I’m fighting my “power drunk” HOA to install a new feature to protect my family – so I’m petitioning President Biden

A petition has been started to urge the Biden administration to take action against the power vested in homeowners’ associations.

A Baytown, Texas resident is hoping to change the powers of such associations after experiencing storms devastating homes on the Gulf Coast.

A homeowner turns to Joe Biden for help with'power-hungry' homes


A homeowner turns to Joe Biden for help with ‘power-hungry’ homesPhoto credit: Getty
Abston argues that Gulf Coast HOAs should allow homeowners to install metal roofing


Abston argues that Gulf Coast HOAs should allow homeowners to install metal roofingPhoto credit: Getty

Jonathan Abston, assistant principal at Sterling High School, started it petition STOP HOAs Preventing Green, Hurricane Resistant, Safer Roofs Change.org.

The decision makers listed in the petition are the President of the United States, Governor of Texas Greg Abbott and State Representative Briscoe Cain.

Abston started the petition in September 2021, accusing HOAs of “pushing the most inefficient, durable, and least resilient roofs on people in their neighborhoods.”

The science teacher noted that while he’s not a roofer or anything like that, he’s lived on the Gulf Coast all his life and seen “pallets of clapboards and roofers going door-to-door after every storm.”

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He explained: “This is just ridiculous. Storms are part of the Gulf. We have to keep them in mind when building and repairing them.”

“If our roofs were damaged less often, insurance premiums would also go down.”

According to the petition, new homes in the area are typically built with bonded shingle roofs, which is widely considered the standard for a new home.

The cheaper material was adopted by HOAs as the standard required roof for the area.

However, Abston says, “The problem is that they are the worst type of roof for high winds, hail and high temperatures.”

“All of these are common problems during hurricane season.”

Instead, he suggests using metal roofs, which lower electricity bills, are more durable, and can even help reduce urban heat loss.

Abston explained, “They last more than 40 years and some metal roof types can withstand winds of 160 miles per hour.”

“Standard Class A shingles are only good for winds of 60 miles per hour, and even a Category 1 hurricane has winds in excess of 60 miles per hour.”

Despite desperately trying to put up a metal roof on his property, his homeowners’ association refused to “opt-out,” according to Abston.

“It’s silly to literally force the worst roofing material on practically everyone who lives in a Gulf Coast neighborhood,” he added.

“It seems borderline criminal to waste all the electricity and all the shingles every time we have inclement weather.”

So far, over 450 people have signed the petition in support of their embassy, ​​with an increase in the number of signers over the past 24 hours.

Angry supporters wrote under the petition: “Earth’s resources are limited, why waste them on clapboard roofs where they don’t work well?”

Another said, “HOAs are fixated on superficial details and need to focus more on taking care of their homeowners.”

“We have a very similar problem,” said one.

“Seems to be an issue that needs attention and resolution (allowed!)

“HOA should NOT compromise your safety! Ridiculous.”

Others said that “HOAs have too much power” and “HOAs are out of control”.

One woman detailed her experience of a partial shingle roof collapse during Hurricane Katrina and later other roof damage due to other weather events.

She explained, “I’ve moved, now have a metal roof and it’s survived several other hurricanes and high winds, even when trees were down in the area.”

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“It’s reasonable for their HOA to change this rule because their HOA roof rules ensure all homes in their HOA are safer and less mess from other rooftops in the neighborhood.”

“Not to mention that after a shingle roof change or two, the homeowner’s insurance company might call for a metal roof or abandon the insurer altogether due to risk and liability concerns.”


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