I’m a sex maniac and these are the biggest lies we’ve been told about sex

Whether you’re an A student in a sex-ed class or you receive a lecture from your parents about birds and bees, chances are that’s what we’ve learned since we were still with them. us today.

But it seems we’ve all been lied to in one way or another, and LELO’s sex and relationship expert, Kate Moyle, has debunked some of the most common myths about sex.

Kate Moyle, sex and relationship expert at LELO, debunks some of the most common myths about sex


Kate Moyle, sex and relationship expert at LELO, debunks some of the most common myths about sexCredit: Kate Moyle

The ‘pull out method’ is a reliable form of contraception

There are many types of birth control methods including condoms, pills, and IUDs, just to name a few.

But many people rely on the “pull-out method” to help prevent pregnancy, although Kate says it’s simply unreliable.

This refers to when two people have unprotected sex and the man pulls out just before ejaculating.

But according to Planned Parenthood Kate said: 22 out of 100 people a year will get pregnant with prolonged use.

“This is because people often don’t measure time, or manage it perfectly,” she explains.

“This means that men do not completely manage to not ejaculate out of the vagina or vulva.

“If you’re trying to prevent pregnancy, you should use a reliable form of birth control.”

That ‘morning wood’ means a man is always on

It is normal to wake up in the morning with an erect penis.

But contrary to what we thought it meant (that he was ready to go round in a sack), Kate said it was actually something completely different.

“Nocturnal penile luminosity (NPT) does not mean a man has woken up, or just had an erotic dream (although that may sometimes be the case), she explains.

“It’s really a sign of healthy circulation and nervous system activity.”

She says men can get erections three to five times a night, and these are often noticeable upon waking.

The focus or pressure on orgasm can actually reduce pleasure and create anxiety, even disrupting the ability to orgasm, for some people even causing difficulty or dysfunction. sex.

“If this morning erection stops suddenly it could be a sign of an underlying health condition and should be discussed with your doctor.”

Sex must end in orgasm

Orgasms can be part of the sexual and sexual experience, but they are not essential, Kate revealed.

“Both partners can experience pleasure, satisfaction, and enjoyment from sex without reaching orgasm,” she explains.

“Concentration or pressure on orgasm can actually reduce pleasure and create anxiety, and even disrupt the ability to have an orgasm, which for some people even causes difficulty or dysfunction.” sexual ability.

“It means sex can become goal-oriented and so we focus on the goal or what we think we need to achieve rather than the experience itself.”

If you or your partner has an STI then you’ll definitely know, so you don’t need to be tested unless you have symptoms.

Not all STIs are visible, so you can’t assume that you or your partner just “know,” according to sexologists.

“Anyone who has unprotected sex – not just intercourse but also other forms of sex like oral sex – can get an STI,” she explains.

“Some STIs have no symptoms and so you should get tested regularly, which can be easily done by going to a sexual health clinic or using an at-home test kit.”

She strongly recommends protecting yourself by using birth control methods like condoms.

Especially if you’re having sex with a new partner and you don’t know their status.

Spontaneous sex is the best sex

We can blame Hollywood for making us think this is true given the wild, impromptu shots that represent the majority of sexual encounters we see.

Although “spontaneous sex has a lot of hype” Kate thinks it’s not planned or routine sex, really the norm for most couples.

She explained: “The hype can be because so many of the things we see reflected in our movies and screens, but also because it’s the kind of sex we can have more of. at the beginning of a relationship when we are exploring and getting to know each other and we find that the desire for fulfillment is very high.

“But the practice of treating this as the ‘holy grail’ may mean that we devalue sex which may be less spontaneous, more frequent or planned, and this should not be the case. “

If it’s not intercourse, it’s not sex

When people talk about sex, most automatically think of penetration, but Kate says we should take a “more open-minded approach” since it’s just a formality.

“Focusing on pleasure rather than a certain type of sex can open up a world of potential for our sex lives and shift the conversation to doing what feels good, rather than just doing what feels good.” what you think you ‘should’ do,” she explains.

You may be addicted to your vibrator

Like anything in life, we can make a habit or get used to something, but this is different from developing an addiction, says Kate.

So, if you’ve ever been told that you might be addicted to your sex toys, don’t believe a word of it, because experts say that’s absolutely not true.

“Sex toys can be a great tool for your sex life whether you’re a couple, single or both,” she says.

“We can get caught up in routines and this can mean it’s harder for us to achieve the same level of pleasure in other ways afterwards, but this is not exclusive to sex toys.”

Kate says you should mix things up when it comes to your sex life and try not to always do things the same way.

She continued: “What could have happened is that we found sex toys to be the easiest way to have an orgasm and so we started using them as our default (many people don’t either). inhibited rather than with a current partner) but even this thought can affect us sexually.

“So there’s no reason to give yourself a hard time than to appreciate all the different ways you can have fun and exciting experiences for yourself and for others.” works.”

According to experts, what we know about sex may not be true


According to experts, what we know about sex may not be trueCredit: Getty

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