Important update from Try Guys on the Ned Fulmer affair as YouTubers reveal the ‘timeline’ and why some videos are ‘unreleaseable’

THE Try Guys have released an important update on the timeline of ex-member Ned Fulmer’s affair and why some of their videos are now “unreleaseable”.

The remaining three Try Guys — Keith Habersberger, Zach Kornfeld, and Eugene Lee Yang — shared an update in a YouTube video, aiming to bring a timeline of events about Ned as well as “some transparency into our decision-making.”

The rest of the Try Guys have provided an update in a new YouTube video


The rest of the Try Guys have provided an update in a new YouTube videoCredit: YouTube/The Try Guys
Ned Fulmer and The Try Guys recently split amid news of Fulmer's reported affair


Ned Fulmer and The Try Guys recently split amid news of Fulmer’s reported affairPhoto credit: Instagram/@nedfulmer

Before diving in, the three also revealed that there were legal issues to consider that impacted how much they could share in their latest video.

They begin by saying it was Labor Day weekend when fans alerted them to the “romantic public behavior” that Ned and “an employee” were exhibiting.

“We asked about this clerk,” the boys said.

“Ned confirmed the reports and has since confirmed that this has been the case for some time, which was obviously very shocking to us.

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“We just want you to know that we had no idea this was going on.”

The guys went on to say that a three-week process then began, involving labor lawyers, corporate lawyers, HR and PR.

“From the start, we realized how much this went against the values ​​of the company we’ve built and everyone who works here,” they said.

“It’s something we took very seriously.

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“We have refused to sweep things under the rug. We are not and that is not what we stand for.”

Ned was immediately removed from work and a human resources officer was called to conduct a “thorough fact check,” the boys said.

They have taken steps to remove Ned from posts pending the outcome of this review.

The guys said they’ve also been working on removing Ned’s section from videos, digitally removing him from others and opting not to feature him in merch.

They go on to give their editorial team “big props” for handling this situation.


“There are several videos that we consider completely unreleaseable,” they continued.

“You’ll never see her and that’s because of his involvement. And that is a decision that cost us a lot of money.”

The guys said they can’t get the money back but they stand by their decision.

They could not detail the findings of the review, but said they found Ned had engaged in “conduct improper by our team.”

“We knew we wouldn’t get anywhere with him.”

On September 16, the three remaining men signed forms to fire Ned as manager and employee.

“We decided not to rush the announcement for a number of reasons,” they said.

“There are real people who are affected.

“And while we treat this as a corporate matter, there’s also a family at heart.”


The boys said they had been working on a public statement but because of the “rapidly accelerating speculation” they knew they had to act sooner.

“We were obviously incredibly shocked and deeply hurt by all of this,” they said.

“We are sad, not only personally but also on behalf of our employees and our fans who believed in us.

“I don’t know if we’ll ever be able to fully articulate the pain we’re feeling in this moment.

“We’re sorry this ever happened and we don’t know what else to say.”

The guys also mentioned the 20 people they employ and said they focused on them given the negative attention the brand has received.

“Our main focus right now is making sure they feel comfortable and proud when they come to work.

“The work they do never ceases to amaze us.”

“Practice Kindness”

The guys went on to ask for respect and privacy for those involved.

They specifically mentioned the fact that “the internet tends to be a lot tougher on women than it is on men.

“So please, we ask you to practice kindness.”

The guys ended their statement by repeating that there may be changes in the future and they are currently taking it one day at a time.

“We look forward to introducing you to the next era of Try Guys.”


The four men originally founded The Try Guys while all working for BuzzFeed, but then parted ways with the media company in 2018.

Since launching their own platform, the YouTube stars have amassed a following of nearly 8 million subscribers.

Speculation of a rift between Ned and his co-stars began when fans noticed he was edited out of their latest videos and podcasts.

Amidst that fan-watching, a Reddit user then posted and deleted a blurry video of a couple making out at a New York club.

Both the man and woman in the video are unidentifiable, but the user claimed the man is Ned and the woman is not his wife, Ariel.

Alex Herring, an associate producer of the popular YouTube group, was allegedly caught kissing Ned in a video.

The Try Guys announced in a statement shortly thereafter that they would be firing Ned.

Their statement read: “Ned Fulmer is no longer working with The Try Guys.

“As a result of a thorough internal review, we see no common way forward.

“We thank you for your support in managing this change.”


Ned and Alex reportedly met after she started working as an associate producer for the YouTube group.

Ned regularly shared updates from his seemingly idyllic life, posting pictures of his young sons and calling himself “Ariel Fulmer’s husband” in his Instagram bio.

Following the cheating allegations and after the Try Guys announced they were separating from Ned, he and his wife released separate statements.

In his Instagram apology post, Ned wrote, “Family should always have been my priority but I lost focus and had a consensual relationship at work.”

The YouTube star continued, “I’m sorry for any pain my actions may have caused the boys and the fans, but most importantly Ariel.”

He concluded, “The only things that matter right now are my marriage and my kids and that’s what I’m going to focus on.”

Ariel Fulmer posted her own Instagram statement, writing: “Thank you to everyone who has reached out – it means a lot to me.

“Nothing is more important to me and Ned than our family and all we ask now is that you respect our privacy for the sake of our children.”

Ned and Ariel have both continued to post on their Instagram Stories, showing a night at home with their two boys.

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Ned and Ariel were married in 2012 and welcomed their first son, Wes, in 2018.

Their second son, Finley, was born in 2020. Important update from Try Guys on the Ned Fulmer affair as YouTubers reveal the ‘timeline’ and why some videos are ‘unreleaseable’

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