Inheritance: How to Succeed Logan Roy in Three Simple Steps

The show itself told us, if not directly. Advice: Most days, the rule of three is good advice for everyone.

In one recent interview with IndieWire, Brian Cox delve into his affairs”HeirThe character Logan Roy has with his children, saying, “The endless frustration is painful for the Logan character. The fact is boys and girls, they can’t watch the game. It’s a game, but like all games, even if it’s a matter of life and death, it’s still a game. And they can’t see it.”

I haven’t been able to stop thinking about it ever since.

If the succession on the last “Succession” is a game, who is the player? Well, that’s pretty obvious: Kendall (Jeremy Strong), Shiv (Sarah Snook) and Roman (Kieran Culkin). No, I haven’t forgotten my eldest son Connor (Alan Ruck). I will never. But come on, Connor? Are not. Connor is barely qualified to play “Chutes and Ladders”.

Here’s a special plot: Cox says that Logan would happily pass the reins of Waystar Royco to a kid who won the “game”. That can be achieved, as long as they follow the rules.

Rule? Are there rules?

“The kids always play catch because they don’t understand the rules,” says Cox. “[Logan] go, ‘I told you what the rules were. They are very simple rules, but you don’t seem disciplined enough to follow them. ‘”

I don’t know yes Rule. Rules to be Roys worthy of inheriting his father’s legacy? Who are they? When do the children learn them? Do you think they were given the pamphlets when the children sketched the rules? Who can say, really. Even so, the gauntlet was thrown off and the Roys, it seems, have so far been unable to pick them up correctly. It’s like Mjolnir, but for capitalism.

So Logan Roy’s legacy is a game, and his children are all well aware of the rules they need to follow to win the game. But not the audience. Of course not.

Unless we do.

Could it be that through the three seasons of “The Succession,” have we really known exactly what it takes to succeed in Logan’s eyes? I doubt we have. That’s why I’ve compiled this (certainly incomplete) list of Logan Roy’s inheritance rules.

Strong Jeremy "Heir" Season 2

Jeremy Strong in “The Succession”

Graeme Hunter /HBO

Rule one: Don’t bow

Sorry to be rude, but this is the language that Logan uses many times in relation to his business dealings. He yelled about it in the most recent episode, “Idaho’s Retired Sanitizers”: through his frenzy, he chided the deal Shiv was trying to end, demanding they give their opposition a taste of their own medicine. “Let people know they have a crush on me,” he said.

Now, one extra line from a recent episode is hardly enough to build a rule, but let’s take a look at the “Succession” archive, shall we?

“Celebration”: Season 1, Episode 1. Kendall confronts Logan after his father’s random announcement that he will not be retiring. Logan tells him that his change of heart is mostly related to himself, but admits that he also has doubts about his son, proceeding to tell him about the deal to buy the Vaulter at the expense of his son. big.

“I heard you bowed your head for him, and he fell in love with you,” Logan said. Astonishing homophobia aside, this is clearly an unspeakable sin in his eyes, the idea that someone could get a better Roy or his supposed successor will allow themselves to be respected without harsh retaliation. And in front of others, no less!

Rule two: Remember your priorities

As Logan continues his discussion with his son in that first episode, he reveals that he is judging him for skipping the Vaulter negotiations to celebrate Logan’s 80th birthday. Yup, he’s mad at Kendall for coming to his birthday party instead of ducking his head and closing the Vaulter deal.

This is really the crux of many of the internal struggles of the Roy family: the idea that work trumps everything else in importance. This is not a man who will leave the office early to watch your Little League game. For Logan, work is always a priority and someone willing to put anything else above that doesn’t deserve to be his successor.

Brian Cox and Sarah Snook in “Succession”

Graeme Hunter / HBO

Rule three: Shut up

Ah yes, special Siobhan Roy. But first, the foundation. In “Celebration,” Logan is clearly annoyed with the press about Kendall’s pending promotion, in no small part because it’s clear that the leaker to the media is in fact his son. Kendall shouldn’t have promoted himself and counted the CEO’s eggs before they hatched and he was crucified for it.

This rule has never been more trendy than in Season 2 when plans were made behind the scenes for Shiv to have a path to the chair of power when her father eventually stepped down. But Shiv couldn’t keep his mouth shut.

In the episode “Tern Haven”, the Roys visit the family home of Pierces, who owns a rival media empire that Waystar is keen to acquire. In the midst of the most intense dinner party since “Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf?”, Nan Pierce (Cherry Jones) asks Logan who his possible successor to take to the streets is. Logan dodged for almost a minute before Shiv exasperatedly said, “Oh, damn it, Dad, just tell them it’s going to be me.”

This is not a one time thing for Shiv. She uses her sarcasm like a sword and is completely unclear when she will sheath it. She did a spoof during a panel at a business conference, and she insulted one of Pierce’s family members during a weekend visit. Even in Season 3, we see her bulldozing inside Waystar, using her supposed powers mindlessly and alienating those she needs an alliance with.

Succession season 3 Kieran Culkin Roman

Kieran Culkin in “The Succession”

Macall Play / HBO

It should be pointed out that Roman doesn’t follow any of these rules at all, in large part because he has yet to be put in a position to be seriously considered for the top job. Right now, he’s stalking, making plans with Gerri. He hustles and tries to do good for his father but he doesn’t necessarily push his father off his throne, like some of the other siblings I might mention.

But the time of Roman will come. There will come a time when he is promised the job, only to disappoint his father in some way and have it all thrown out of his hands.

For now, these are (possibly) rules to follow, even if they are almost certainly just the tip of the iceberg. That said, if Kendall and Shiv can’t live by these three rules, what hope do they have for obeying whatever else is lurking just below the surface?

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