Is Paying for a VPN Worth It in 2022?

We spend a lot of money on tech items in today’s world. These tech items might be your smartphones, accessories, laptops or PCs, streaming devices, and more. In-game purchases and owning premium software for a better experience are also growing daily.

We love to invest in powerful PCs, high-speed internet, earphones, and whatnot. People also invest in VPNs because they care about their online security, privacy, and anonymity. 

Several people might use free VPNs, but do they need to invest in paid VPNs? Is it worth paying for a VPN? In this article, you will find answers to these questions. 

Do you need a VPN (Free/Paid)?

It does not matter if you are installing a free or paid VPN; you might want to ask this question first: Do I need a VPN? You might want to look at these pointers before making a decision.  

1) You use public Wi-fi almost daily. You might use it at airports, coffee shops, restaurants, bus stops, etc. Free Wi-fi is convenient but not safe. Using a VPN can hide your data, online activity, and more from hackers. 

2) You might also want to use a VPN for a better bandwidth than you are getting. You might get convinced by the internet speed your ISP promises, but do you get that internet speed regularly? You are not getting enough speed if you experience buffering, lag in games, and slow downloading speed. 

Internet Service Providers throttle bandwidth many times to prioritize the needs of other customers, avoid traffic load, and for more reasons. You might want to use a VPN so your ISP can not throttle your internet speed.

3) Unblocking geo-restricted content is also one of the main reasons to use a VPN. There are several websites, shows, and movies blocked in many countries. You will not be able to access content on any device like a smartphone, laptop, Amazon Firestick, etc. 

You might want to use a VPN to outwit the government. VPN provides a new IP address for you, which allows you to connect to servers from other countries. 

The good news is that you can use dedicated VPNs for devices like Firestick. You do not need to sideload them. You can directly install them from the Amazon Store. Firestick Tricks is one of the most trusted sources to learn about VPNs for streaming devices.

4) You might also want to use a VPN to change your location. Unblocking geo-restricted content is not the only benefit of changing your location. You can change your location to get a better price for your flight tickets.

Changing your location also helps you get better deals on online shopping platforms like Amazon, Flipkart, etc. 

Do you need to invest in a paid VPN?

You can use a free VPN if investing in a paid VPN is not in your budget. However, several unpaid VPNs have certain drawbacks. Several free VPNs sell customer data, online activities, history, etc., to third-party websites. 

You might want to consider these factors before using a free VPN.

1) How reputable is the VPN company should be the first thing you need to search. You can see the VPN’s reviews on Play Store, Google, Youtube, etc.

2) After knowing that this VPN is legit, you might want to see how much data usage it provides daily. You might not want to use a VPN that offers data usage of some Mbs if your requirement is in GBs. 

3) You might also want to know about the features it offers. Some VPNs do not allow you to stream video content. If you can not unlock content from Netflix, Prime Video, and more, you might not want to install such a VPN. 

However, you would not find these issues in a paid VPN. Paid VPNs offer higher security and privacy. They also offer you to stream geo-restricted content from anywhere. So, if a VPN is necessary for you, I recommend using a paid VPN. Several VPNs offer valuable deals if you buy a bundle package for one or two years. 

However, if you do not access geo-restricted content often or do not have any complaints from your ISP, you might want to avoid a VPN. Web security is improving day by day. You can avoid using public Wi-fi and fishy websites, and you will not have to worry about online privacy and security


If you use VPN regularly for tasks like streaming geo-restricted content, shopping, and avoiding ISP throttling, you might want to use a paid VPN. There is no point in using a VPN that can not guarantee your online privacy. 

If you do not use VPN often, I recommend not using it. You might not want to pay for an item you do not use often. You can try avoiding mistakes like opening fishy websites, clicking on pop-ups and ads, opening scamming messages on Whatsapp or email, etc. 

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