Is your favorite drink causing a worse hangover? What to expect from each time

It’s hard to avoid feeling a little worse wearing it if you drink too much alcohol.

But some drinks are more appetizing than others, so it’s a good idea to know if your favorites could be causing a more serious hangover before you order it.

What you drink can affect how you feel the next day - with some drinks worse than others


What you drink can affect how you feel the next day – with some drinks worse than othersCredit: Getty

Obviously it depends a lot on how much you drink, and whether you can drink water or not.

However, things like the sugar content and fermentation of yogurt can make a huge difference.

Knowing that mental gloom can make your hangover last longer or that a sweeter drink will cause more pain is something your future self will be grateful for.

Darker Souls

They are more likely to leave you with muscle aches and nausea the next day.

This is because dark drinks have more congeners, which are a by-product of the fermentation process used to make them.

Rum, whiskey, red wine, and spirits are all culprits of this category.

They can make hangover continues longer, as your body has to break down alcohol and its congeners.

And this can make headaches, nausea, and muscle aches worse.

They can also be toxic and hinder your body’s efforts to repair the next day.

Red wine

The rather famous red wine can give drinkers a headache the next day. But why?

It has natural factors called tyramine and histamine, which can often give you a headache the next morning due to constricted blood vessels.

Some people even say they get headaches or migraines within 15 minutes of drinking one drink.

Kerry Beeson, Nutritional Therapist at Optibac Probiotics tell MailOnline says organic red wine might be a better alternative.

She says: “Alcohol can reduce levels of friendly bacteria in our gut but it’s also possible that the foods that tend to go hand-in-hand with alcohol – high in sugar, high in fat and highly processed – create a double attack on the intestinal tract and the friendly microorganisms that live there.

“However, choosing organic red wine has been shown to be beneficial in small amounts.”


This festive headache is more likely to make you tired, dizzy, and shaky.

That’s because while it has less alcohol after being heated, pickled wine Having added sugar on top of natural sugars causes your blood sugar to spike.

This can cause hyperglycemia, where your body reacts to too much or too little glucose in your blood.

It can give you nasty symptoms the next day as your body tries to recover.

If you want to keep your blood sugar at a more even level, it’s better to use spirits with unflavored mixers.


Now, this could be the winner.

If you’re not too angry, you can wake up hangover-free with tequila.

This is because if you drink the good quality versions, the 100% agave drink has a different fermentation process.

This leaves it with less sugar and congeners, so you won’t feel so bad the next day.

As long as you don’t drink too much and stay hydrated – and of course, always drink in moderation with any alcohol.


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Can’t Face That Leftover Thoughts – Savvy Mom Shows How to Enjoy Every Drop of Wine and Save Money Is your favorite drink causing a worse hangover? What to expect from each time


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