‘Inventing Anna’ Premiere Summary: Episode 1 – Netflix

“This whole story is absolutely true. Except for the parts made up,” Invented Anna warned us at the start of its premiere, warning viewers that the show they were about to watch wouldn’t let the truth stand in the way of a good story.

And the real-life adventure on which Shonda Rhimes’ Netflix drama is based To be a good story. As recorded in 2018 by Jessica Pressler New York magazine story”Maybe she has a lot of money, she just lost track of it“, A young woman claiming to be Anna Delvey defrauded many New Yorkers a lot of money, then was caught red-handed. Julia Garner (Ozark) played Anna in the TV series, documenting her rise, fall, and subsequent prison time through the investigation of a journalist named Vivian, played by Anna Chlumsky (Veep).

In a moment, we’ll want to know what you think of the launch. But first, a quick recap:

Anna, a young woman who speaks with an odd accent (German? Russian?), claims to be a German heiress. But when she was charged with petty theft in 2017, the indictment claimed she was actually Anna Sorokin, a Russian-born con artist who scammed some of the city’s elite – not to mention banks and hotels – from lots of cash.

Vivian is very interested in Anna’s story and pursues it, even when her bosses are around Manhattan City magazine said no to. She attends the settlement and tries to get Anna’s attorney Todd (Arian Moayed, Heir) to give her access to his clients; he doesn’t care. So she wrote Anna a letter at the Riker Correctional Center, where the accused huckster was being held before trial. Anna allows her to visit; before Anna agrees to be formally interviewed, they talk on the platform (aka nothing Anna says will be used in print).


During the first meeting, like everyone else after that, Anna seemed bothered as to why Vivian had not asked for a formal press conference, which the prisoner assumed was “VIP” and therefore better. She is also interested in Vivian’s style (“Why are you dressed like that?… You look poor.”) and her huge pregnant belly. (“Are you pregnant or are you very, very fat?” Anna wonders.) Gist: Anna claims she’s a naive entrepreneur who’s just trying to build her business – Anna Delvey Foundation , an exclusive Soho Club-style house – but one has encountered some interference along the way. In other ways, Anna is defiant, defiant, and tearful, but she doesn’t seem to care about Vivian’s sympathy or understanding.

Vivian’s bosses end up giving her two weeks to report the story, and that’s mostly because some dark incidents in her professional past are mentioned but not clearly explained. in the movie. “Google never forgets,” Vivian tells her husband Jack (Anders Holm, Workaholics) at one point, adding that no other store would hire her if she left Manhattan City.

invention-anna-premiere-synopsis-season-1-episode-1Vivian’s report takes her to the boutique hotel where Anna stays in a $1,700/night room for a month and regularly tops up $100 bills. An employee there mentioned Anna’s social media account that Vivian exploited. She prints the posts and hangs them on the wall of her apartment, in the planned area for her child’s nursery. Later in the episode, Vivian realizes that the aforementioned employee is also one of Anna’s best friends

A problem arose (for Vivian) when Todd let her know that Anna was preparing to make a plea deal. Vivian’s colleague at the magazine (do Nurse Jackieby Anna Deveare Smith, ScandalJeff Perry and Billion‘Terry Kinney) made it very clear to Vivian that this was harmful to her story: However, if the case goes to trial, she will have more time to report.

So Vivian – motivated, perhaps, by a) an ultrasound showing her baby is a girl and b) knowing that her time before maternity leave is rapidly shortening – put a “VIP” press visit with Anna and sowing the seeds that will test might not be the worst. “I wanted this story,” she said. “And in return, I can give you something you want: I will make you famous. Everyone will know the name Anna Delvey.”

It works. When Anna went to court, she informed Todd that she wasn’t going to make the deal: “I’m smart, and I’m a business woman. We do this, OK? ”

Now it’s your turn. What do you think about the premiere? Score through the poll below, then rate the comments with your thoughts.

https://tvline.com/2022/02/11/inventing-anna-premiere-recap-season-1-episode-1-netflix/ ‘Inventing Anna’ Premiere Summary: Episode 1 – Netflix

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