Inside bizarre conspiracy theories surrounding the Chinese spy balloon, from high-tech radar to claims about nuclear platforms

WILD conspiracies have spread after the Pentagon discovered an alleged Chinese spy balloon was being used for surveillance purposes.

US officials have criticized the Chinese government for saying the massive object is being used for “weather research,” sparking a major debate over the rationale behind the launch.

Disturbing theories surrounding a Chinese spyware balloon have swirled as US officials work to decide how to tackle the massive object


Disturbing theories surrounding a Chinese spyware balloon have swirled as US officials work to decide how to tackle the massive objectCredit: AP

US defense leaders were alarmed by the massive piece of equipment after it “violated US airspace and international law,” Gen. Patrick Ryder said Friday.

Pentagon analysts have said the balloon, which is the size of three buses, is maneuverable and operates at an altitude of about 60,000 feet.

The Pentagon said the object has a large payload attached under the surveillance component.

It has been seen hovering over nuclear missile sites in the mountains west of states like Montana.

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However, he did not reveal who or how the balloon works.

Another Chinese spy balloon has been spotted hovering over Latin America, but it still remains unclear what it all means, a Pentagon spokesman told Fox News Friday night.

President Biden said no military action will be taken against the balloon at this time, fearing for the safety of those beneath the massive object.

A worrying 2015 report by intelligence officials revealed that massive surveillance balloons of this type could be used to transport bombs.

The balloons were described in the American Leadership & Policy Foundation study as a “key platform” for weapons of mass destruction.

First introduced by Japan during World War II, the high technology can now fly at altitudes of 200,000 feet and carry small nuclear weapons.

“A high-altitude balloon could be designed, built, and launched in a matter of months,” wrote author David Stuckenberg.

“There is nothing to prevent several hundred pounds of weapon material being brought up in the air.”

On Friday, Stuckenberg addressed the newly discovered balloon and described it as a “provocative and aggressive act”.

“It was most likely some kind of dry run intended to send a strategic message to the US,” he told the Washington Examiner.

“We must not take this for granted.”

The Pentagon’s update comes after the Chinese government claimed the balloon was a “civilian meteorological research airship” that went off course.

Beijing said the airship had limited steering capabilities and had “deviated far from its planned course” because of the wind.

“The Chinese side regrets the accidental intrusion of the airship into US airspace due to force majeure,” the country said in a statement.

While the US claims the device is being used for surveillance, few details have been confirmed by officials.

Eyewitness accounts of a high-altitude object hovering over Montana were filed Thursday, as Pentagon officials admitted they had been tracking the giant spacecraft for days.

The high-altitude balloon was sighted over Billings, Montana, on Wednesday after reportedly flying over Alaska’s Aleutian Islands, across Canada and into The Treasure State, NBC reported.

Officials said the balloon flew over areas in Montana that contained sensitive air force bases and nuclear missiles in underground silos.

Montana is home to Malmstrom Air Force Base, home to one of the United States’ three nuclear missile fields.

It houses 150 ICBM silos.

Ryder said Friday that launching the spy balloon was “an option,” but for now they will continue to “monitor and explore options.”

Former President Donald Trump has called for the suspected spy balloon to be launched immediately.

“SHOOT DOWN THE BALLOON,” Trump bubbled on his Truth Social platform.

On the other hand, President Joe Biden was brief and called for military options to bring the object down safely.

At a press conference in Beijing, Foreign Ministry spokesman Mao Ning said the authorities were still learning about the matter.

“We have no intention of violating other countries’ sovereignty and airspace,” Ning said.

“We collect and check the facts. We hope that the relevant parties will approach the matter calmly,” she added.

Speaking to the examiner on Friday, Stuckenberg, who has moved into the private sector, stressed the seriousness of the problem and implored those in power to act.

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“North America has not faced a threat of this nature since World War II,” he warned. Inside bizarre conspiracy theories surrounding the Chinese spy balloon, from high-tech radar to claims about nuclear platforms


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