It’s never been harder to reach your destiny

My favorite memories in Life involves playing with buddies. Legally defeating Riven in the Last Wish wouldn’t be as much fun as if I joined a bunch of random players. Farming Master Nightfalls is infinitely more fun when playing around with close Guardians. Becoming Perfect in the Osiris Trial would be impossible if it weren’t for my race making me a better player. Fate is at its best when you make friends with your friends while farming for a shiny gun.

That’s why it’s such a shame that Destiny 2’s current New Light experience does everything in its power to push fledgling players away. New Guardians are dropped into the vast world of Destiny with almost no tutorial, no incentive to explore the content this game has to offer. And for those who somehow dig into the ropes, they see how much Destiny 2 is locked behind the paywall and the content has been locked into the Destiny Content Vault.

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I think the best way to make my point is to simply let you know what the new Guardians have to go through in today’s version of Destiny. They are taken to a character screen, creating a layer that seems interesting to them, then immediately included in the game Dares of Eternity. Before you knew how to throw a grenade, Destiny threw you into a quirky game show with a swan horse and several hooded NPCs repeatedly breaking through the fourth wall. This is clearly a bug, but it sucks that New Light’s first impression is a game mode they can’t beat unless veteran Destiny players purposely lower their Power Level to save them.

Destiny 2 Cosmodrome

After being rescued by a group of compassionate veterans, you’ll be welcomed to the barren wastes of the Cosmodrome to familiarize yourself with Destiny 2’s gunfighting skills and abilities, completing two fishing missions. story in the process. An NPC named Shaw Han then gives you a rundown on how to earn the bounty—yes, bonus. Just about every aspect of Destiny’s storytelling has been revealed so far, so most players won’t be interested in killing 30 Fallen in some cosmic Lost Zone. They may not even know what a Lost Sector is. If someone uninstalls in this moment, I don’t blame them.

For those who decide to continue, they will eventually reach the Tower. Ghost introduces you to every NPC before you are tasked with completing the Strike. The player is then greeted with a menu with a dizzying amount of options, some of which are locked after requiring XP or a fee wall. Assuming you complete the Strike, the game gives no instructions other than leveling up your character. What is the energy level? What is Crucible? Gambit? How do I get better equipment? What makes a good device? Why are these planets locked? What should I do next?

Directed by Destiny 2 Season 15

If you don’t have a friend to guide you at this point, you’re completely wrong. There’s no way to set yourself a goal without spending hours watching YouTube videos or reading tutorials. Most players will give up at this point, but the rest will quickly encounter some kind of wall of fees. One of my friends had this experience when they watched a video of someone using Dead Man’s Tale, a weird scout rifle dropped from Season of the Chosen’s Presage quest.

“Dude, this looks so sweet. How to do this Presage quest? “They asked me.

“You can’t unless you own Season of the Chosen,” I told them.

“Okay. How much is this?”

“70 dollars.”

They haven’t played Destiny since.

The fact that they needed to buy a piece of DLC to earn Dead Man’s Tale gave them a bug. It was Bungie’s strategy of bundling older seasons into a Digital Deluxe version of Beyond Light that made my friend immediately uninterested. They feel forced to pay for content they have no interest in in order to get a weapon that looks cool to them. That price tag certainly doesn’t help either.

Destiny 2 Light Outer Cover Art

What is really confusing is how these parts can be purchased individually, but only when working for the first time. If you want to buy Season of the Chosen while it’s live, it’s for just $10. Now? You need to spend $70 if you don’t own the Beyond Light and $30 if you do. When Bungie announced that the seasons would be a la carte, the community got excited. Getting your friends to join Destiny is a lot easier because you don’t have to buy three expansions and a year of seasons to let them play with you. Unfortunately, that couldn’t be further from the truth.

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The reality is that Destiny 2’s free-to-play experience is a demo, not a free game. You can experience a short quest in the Cosmodrome, play Destiny 2’s ritual activities in dire need of better reward incentives, and experiment with the Prophet dungeon. That’s it. The worst part is that this is not always the case. When Shadowkeep first launched, free-to-play Guardians had access to three raids and a single-player narrative campaign on existing ones. Shadowkeep’s version of New Light is a small part of the core Destiny 2 experience. Beyond Light’s version is a platform for selling DLC ​​and nothing else.

Destiny 2 Forsaken Gear

The most obvious example of this is the Forsaken Pack, a $20 DLC that sells raids, dungeons, and weapons tied to the Forsaken expansion. Bungie released the campaign for free, but they still charge for the DLC’s post-story content. And you know what the worst part is? That free campaign won’t last after The Witch Queen launches. Doesn’t matter if you buy Forsaken or not; that the DLC’s campaign will not be accessible for the foreseeable future. Bungie could have released the entire free expansion to enhance the free-to-play experience, but they chose not to. Instead, they locked the best parts of Forsaken behind a wall of fees.

Destiny needs to overhaul its New Light services to be more generous and better guide the Guardians through this confusing video game. More importantly, Bungie needs to overhaul its DLC model to be clearer and more consumer-friendly. Parts are too cheap for what they offer, but you can’t make up for the cost by selling $20 expansion packs, Eververse skins that cost more than full parts, and Digital Deluxe 100 versions dollars allow people to ignore your overly complicated DLC model.

I want to bring all my friends into Destiny. It’s a special shooter as it shoots at all cylinders. But as long as the Destiny experience is truly locked behind such a terrible new player experience and lots of charge walls, I’ll be farming for that sweet new gun in my loneliness.

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