Is the earth hollow? conspiracy theory explained

Conspiracy theories have an opportunity to take a kernel of truth and expand it well beyond the world of nonfiction.

Today we’re going to grab our caving gear and delve much deeper into a conspiracy theory that claims the earth is hollow.

The earth is actually not hollow at all


The earth is actually not hollow at allPhoto credit: Getty

Is the earth hollow?

The earth is not hollow, but the idea that it is was born in virtually every religion and then perpetuated in popular culture over time.

Scientists have proven that the Earth is made up of what Atlas Obscura calls “an uninterrupted series of layers, crust and liquid magma surrounding a dense, hot core composed mostly of iron and nickel.”

Before their discoveries about the different layers of the earth came to light, many scientists themselves believed and studied the theory that the earth was hollow.

Each seemed to put their own spin on the theory, but kept the same idea at the forefront: that the Earth was hollow and possibly sustained life.

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Who theorized that the earth is hollow?

Long before scientists pondered the substance of the earth, the Italian writer Dante Alighieri wrote the poem Inferno in 1320, which refers to Lucifer falling from heaven (heaven) to earth (hell), where he still resides today.

One of the key scientists in the Hollow Earth movement was John Cleves Symmes, Jr., who managed to garner enough attention and supporters that in 1822 he was able to petition Congress to fund an expedition to the North Pole, where he believed one of the Entrances to the hollow interior of the earth existed.

He was eventually shot down for the grant, but he continued to influence the public and others in academia until his death.

However, it was Jules Verne’s 1864 book A Journey to the Center of the Earth that made its mark on pop culture and served as inspiration for an entire genre of science fiction books and also as inspiration for the theory of a hollow earth.

What do people think exists inside the earth?

Most believers in the hollow-earth theory believe that the inner earth is lush, tropical, and home to much more advanced creatures than humans.

Sometimes described as lizard-like, they are far stronger than anything the outer earth could endure.

Many believe that it closely resembles the Earth’s external appearance and has its own atmosphere and even sun to sustain growth.

The Hollow Earth theory explained in a graphic


The Hollow Earth theory explained in a graphic

How do we know the earth isn’t hollow?

The earth consists of four main layers: the crust, the mantle, the outer core and the inner core.

The crust itself is between 3 and 44 miles thick and is made of solid rock.

While this may seem extremely thick compared to the rest of the earth’s layers, the crust is quite thin – thinner than the skin of an apple.

We don’t know these things because someone drilled 44 miles below the surface, but because we’ve used seismic waves to get a sense of what’s beneath us.

Think of it like the inside of your body; You know your brain exists, but MRIs, EEGs, and other medical tests are done to show you what’s inside and how it moves.

The same kind of scientific tests have been done on Earth, and so far everyone has disproved the theory that the Earth is hollow. Is the earth hollow? conspiracy theory explained


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