Is Heatran good in Pokemon GO?

Heatran has seen increased attention in Pokemon GO thanks to the Mountains of Power event, where it was spotted around gyms as a 5-star raid boss.

When it comes its fighting ability in Pokemon GO, Heatran has solid application in both PvE situations when attacking as well as PvP Ultra and Master League, thanks to its size.


Heatran possesses a top 100 attack and defense and the highest stamina stats, making it one of the more impressive Fire-type Pokemon out there, despite its status as a Legendary, potentially limiting Pokemon. craft it in a number of ways.

Pokemon GO: Best Format for Heatran

Heatran's stats make it a good contender in PvP and PvE when used properly (Image via The Pokemon Company)
Heatran’s stats make it a solid opponent in PvP and PvE when used properly (Image via The Pokemon Company)

Since Heatran can be a capable fighter in Pokemon GO, trainers are wise to power up and equip its moveset to head towards the battle they want it to face. For PvE attacks, Fire Spin is a great Fast Move for it when combined with Fire Blast or Flamethrower.

Since Heatrain possesses all-round stability stats, it can last quite a while in gym raids before fainting while dealing significant amounts of damage.


In PvP, such as Ultra League or Master League (though Heatran tends to be better in Master League), the same moves tend to get the job done.

However, Pokemon GO trainers can choose Extra Key Moves like Iron Head or Stone Edge to give Heatran extra type combo range to perform outside of the limitations of regular Fire type moves. its.

In Master League, Heatran’s 10 different types of resistance play a very important role to its advantage, especially its double resistance to Fairies.


Heatran’s Steel/Fire dual typing allows it to handle PvP meta picks like Togekiss and Dialga. However, it also has a weakness to avoid. Specifically, Heatran takes double the super-effective damage from Ground moves. Combat and Water moves will also deal super effective damage, but The ground type is its main Achilles heel.

While Heatran is worth using in battle, it’s wise to place it in a battle group that can include Ground types for a safe Pokemon to switch to and counter the Ground threat. .

It is not a perfect Legendary Pokemon and can be surpassed by some types of Fire and Steel, but Heatran is a great all-round Pokemon pick for trainers hoping to use it. Is Heatran good in Pokemon GO?


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