I’m a sports coach – here’s why you should never attempt Kim Kardashian’s ‘dangerous’ new workout regime

KIM Kardashian’s grueling exercise regimen could be dangerously too intense, an athletic trainer has warned.

The shaped star says she works out two hours a day, up to six days a week.

Kim Kardashian during one of the intense workouts at the gym


Kim Kardashian during one of the intense workouts at the gymCredit: Instagram/Kim Kardashian
The reality star shows off her abs with her personal trainer Senada Greca


The reality star shows off her abs with her personal trainer Senada GrecaPhoto credit: Instagram

Most of the time, this consists of lifting weights at her home gym with her personal trainer, Senada Greca.

And while Kim, 42, looks phenomenal, she might not feel it.

Michael Wanner, an athlete and fitness trainer from Haltom City, Texas, said her schedule could have risky consequences.

“For many of us, it’s totally unrealistic to work out two hours five to six days a week to balance a 9-5 job and other commitments,” he said.

“But not only is it time-consuming, it’s also recommended to allow at least 48 hours between workouts to allow the muscles to rest and recover.”

Here Michael explains the four main problems when there is not enough time between sessions.

1. Risk of injury

While it sounds like a good idea to engage in physical activity as much as possible, doing it too often increases your risk of injury.

“Overuse injuries are common when people don’t take time to recover between workouts,” Michael said.

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“Constantly working your muscles without giving them a chance to recover can lead to strains, sprains and other types of injuries.

“Also, your form and technique can suffer as you get tired, further increasing the risk of accidents.”

2. Lower energy level

Another unfortunate side effect of moving your body too much and too often is that your energy levels drop significantly.

Michael said, “If you’re constantly exerting yourself, your body won’t be able to replenish energy reserves, regulate hormone levels, and repair tissue damage.”

“This can also lead to a lack of motivation to exercise in the first place, and can even lead to a lack of motivation in other daily activities.”

“If you take time to rest, you can give everything for your next training session.”

3. Reduced performance

It’s also common for performance to decline over time, Michael said.

“After we’re done exercising, resting gives our muscles time to regenerate and recover,” he added.

“If we don’t allow ourselves that rest period, our muscles tire more quickly and become weaker as a result.”

So it could be that Kim actually isn’t able to lift as heavy as he has in the last month or get as many reps.

4. Slow progress

And with less energy and diminished performance comes inevitably a lack of progress.

Michael said, “Recovery is a crucial part of the adjustment process.”

“When you exercise, micro-tears develop in your muscles, and during the recovery period, these tears are repaired and strengthened, leading to muscle growth and improved fitness.”

“Without adequate recovery time, this process is disrupted and you may experience a plateau or dip in your progress over time.”

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The fitness guru, who specializes in pickleball, which is a hybrid of table tennis and tennis, added, “I’m not suggesting that Kim’s trainer is doing anything very dangerous to her client, but for the average person, her routine likely is.” They demand one take a tremendous toll on their bodies, especially when they don’t have the right coaching, nutrition, and knowledge.

“I would suggest that the average gym-goer allow enough rest between workouts to allow their muscles to recover.”

What does Kim Kardashian do at the gym?

KIM Kardashian previously revealed that she hits the gym for two hours a day, up to six days a week.

She’s usually trained by Senada Greca – a fitness trainer and social media star known for her rock-hard abs.

After three months, Kim said, “My goal was to build muscle and be strong, and I’m already seeing a big difference.”

“I am proud of our joint commitment.”

Seanda added, “Kim is the hardest working woman in the room.”

“It’s an honor to train with her and to see the person she really is: hardworking, dedicated, consistent and caring.”

“She works two hours a day and never complains, even when I push her beyond what she thinks is her limit.”

Kim claimed squats are her least favorite exercise, but she has to “pull them through.”

She’s also posted several videos of herself doing a move called “Loaded Good Morning,” where she stands with her legs slightly bent and holds a 15kg bar on her shoulders.

From there, she performs chest bends while keeping her back straight.

Kim is also a fan of using resistance bands for hip thrusts and heavy lunges with a 14 lb dumbbell.

Source: Instagram

Kim says she exercises up to six days a week


Kim says she exercises up to six days a weekCredit: Instagram/Kim Kardashian
Their normal sessions last about two hours


Their normal sessions last about two hoursCredit: Instagram/Kim Kardashian
While Kim, 42, looks phenomenal, she might not feel it, says an athletic trainer


While Kim, 42, looks phenomenal, she might not feel it, says an athletic trainerPhoto credit: Instagram / Kim Kardashian
Kim could put himself at risk of injury, according to Michael Wanner


Kim could put himself at risk of injury, according to Michael WannerCredit: Instagram/Skims

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