I’m an expert and here’s why wearing skinny jeans is dangerous for your health

TRY to get your stomach “sucked in” and wearing tight jeans can cause real health problems.

A pelvic floor expert has revealed the damage you can do when you try to look slim and squeeze your abs.

Wearing tight pants and trying to squeeze your belly can be bad for you


Wearing tight pants and trying to squeeze your belly can be bad for youCredit: Getty – Contributor

You can do this by trying to keep your stomach in by stretching your abs, or by tying yourself to tight pants.

Both can have an impact on your body and can do more harm than just feeling uncomfortable or self-conscious.

Stephanie Taylor, a pelvic floor specialist at Kegel8, says: “The habit of squeezing abs probably stems from a feeling of wanting to look smaller and have a flat stomach, thanks to decades of fitness trainers and celebrities emphasizing the benefits of toning abs.

“Also known as ‘abdominal squeeze’, suctioning involves pulling your navel inward and upward by contracting your upper abdominal muscles.

“This seems completely normal given how many women do it, but if you do this for too long, it can take a toll both physically and mentally.”

She explains that it doesn’t just affect your stomach muscles if they stay in contraction for too long.

What is hourglass syndrome?

If you’re squeezing your belly too hard, the pressure will be on the pelvic floor.

This can lead to possible loss of bladder control and pelvic organ prolapse – surgery will then be required.

Your lungs can also be affected, as everything in your midsection is pushed up – this makes it harder to take longer and deeper breaths, limiting blood oxygen levels.

Stephanie adds: “You may experience uncomfortable back, neck, shoulder and hip pain.

“Exercising the abdominal muscles for long periods of time while walking or standing can alter the body’s mechanism of action, placing extra load on joints and muscles to compensate for the lack of support from a constricted diaphragm. .

“When the diaphragm doesn’t drop (as it should) into your abdomen — breathing into the lower body — it puts a strain on the neck trying to make up for the lack of breath.

“This plays an important role in neck and shoulder pain. Your abs can also get so used to exercise that they become less responsive to it, limiting your body’s ability to notice an improvement. benefit from exercises that target that muscle group.”

It’s also not helpful for mental health, she explains, because if you “suck” out of habit and then try to let go, you can feel like you’re not looking good and a vicious cycle is created. out.

Is it permanent?

If you develop what is called “hourglass syndrome,” it is not permanent, but can cause long-term problems if not treated properly.

Just like sucking in to become second nature, it takes time to release it.

The first step to kicking a habit is becoming aware that you are doing it. Be conscious of what you are doing with your body and when.

“You may find yourself having to re-work your muscles through abdominal breathing and abdominal massage,” says Stephanie.

“Finally, if you have body confidence issues that are made worse by having to dress and socialize over Christmas, then wear only what you feel comfortable with – not what you don’t. think it’s trending.

“Dressing to suit your body shape (rather than trying to change it) can help take these worries off the head.”

Woman ‘nearly died of a wedding dress after wearing high-waisted denim jeans on first date and developing sepsis I’m an expert and here’s why wearing skinny jeans is dangerous for your health


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