Inside American Idol assesses Katy Perry’s ‘meanest’ moments on the ABC show after she was slammed for ‘shaming’ a teenage contestant

AMERICAN Idol fans have roared at judge Katy Perry after the singer was “mean” to the contestants multiple times.

The most recent example came just last week.

Katy Perry was called mean during her review of American Idol


Katy Perry was called mean during her review of American IdolCredit: American Idol/ABC
Katy sits next to Lionel Richie and Luke Bryan in court


Katy sits next to Lionel Richie and Luke Bryan in courtPhoto credit: Getty

Fans accused the reality show judge of “shaming” a 16-year-old contestant during her tense audition.

Paige Anne, from Idaho Falls, Idaho, performed Pink’s What About Us for her audition and received mixed signals from the judges.

Lionel Richie and Luke Bryan both voted yes to take the teenager to the next round.

But Katy said no, explaining: “I don’t think you’re ready yet. It’s a no for me.”

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Fans said Katy shamed Paige Ann when she said no


Fans said Katy shamed Paige Ann when she said noPhoto credit: ABC

Fans online tore her for her decision.

“I’m super shocked that Katy said she wasn’t ready yet! I know it’s not just about the voice but her voice is one of the best in the competition! That’s a winning vote!” wrote one critic.

Another wrote: “There’s something wrong with Katy Perry this season. She must be struggling in her private life because her attitude is weird and she puts through people who shouldn’t come through and then she seems pretty hard on attractive young women so I’d say the problem wasn’t with the contestant it was at Katy Perry.”

One snapped: “Total bulls**t. I feel like I just watched 3 people make this girl think she’s not as good as her. She’s one of the most talented people I’ve seen on this show and at 16? She is phenomenal.”

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It’s just recent anger at the Grammy-nominated star.


Sara Beth Love slammed Katy Perry for


Sara Beth Love slammed Katy Perry for “mom-shaming” her on TVPhoto credit: ABC

Earlier this month, a contestant slammed Katy for making “hurtful” and “embarrassing” comments towards her.

She also accused the singer of “shaming her of her mother.”

Contestant Sara Beth Liebe auditioned and the judges couldn’t believe she was 25.

“You look 16,” Luke Bryan said.

“Fifteen,” Katy countered.

“I have three children,” Sara revealed to Beth.

“Three children?” asked Lionel Richie.

But it was a comment from Katy that offended Sara Beth.

“Honey, you’ve been lying on the table too much,” the singer said.

Luke laughed and the contestant seemed fine with it at the time, but later spoke about it on her Tiktok page.


Fans called Katy for faking contestants


Fans called Katy for faking contestantsPhoto credit: ABC

Last season, Katy received backlash from fans for faking contestants in insane pranks before sending them to the next round.

The American Idol judging panel repeatedly fooled the competing singers into believing they would not continue before confirming their place in the next round.

On one particular show, Katy made several contestants believe they were going home and not coming back before convincing them otherwise.

The TV personality even decided to make a game of the fake outs, as she encouraged viewers to “drink” every time the judges tricked a competitor.

“Take a shot every time we fake a candidate,” Katy wrote on Twitter as she kept the situation casual.

Katy tried to turn the situation into a drinking game


Katy tried to turn the situation into a drinking game

One singer, notably Cassandra Coleman, had previously been spoofed by the blonde judge and Katy decided to joke about the incident in a second tweet.

“We’re 2 for 2 if we fake @casscoleman,” she admitted, adding, “Drink twice!”

Many fans were not happy with the game as they felt they were taking advantage of the contestant’s emotions.

“I wonder if you know you don’t have to fake every single candidate?” commented an angry fan.

Another complained, “It’s so damn tired too,” while another asked, “Why are you so mean?”


Katy is not a fan of a Harry Styles song


Katy is not a fan of a Harry Styles songPhoto credit: TikTok/ adriel_carrion

Sometimes Katy’s antics can hurt for years.

American Idol alum Adriel Carrion took to TikTok to reflect on an awkward moment with Katy that still haunts him.

The Season 19 contestant, who was 18 when he auditioned, shared a clip of his performance and captioned it, “SHE’S IN MY NIGHTMARE NOW!”

Adriel Carrion is still haunted by his moment


Adriel Carrion is still haunted by his momentPhoto credit: TikTok/ adriel_carrion

In the video, Adriel prepared to present his version of the Harry Styles hit Watermelon Sugar, which Katy had apparently heard enough about.

“We officially banned anyone from singing ‘Watermelon Sugar,'” she slammed. “I can’t take another ‘watermelon sugar’.”

A look of terror crossed his face, and the shock lingered.

“It’s like it’s been three years and I’m still traumatized from that moment,” Adriel reflected on TikTok. “I could get my beauty sleep and all I hear in my nightmare is, ‘Not watermelon sugar!'”


Katy requested tributes from several cast members


Katy requested tributes from several cast membersPhoto credit: ABC

Since her debut season in 2018, when she tried to persuade a group of four contestants that there were only three spots left, Katy has deliberately scored cast members.

One of them would have to sacrifice himself for the others.

“Girls you guys were great,” Katy said to the ladies. But we have room for three more people. From you girls I need one person to volunteer to avoid going through to the next round.”

The ladies stood horrified, each staying silent and still, until finally a singer named Alicea decided to bite the bullet.

“I will do it,” she said, immediately bursting into tears.


“Oh, sweetie, don’t cry! You all go through,” Perry exclaimed. “I’m just trying to see your girl power!”


Katy stole the first kiss from one of the contestants


Katy stole the first kiss from one of the contestants

Even Katy’s best intentions have resulted in pathetic moments that have upset others.

In 2018, 19-year-old Benjamin Glaize revealed to judges that he had never kissed a girl before, prompting Katy to ask for a peck on the cheek.

After Benjamin forgot to make a kissing noise, Katy begged Benjamin for a second, turning her head at the last moment so they kissed on the lips.

While it would be a dream situation for many young men, Benjamin told the New York Times that he would rather it hadn’t happened.

He said: “I felt a little uncomfortable. I wanted to save it for my first relationship. I wanted it to be special.

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“Would I have if she said, ‘Would you kiss me?’ No, I would have said no.

“I know a lot of people would say, ‘Damn yes!’ But growing up in a conservative family, I immediately felt uncomfortable. I wanted my first kiss to be special.” Inside American Idol assesses Katy Perry’s ‘meanest’ moments on the ABC show after she was slammed for ‘shaming’ a teenage contestant


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