Is Poland in Nato?

NOW Volodymyr Zelensky has asked Nato for help in defending Ukraine from Russian aggression.

And nearby Poland have been instrumental in helping flee from the refugees and arms supply, but is Poland part of Nato?

Poland, which shares a border with Ukraine, has been a member of Nato since 1999


Poland, which shares a border with Ukraine, has been a member of Nato since 1999Credit: AFP

Is Poland in Nato?

Poland joined the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) in 1999.

Although Poland and Ukraine share a 535km-long border, Poland is a member state of NATO and Ukraine is not.

Speaking during a video call with the Ukrainian military, Zelensky said: “Ukraine is not a member of NATO.

“We’ve been hearing that the door has been open for years, but we’ve also heard that we can’t get in.”

Nato was founded in 1949 as an international military alliance to defend each other against the threat posed by the Soviet Union during the Cold War.

Poland was no longer a party to the Warsaw Pact – the Soviet Union’s replacement for NATO – when the Soviet Union collapsed in 1991.

In 1999, Poland joined Nato along with Hungary and Czech Republic.

Would Great Britain go to war if Poland was invaded?

In 1939, Britain and France declared war on Germany after Nazi Germany invaded Poland.

Now Poland is also part of the Nato military alliance, so if Poland is invaded Great Britain will go to war?

Nato was interested in mitigating the threat of all conflicts.

But the Minister of Health Sajid Javid warned Moscow against attacks on NATO allies.

He told Sky News: “We were very clear, even before the war started, that if there was an attack on any Nato country, even if only the head of a Russian soldier stepped on it. If you enter NATO territory, it will be a war with NATO. and Nato will answer.

“That has not changed throughout this conflict and there will be a significant response from Nato if there is any form of attack from Russia.”

However, although Nato aims to provide collective security and mutual defense, since the beginning of the conflict, it has tried to minimize the risk of all-out war and rejected Ukraine’s demands for one not the flying area could be seen as an act of aggression against Russia.

What other countries are in Nato?

There are 30 member states in the North Atlantic Treaty Organization.

The post-war alliance expanded to include 28 European member states and two North American countries.

Below are all NATO member states and the year they joined.

  • Great Britain (1949)
  • United States (1949)
  • Canada (1949)
  • Denmark (1949)
  • Belgium (1949)
  • Portugal (1949)
  • Norway (1949)
  • Iceland (1949)
  • Italy (1949)
  • Holland (1949)
  • France (1949)
  • Luxembourg (1949)
  • Greece (1952)
  • Turkey (1952)
  • Germany (1955)
  • Spain (1982)
  • Hungary (1999)
  • Czech Republic (1999)
  • Poland (1999)
  • Slovakia (2004)
  • Slovenia (2004)
  • Lithuania (2004)
  • Estonia (2004)
  • Latvia (2004)
  • Bulgarian (2004)
  • Romania (2004)
  • Albania (2009)
  • Croatia (2009)
  • Montenegro (2017)
  • North Macedonia (2020) Is Poland in Nato?


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