Importance of Travel Writing and Photography

Travel writing and photography in combination form a phenomena that perfectly would be called “travel blogging,” as it cannot exist without both of these things. Travel writing has existed almost as long as travel itself, as all the travelers you can recall now, even those in the ancient era tried to leave at least some meaningful writings about their adventures, what they have seen, what they have done being far from home. Such reports from travels helped people at home to know the world better long before the invention of radio, tv, Internet, etc. In Medieval times travelers (civil, religious, military) also tried to add some pictures to their writings. Some of them look rather professional, and some would be easily confused with some kindergarten drawings. Just google “giraffe (or elephant!0 at Medieval pictures” and you will laugh a lot.

Now, travel writing and photography, as well as travel streaming, are just the norm of our life. There are hundreds of thousands of blogs written and created by people worldwide. Here, we will talk a bit about some major rules of travel blogging, open the subject of monetization, and more. 

Travel writing types your readers are waiting for

Interesting articles and useful information are the foundation of a travel blog, without which, no matter what you do, your project will die sooner or later. There are several groups of articles on my travel blog:


Example: What are you running from?

Such articles just diverge on the social. networks and attract new readers who can become permanent.

Emotions, personal life and brief travel news

Example: The story of one passion or I’m going to sea for a yacht captain’s course

Such articles are written for relatives, friends, for themselves and for regular readers who are interested in the personality of the author and my daily life.

Useful informative articles

Example: How much does a winter stay in Thailand and a trip to Asia cost?

Such material is written for search queries and is focused on an interested visitor who came from search engines. It is on such articles that money is basically earned.

Of course, it is much more interesting and pleasant to write texts related to the first two groups, but, despite the fact that such posts create a trusting attitude of regular readers, they do not bring much money. Useful information and material about attractions, on the contrary, has great potential for monetization.

Travel writing that attracts good audience

Of course, you need to love what you do and if you write, then about what is interesting, but at the same time you will either have to hire a person for routine work, or study technical issues yourself, which not every soul will like. If there is no desire to invest time and money, then there will be no earnings. If you decide you want to write about something that readers want to know, pay attention to these topics. If you are not sure you can handle writing quality texts from the very beginning, consider addressing a reliable writing service, such as for professional essay help. You may find it very useful, especially when you have many other tasks to deal with and want to maintain a stable content flow. Experts will write articles that you can use as your own, or rewrite, or cut in several pieces — just as it would be better for your travel blog now. You can also buy some photos from stocks if you don’t have enough for now.

  • Help to learn about the destination and its attractions.
  • Give ideas for pastimes.
  • Reduce risk when planning a trip. For example, a tourist wants to travel directly from Mumbai to Hampi by train. From the post, he understands that this is impossible, redoes the route, which saves time and money.
  • Increase the effectiveness of training. A lot of information in one place, it is of high quality.
  • Facilitate travel decisions.

Don’t wait for readers to come to you. You have to learn how to promote yourself and take pride in what you do, even if it’s something else very small. Don’t wait for other people’s approval. You may be told that you can’t write, can’t take pictures or make videos. Perhaps this is true. But even if there is, then you can learn all this only in practice.

Why starting a travel-blog may be a bad idea?

According to statistics, 80% of income from contextual advertising comes from search traffic, that is, not regular readers. And this is some drama for travel bloggers, who initially rely on readers. For whom will you write then for readers or for visitors from search engines? Well, these are different approaches, different topics. Will it be possible to combine everything on one resource? Can you immediately satisfy two such different audiences? The description of attractions does not bring money. And this is the main component of all travel blogs.

As a result, we do not have quite what many are counting on. It’s one thing to describe your adventures (temples, museums, beaches, etc.), it’s another thing to spend hours writing boring informational articles or product reviews, looking at visitor statistics, all sorts of CTRs and CPCs, and analyzing what to write about next. Here you can forget about creativity in all these actions. And if you remember the drama described above, then you should understand that when writing articles purely for search engines, you practically lose reader traffic and the return on it.

If you decide to start a blog or a site for making money, then immediately admit it at least to yourself. It often happens that people who just come to blogging are not sure that they can earn money, so they start to play up and tell stories that they started a blog for the soul and do not expect money, but deep down they hope that through a few months a suitcase with money will fall on them.

Huynh Nguyen

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