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Sports betting is a very popular practice for sports fans from all around the world and it has been so for many years. But the popularity of sports betting skyrocketed when online sports betting sites started operating legally in the major countries in the world.

These sites are now offering the players a chance to place all kinds of bets on the biggest sporting events from the most popular sports. Although team sports attract the most spectators and bettors, there are some individual sports that many players are regularly wagering on.

Most Popular Individual Sports

As we mentioned above, there are plenty of bettors that are interested in betting on individual sports, which is why many sportsbooks are offering bonuses with promo codes as a way to attract new bettors. One such offer is the promo code from Quinbet bookie, which can please every sports betting fan.

Some of the most popular individual sports that the players are betting on are tennis, golf, cycling, MMA, and boxing.


Betting on tennis is very different from betting on any other sport, which is why many players are lurked into this type of sport, as it offers something unique. For starters, it allows the players to focus their handicap on one player and their featured opponent, which is far more practical than worrying about an entire team.

But the most interesting thing about this sport is the scoring system and the importance of the player’s serve, which makes tennis a great sport to bet on. Once a player threatens to break the opposition player’s serve, the in-game odds will start changing dramatically.

Many bettors are chasing the underdogs, as in tennis that is very common for the star players to lose a match. Recently Rafael Nadal beat Novak Djokovic, despite the odds leaning drastically towards Novak.


Golf betting is another great individual sport that many bettors are betting on, especially those who follow the matches live on TV. There are bettors who are placing bets on almost every shot that the golf players are taking.

One setback in golf betting is that it’s very hard to choose an underdog to win from fields that regularly host 150 players. That is why the bettors are often wagering on the big favorites, or they place bets on head-to-head matchups, over/under bets, individual rounds, and some more.


Cycling is an individual sport that has a small section of fans that like to bet on it. But that doesn’t mean that betting on cycling is not worth it, as it is a super fun activity once you’ve learned the basics. Making research before placing a bet on a cyclist is crucial, as wagering randomly won’t give any positive results.

Reputable sports betting sites tend to offer excellent odds on many different outcomes and they also provide the players with some expert betting advice on all the popular cycling events that are taking place all around the world.

Tour de France is possibly the biggest cycling tournament in the world, not only for the cyclist and the fans but also for the bettors. Placing bets on the potential winners is the most common bet in this sport, as well as bets such as top 3 or top 10 finish, stage betting, king of the mountain bet, etc.

MMA and Boxing

In recent years, betting on combat sports such as MMA and boxing has become extremely popular. Some of the biggest sports bets ever placed are being made on these types of sports. The beauty about these matches is that no one can be certain about the end result, as one punch can be decisive.

The other sports like football, basketball, and hockey, a team can build an unreachable lead and the other team will have to do a miracle to shift things to their side. But in MMA and boxing, there is no lead that can be taken as safe, as the possibility for a knockout is always there.

Apart from betting on the winner, the bettors also wager on the type of win (KO, judge’s decision, or submission), points handicap, over/under on how many rounds the fight will go on for, and some more.

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