IND vs NZ 2021: “This is probably lower and slower than anything I’ve experienced here”

India Head Coach Rahul Dravid thinks there are only two ways to beat the beaters on a flat Kanpur pitch for the First Test against New Zealand. However, he praised his bowlers for putting the game on the ropes in a dull competition.

Under fading light, three quality Indian gyros and a subcontinental track, New Zealand pulled off a good fight draw to save the game with just a batting stick. Having played at Green Park stadium himself, Rahul Dravid was surprised why there wasn’t any change and bounced even on Day 5.

“It’s probably low and slow, maybe there’s not a lot of bounce, there’s no variation. Well, you can expect a bit more wear and tear on these hooks in Indian terms, within five days. This doesn’t seem to have that kind of bite,” said Dravid during his post-match press conference.

Spin trio of Ravindra Jadeja, Ravichandran Ashwin and Axar Patel operated with the old ball, then took the new cherry at 85 minutes and had attackers surround the hitters, but to no avail. Rahul Dravid mentioned that the absence of carry and turn means that bowlers can only try to catch the bowled or LBW.

“In general, in India, on Day 5 you can challenge both edges – at least the spinner can definitely challenge the outer edge to catch and beat the people on the inner edge and get the LBW. But honestly, in this game, the outside advantage is mostly ruled out. Even up to the last day, with no edge to carry, I can’t remember a single catch near the bat – I think Bharat caught a few – but other than that, nothing else.

“It feels like there are only two ways to get people out – bowling and LBW – which was probably true in the last session. So I think we did a great job, despite that, to be able to win nine trophies on the last day. But yes, it is difficult, we expect it to be difficult in Kanpur. I’ve played here before, I know the matches here can be tough. But yeah, this is probably lower and slower than anything I’ve experienced here,” added the legendary tennis player.

No 11 Ajaz Patel (2 * 23 difference) and debutant Rachin Ravindra (18 * 91 difference) hit 52 serves in a close-up action, before bad light finally forced end of the match.

“With a little luck, it can also go our way” – Rahul Dravid

Ravindra Jadeja was India's pitchers of choice on the final day, returning a 4 to 40 figure [Credits: BCCI]
Ravindra Jadeja was India’s pitcher of choice on the final day, returning 4 to 40 [Credits: BCCI]

Like Ravindra Jadeja (4 for 40) caught Tim Southee Plumb ahead, New Zealand was dropped to 155 to 9. India should have won easily another day, but here, with the sun behind the clouds, the match was narrow.

The floodlights at Green Park Stadium were turned on around 3pm and the referees – Nitin Menon and Virender Sharma – started pulling the light meters at the end of every 4pm When so many external factors came into play. action, with Kiwi tail wagging, how difficult was it for the archers of India to stay calm and carry out their plan?

“As expected, we knew that the light would have set at that point. It was and is happening every day. It’s not that hard, I think the boys are pretty popular already. I think we showed great composure, great fighting spirit, so to speak, worked really hard in the last training session on the pitch which was actually quite unresponsive, even during the day. Thursday.

“So I think the boys played really well, it was a really good effort to be able to get eight shots after lunch – three in that session and five in the last game – and really end of the match. With a bit of luck, it could work our way too,” Rahul Dravid said in advance. Sportskeeda query.

Both India and New Zealand have now earned four WTC (World Test Championship) point. The carnival will now move to Wankhede Stadium in Mumbai for the final match of the tour starting Friday (December 3).

Edited by Sai Krishna

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