinion.

The chicken’s skin seemed the most roasted out of the rest on this list.

I rate the taste at 6, the value at 7 and the appearance at 8, i.e. 21.

3. ShopRite

  • Price: $7.99
  • Weight: Two pounds and one ounce (936 grams)
  • Total score: 22
ShopRite was the clear taste winner


ShopRite was the clear taste winner

I’ve also had the ShopRite fried chicken before, but this time I was able to compare it to the Stop & Shop almost at the same time.

While both chicken brands cost the same, ShopRite wins in size at 29 grams.

But the real difference here was the flavor quality.

ShopRite had a clear win in terms of tenderness.

Here I rate the taste at 8, the value at 7 and the appearance at 7.

4. Costco

  • Price: $4.99
  • Weight: Three to four pounds
  • Total score: 23
The size of Costco's chickens is absolutely massive


The size of Costco’s chickens is absolutely massive

The busiest store in my area is Costco as many like to save money by buying products in bulk.

But you don’t have to when you’re looking at Costco’s fried chicken.

Each is only $4.99.

So you save $3 compared to Stop & Shop and Shoprite.

Aside from the friendly price, what stands out most about the Costco chicken is its massive size.

Unlike the others on this list, Costco didn’t have a label on the chicken that printed the exact weight.

However, it is said to weigh about three pounds.

But interestingly I weighed it on a scale and found it was around four pounds – but that might make up for a bit for the container too.

I found the taste ok.

From my point of view, it’s a little dry compared to ShopRite, but it’s tough to complain when you only spend $5 on the product.

The wholesaler’s chicken gets a 6 for taste, an 8 for appearance and a 9 for value.

It definitely wasn’t worth the money.

The Sun has reached out to Whole Foods for comment.

Costco wins overall but lags behind ShopRite in taste


Costco wins overall but lags behind ShopRite in taste

bottom line

Costco is the clear winner here if you’re looking for an edible chicken meal that gets your money’s worth.

Just keep in mind that you need a membership to shop at Costco, which can cost $120 per year depending on the plan you choose.

While I can’t speak for everyone else, I usually tend to buy products that offer the best value for money.

And for me, there’s not a huge difference in taste from the others on this list to the point where I want to spend more elsewhere.

As previously mentioned, adding spices gives your chickens an extra boost to offset what I would call a bland flavor.

But not everyone has a Costco membership, so it might make sense to stick with a local store like ShopRite.

Finally, in my opinion, ShopRite’s Fried Chicken won in terms of flavor quality – just not overall value.

It just wouldn’t be my recommendation to shop for fried chicken at Whole Foods.

Walmart may also be worth trying if you can find one at your local store.

According to one of the company’s labels, it costs $6.97 for a 2-pound, 4-ounce fried chicken.

As for me, I should probably drive an extra 10 minutes to the nearest ShopRite — or buy a Costco membership.

For further taste testing, The Sun received five Mac and Cheese packages from stores like Aldi and Walmart.

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We also reviewed Taco Bell’s Mexican-style pizza.

And a food reviewer sampled three items from Costco’s food court.

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